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Woody's Dog Wash & Boutique Llc

5843 Brownsville Road
South Park, PA 15236

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. No more pungent puggles!

    by: MrsThomp0519

    I took Josie (my puggle) to Woody’s Bath House and it was a wonderful experience. Ann Capri (the owner) is a wonderful woman who has a genuine love for animals. The water was the perfect temperature, the tubs were nice and deep and they had a portable “platform” to make it easier to bath the “shorter” kids. They had a great variety of natural shampoos and the blow dryer was not too hot and quiet and did not scare Josie. We started a frequent “bather” card and I will go back again and again.


    Fun, clean, convenient


    not open Monday's

  • 2. great place and fun

    by: bevybun2002

    met Ann who runs the place the 1st time there the day b4 she did the easter treat hunt. shes a very great person and seems to love to make the dogs and the people happy. we had such a great time at her shop we even got a doggie robe from her store for Blaze. he looked soo cute! we cant wait to go again.


    this is something different and fun!



  • 3. hoping to check it out soon - so impressed with the owner!

    by: HariDecisis

    i met the owner at her dog meetup group in south park in pittsburgh - i haven't been to woody's yet, but hope to soon, because ann's attitude really impressed me. she's very interested in offering the healthiest, safest products, generous & thoughtful, and friendly - and was kind enough to offer my shelter-adopted pup a freebie bath - can't wait to check out the boutique - the idea of not having the bath-mess at home sounds great to me...


    healthy & safe dog products, great staff attitude, bonus for shelter dogs



  • 4. Great place to have your dog washed.

    by: brunosmom

    They do a really nice job bathing the dogs there!


    Nice job!



  • 5. Great alternative to washing at home!

    by: LizP

    The tubs are a great height to let you work and get your dog washed quickly, especially, if like mine, they do not like to be washed.\r\n\r\nIt is kind of like a carwash for a dog, you pick the number and the right shampoo/conditioner or just water comes out.\r\n\r\nThe dryer can get off surface wetness, but does not thouroughly. Not a big deal since they do not like the dryer, and it is much better than the cage dryers most groomers use.


    No cleanup


    Dryer does not really get them dry