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Kitten Care 101: How to Socialize Kittens

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by Geoff Williams You wouldn't think that there would be much of a method, or even a reason, for socializing kittens. They're adorable. Everybody loves them. What more do you need to know? Quite a bit, actually. In fact,...


5 Weird Cat Habits

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The more time you spend with your cat, the more you’ll probably start to notice—she’s got some weird habits, doesn’t she? We decided to look at 5 of the most common odd cat behaviors and get to the root of why they do them.


Is My Kitten too Hyper?

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By Jessica Remitz With little button noses, tiny whiskers and itty-bitty teeth, it’s nearly impossible not to love a kitten. However, as new cat parents can attest, these adorable balls of fluff can wreak havoc by sprinting around...


The Nocturnal Habits of Cats

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By Cheryl Lock Since Penny was my first cat I can easily say – I had absolutely no idea how crazy cats can be at night. Given the fact that most of what I heard from people who owned cats in the past was about how much they...


Estrus Symptoms after Spaying in Cats

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Ovarian Remnant Syndrome in Cats An ovariohysterectomy is a surgical procedure in which the uterus and ovaries are removed from a female cat. Such a removal results in the cessation of subsequent estrus (heat) symptoms in the female....


Destructive Behavior in Cats

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It is normal for cats to scratch things. They do this to sharpen their claws and exercise their feet. It is also normal for cats to spend a lot of time licking themselves, since this is how they clean themselves. When cats scratch or lick...


Cat Interfering With Your Sleep?

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How to Deal With Your Cat Waking You at Night Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. And in the end, they become more like our children than mere pets. Unfortunately, just like young children, they can keep us awake at...


Pediatric Behavior Problems in Cats

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Behavioral Problems in Cats (or Kittens) Pediatric behavior problems refer to undesirable behaviors exhibited by kittens between birth and puberty. It is important to address this as early as possible, because behaviors acquired during...


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The Cornish Rex is a strikingly unusual cat, which looks like somewhat of a mix between the Egyptian statues of Bastet (the ancient solar and war goddess) and an alien from another...