PetMD Experiences a Healthy Demand in Advertising Sales


Miami, FL (April 8, 2009) - PetMD’s success with advertisers is affirmed through the company’s demand from passionate pet owners, as evidenced when a PetMD article, “The World's Top Ten Smartest Dogs,” was posted onto a partner site and picked up by Yahoo! almost instantly. This sparked the intrigue of over one million individuals clamoring to learn whether their dog made the cut. The article garnered over four million page views and 583 user comments on the partner’s site.


PetMD’s main consumers are pet-passionate, affluent females, aged 35 to 64. Dubbed the “mega niche,” this group is highly sought for their significant influence in the U.S. consumer purchasing sector. PetMD’s audience is also dubbed “cyber-chondriacs” — educated, Internet savvy consumers who absorb trillions of page views every month in health-related content for themselves, friends, family and pets.


“With PetMD, advertisers and brands have a platform where they can reach and engage users in a meaningful way, by relating to their passion for animals, even if their brand has nothing to do with pets,” said Nicolas Chereque, VP of Sales and Business Development for PetMD. “We know our users might be losing sleep because their dog is hogging the bed or they have allergies because of their cats. We help brands say to their customers, ‘We understand your love for pets and your conditions.’”


“We started off with a different set of questions. What can we do with the Internet and technology to serve the animal health industry? How can we contribute to a significant forward motion in the quality of life for pets? This passion is resonating with our users and we are very excited about seeing it connect for our partners and advertisers.


About PetMD


PetMD is an online resource focused solely on pet health and wellness management. PetMD was founded to inspire pet owners to provide an ever-increasing quality of life for their pets and to connect pet owners with veterinarians through a trusted, comprehensive website. PetMD is headquartered in Miami, Florida. More information is available at