Love Me, Love My Dog: Why I’m Single

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By Justine Lee, DVM, DACVECC, DABT on Jul. 13, 2011
Love Me, Love My Dog: Why I’m Single

Many of you likely remember my "Why you should date a veterinarian" blog, where I tout veterinarians as one of the top three most desirable on-line daters. Well, as I tried to fill that lonely void of JP’s death, I stupidly joined an unnamed on-line dating service. It’s cool, I’m mature enough to admit that I need electronic assistance finding a real man.

About on-line dating: it sucks. Apparently, most of the good fish have been taken, and I’m left scraping the bottom of the barrel in my late 30’s. Now I know that sounds pessimistic, but read on with me and make your decision.

First, let me preface this by saying that I have a very strict profile guideline. I’m blunt. I’m confident. And I know what I want. I basically state that if you’re not hot, educated, loyal, and don’t like animals (or are allergic), no need to apply. Do not pass GO.  After all, love me, love my dog, right?

Last week, I received this unsolicited e-mail response from an unnamed loser (apparently, I have to protect this loser’s identity).

I would like to say (and I think many people would feel the same) I am a little put off by all the photos of you and your dog. There is nothing wrong with loving pets and having them as a part of your life. I am very close to my pet. And I get along with most animals (dogs, cats, birds, horses, cows, etc.). But your photos convey a sense of distance to people and an image that your pet(s) come first. I would not want to have to fight for your attention or affection. Sorry if I offended you with my opinion. I think you would be a fun & interesting person to talk to and spend with. If you would like to talk, just let me know.

Seriously? You insult my dead dog, and now want to ask me out? My response to him? I told him he’s a freak, that I’m a veterinarian (and like animals more than most people), and no need to worry about getting my attention. Loser.

I was later told that I shouldn’t throw pearls to the pigs, but I figured he should know why he’s a single.

Lay it on me. Too crass? Too hard?

What would you have said?

Dr. Justine Lee

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