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Because it is a cat’s nature to mask an injury or illness, cat parents should schedule a minimum yearly vet visit, whether your cat needs it or not. To make this process quick and easy, be ready to answer the following 10 basic questions about your cat.

Print out this checklist and take your answers along to your vet!

1. What are your concerns about your cat?

2. Has your cat been treated for an illness or injury before?

3. What other animals does your cat come in contact with?

4. What type of food do you feed your cat?

5. How often do you feed your cat?

6. Measure the amount of food you feed your cat. How much does your cat eat and drink?

7. Does your cat take any supplements (even in treat form)?

8. Does your cat throw up, have diarrhea, cough, or sneeze? What are all the details of this?

9. Have any of your cat’s eating, playing, grooming, or sleeping habits changed recently?

10. Do you know when your cat was last vaccinated and what for?

Note: If you are having trouble printing this checklist, please copy and paste the text onto a document and then print.

Image: fototi photography / via Shutterstock

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