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Pet Wellness

Ashley Mandeville, LVT
Preventive care is not only the first step, but absolutely vital to helping your pets live their very best, healthiest life. When you keep up with regular wellness exams and routine vaccines, screenings, and bloodwork, the vet is more likely to… Read More
Lauren Mick, LVT
Cats may seem self-sufficient, but don’t let that fool you. Just like people, your furry feline needs regular wellness checkups. Depending on their age and health status, your vet may recommend bringing your cat in once or twice a year for their… Read More
Jennifer Coates, DVM
Pet insurance is a great way to make sure you can provide veterinary care for your pet if they are diagnosed with an illness or get into an accident. But what about preventive care? Unlike human health insurance, the typical pet insurance policy… Read More

International Cat Day - August 8th

Katie Grzyb, DVM
It’s a common misconception that our feline friends are not affectionate creatures. Yes, it’s true that earning the love of a cat is not always easy, but when a cat begins to show trust and adoration for you, there’s often no better feeling of… Read More
Sandra C. Mitchell, DVM, DABVP
Do you ever look at your cat and wonder whether they are happy? Cats don’t tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves, like many dogs do. However, cats experience the full range of emotions like any other animal, and with a little careful… Read More
Stuart Hovis, DVM
If you are a cat parent, you’re probably familiar with the cat headbutt, or as it’s more properly called, a head bunt. Many people consider a headbutt endearing, and in fact, a study showed that shelter cats that headbutted potential adopters were… Read More