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Cat Nutrition Nuggets

Nutrition Nuggets is the newest offshoot of petMD's Cat Nutrition Center. Each week Dr. Coates will use her expertise and wisdom to blog about the intricacies of cat nutrition.

What Makes Cats Carnivores?

Cats have unique behavioral, anatomical, and nutritional characteristics that demonstrate their carnivorous nature. Although cats are able to digest some plant products, their physiology is best supported by the nutrients found in animal tissue.   READ MORE

Mar 21, 2014 / (3) comments

Foods for Constipated Cats

Constipation is a troubling and common digestive tract problem for cats. It occurs when the stool is too large and/or too firm to be expelled. Constipation is the likely culprit when a cat is straining in the litter box and produces few or no stools, or those stools that do come out are dry and firm.   READ MORE

Mar 07, 2014 / (2) comments

Why Cats are Finicky Eaters

I recently came across a research article that may help explain why cats are such finicky eaters. READ MORE

Feb 07, 2014 / (1) comments

Arthritis in Your Cat – The Best Treatment is Not (Always) Medicine

You may be surprised to learn that cats have a much higher incidence of arthritis than we ever knew. A recent study showed that up to 60-90 percent of all cats (young and old) exhibited radiographic changes consistent with osteoarthritis. The most telling signs of arthritis in cats are behavioral changes.   READ MORE

Jan 24, 2014 / (2) comments

Can You Keep Your Cat Healthy On A Vegetarian Diet?

In response to my Can Cats be Vegetarians post, Ludmila Marshal commented that a study published in 2006 came to different conclusions than the one I referenced questioning the nutritional adequacy of vegan cat foods.   The study Ms. Marshal is talking about is entitled "Evaluation of... READ MORE

Jan 03, 2014 / (1) comments

Can Obesity Be Beneficial for Some Diseases?

Human medical doctors and researchers have stumbled upon an interesting conundrum they call the obesity paradox. It goes something like this. Obesity is bad. It predisposes us to a wide range of health problems including diabetes and heart disease. But, if a person happens to develop some types of chronic... READ MORE

Dec 27, 2013 / (2) comments

Is There Enough Protein in Your Cat's Food?

We’ve spoken many times about the importance of including adequate amounts of protein in a cat’s diet, but all protein is not created equal. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for owners to determine whether the percent protein that appears on a food’s guaranteed analysis will actually... READ MORE

Dec 20, 2013 / (2) comments

Diet Related Thiamine Deficiency in Cats More Common Than Thought

Say what you will about the pros and cons of commercially prepared pet foods, but one fact is indisputably true; they have all but eliminated the incidence of diseases related to nutritional deficiencies in dogs and cats who eat them. In my almost 15 years as a practicing veterinarian, I can’t... READ MORE

Dec 13, 2013 / (2) comments

Using Math to Compare Carbs in Canned Cat Food and Dry Food

Whenever the topic of feeding cats comes up, a few points always seem to arise.   Cats should eat high protein, moderate fat, low carbohydrate foods. For some individuals (e.g., those prone to obesity, diabetes mellitus, and many disorders of the kidneys and lower urinary tract) canned... READ MORE

Dec 06, 2013 / (2) comments

The Right Foods for Cats with Cancer

Taking care of a cat with cancer is hard enough, but when his or her appetite begins to wane, questions about quality of life soon follow. Watching a sick cat’s food intake is very important for two reasons:   READ MORE

Nov 15, 2013 / (1) comments