Siamese Cat is not as Aloof as She Seems

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Published: March 7, 2013
Siamese Cat is not as Aloof as She Seems

Siamese cat admirers may see a very different side to this cat than their owners do — a shy, aloof attitude.

This often leaves the Siamese cat owner pleading to their guest, “She’s so friendly! I don’t know why she’s acting this way.” But don’t be fooled. Most Siamese cats are neither aloof, nor trying to make a fool of their adoring owner.

Siamese Cat History

This regal breed, originally from Thailand (formerly known as Siam), was thought to receive a person’s soul when a member of the royal family died. At that point, the cat would then be moved to a temple, spending the rest of its life in luxury, with monks and priests as servants.

In our modern-day luxurious digs, it becomes apparent why ancient people may have assumed these cats had human souls — they can have a very strong, almost possessive bond to their human. And like any jealous person, they might snub a guest who’s getting all the attention, at first, that is.

Compounding the issue are the very striking looks of the Siamese cat. With large ears and baby blue eyes, the cat’s face is mesmerizing. A sleek, slim figure is accentuated by a short, fine coat with long tapering lines — all of which are made possible due to proper nutrition.

Meeting a Siamese Cat

These cats are probably craving attention and constant involvement, so it’s best to make a fuss, even if the Siamese does not seem interested at first. Speak sweetly to the cat, and offer lots of pets and cuddles. If you are the owner, ask your guest to do the same.

Of course you should never do this in a forcible manner. It is important that your guest greet your Siamese in a non-threatening way. The first step is to have your guest sit on the floor or crouch down on the cat’s level.

Siamese cats greet one another by touching noses. Your guest can do a version of this by holding out a hand or finger for the cat to sniff. From here, let the cat take the lead. If the Siamese continues to rub, he or she is ready for pets and cuddles. If not, it’s best to try again later, as the possessive Siamese might be showing off for the benefit of his or her owner!

Siamese Cat Talk

And if the cat begins to chatter, consider it a compliment, not a sign of annoyance. This breed is very well known for its attempts to communicate vocally. The meow may sounds more like a rasp or yowl, but this is not unusual.

Including the cat in your meeting, and speaking to the cat will help it feel included.

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