Why You Should Date a Veterinarian

While reading The New York Times best seller Freakonomics, I was pleasantly surprised to see Levitt and Dubner list female veterinarians as one of the top three most desirable online daters.

My ex-boyfriend didn’t appreciate me photocopying the page and mailing it to him, but I thought it was important that he realize the obvious: we are hot commodities. (Why, oh why, did you need me to remind you? And why didn’t I take that as my hint to exit the relationship?)

Men are usually "dog" people who love to wrestle with Fido and enjoy some of the hobbies of dog ownership, such as hiking and being outdoors. But men often have a misperception that we women only want a pet so we can fulfill our maternal instincts by grooming it and braiding its hair.

Female veterinarians escape that stereotype — guys know we probably have a higher tolerance for dirt, hair, drool, and mud. And considering that men may realize that they have some similar qualities to dogs (dirt, hair, drool, mud, and of course, loyalty), why wouldn’t they want to jump on the love train?

Currently, 73 percent of veterinary students are women, and nearly 50 percent of practicing veterinarians are, too. If I can make a broad generalization, female veterinarians are hard working, somewhat anal retentive, and outdoorsy; they love animals and are well-rounded. C’mon guys — what more could you ask for?

What do you think? Should the Patty Khulys and Justine Lees of the world get their chance on The Bachelorette, or are we too covered in dirt, bodily fluids, dog hair, and cat abscess fluid to make it?

Me? I’ll be cuddling with my more loyal four-legged friends on the sofa tonight…

Dr. Justine Lee

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