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White oak animal safe haven, inc.

2295 lincoln way
White oak, PA 15131
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User Reviews (20)

  • 1. skylar

    by: chucky42699

    Great place, takes great care of the dogs. very clean. Would get the next dog from there. Tells the truth about the dogs.


    very clean, super people



  • 2. White Oak Animal Safe Haven Animal Shelter

    by: quiltlady

    Two years ago we got our Beagle, Jackson, from this shelter. He was fearful and not trusting of anyone. But there was one worker there that took time with him and was able to gain his trust. She and I both knew he would make a good pet for us if he was given time and love. He now trusts us and we love him so much. Thank you WOASH.


    They really are concerned about the animals in their shelter.


    They need more space.

  • 3. Great place

    by: larsoncomet

    This place is very clean and the animals that they have get adopted pretty quick.\r\nLast summer we found a dog in our area and they were very helpful in finding it's owner.


    Clean and friendly



  • 4. love the layout of the shelter.

    by: kittycat66

    just love the layout of the shelter. \r\nthe added benefit of being so close to a park is great.


    kind volunteers


    should be a larger shelter

  • 5. Very Nice

    by: ravengurl

    I've been once looking for a dog, and I was impressed with how nice the people working there were. I was also impressed with the kindness they showed the dogs, and basic human decency they gave the animals. It's a very small shelter, but their hearts are big.


    Very clean


    Odd hours

  • 6. I've heard it is a great shelter

    by: jeansexauer

    I know that they will take in animals when we are full at WAHS and that some of the Animal Control Officers use them for the reason they are a no kill facility; i'd like to visit sometime and check it out for myself


    Only what I have heard is that it is a very good place



  • 7. I have heard wonderful things about their rescue efforts!

    by: AnneM

    Several of my friends have adopted from WOASH and were so pleased with the excellent staff volunteers, and the care that the dogs received.


    I live just a few miles away and have heard many people speak of the great rescue efforts of WOASH


    None, except they need more money, more volunteers, etc.

  • 8. Friendly people

    by: 2LabsSue

    I recently had a month-long e-mail correspondence with a staff member about a mom dog and her puppies that someone contacted me about. Owner dumped her and pups at this shelter, telling a story about how he "found" her. We put two and two together, but regardless of the situation, they took her and that's all they cared about, finding her and the pups good homes. Thanks for the great contact about this dog and for working together to find out as much as we could together about her and the babies. Look forward to seeing the facility.


    great people



  • 9. safe haven for strays

    by: Rcourtad

    if a no kill shelter is always full, they in turn just send the animals to a shelter that euthanizes, so really not sure what the difference is. \n\n


    wonderful volunteers


    always full

  • 10. Small, but run well.

    by: CarolMajernik

    Our shelter board visited this place about five years ago. You could tell that it was a well run place.


    They are no-kill and very clean.



  • 11. No kill rocks

    by: RichStoops

    We have tried on multiple occassions to get rescue dogs into this shelter but they are never not full. :-( It it great that they are no kill and they do great work with what they have, just wish they were bigger!




    Always full

  • 12. From a volunteer!

    by: Reneaw

    I have been a volunteer with WOASH since the doors opened and have seen many changes. We have seen volunteers come & go but the one thing that\r\nholds us all together is our love for the animals in our care. I often say that the shelter 'kids' are better cared for than our own personal pets. I have never seen volunteers anywhere that have more love, compassion and general caring than the ones at our shelter. We may be small (hopefully that will be rectified) but our hearts are large. We are volunteer run, and are totally donation-driven. Most of our volunteers have full-time jobs and families but still find the time to take care of the 'kids' at the shelter and to do whatever they can to raise funds to help pay the bills. \r\nThere have been several of us that have come down at all hours to medicate a sick animal, or just to hold, rock, sing to and dance with a scared or sick animal to make them feel more comfortable. You may even find a volunteer sleeping in the dog kennels with a scared pup. Even tho we are not paid - the love we get from those homeless kids means everything to us. We cry when a dog or cat gets adopted but that's because we are so happy they are getting a forever home. Please stop by & see us sometime. If you can find the time, stop in & give us a hand or attend one of our fundraisers - every little bit helps! We pride ourselves on how clean the shelter is at all times. We put ourselves in the animal's shoes (paws) and care for them like we would want to be taken care of. \r\n\r\nPlease understand if we cannot take an animal it isn't because we don't want to. We are very small and it is a miracle that we have adopted out over 4000 animals in 4 years. We wish we had room to take & save them all but it's just not possible.\r\n\r\nThank you for your support!\r\n\r\nPlease spay & neuter!


    Total love & compassion for all animals


    We need more room!

  • 13. Great staff!

    by: Fizzle

    This shelter is ran by the most amazing group of volunteers - that's right, all volunteers! You couldn't ask for a better group of individuals! This wonderful place operates solely by them and on very limited resources.\n\n Please show your support for them today!


    Wonderful, caring, knowledgable staff!



  • 14. All good!

    by: shortncrazy2

    I've been there a couple of times and always donate there every year as a christmas gift to the animals. I always happy to be able to help this shelter out.


    always friendly


    none as of yet

  • 15. Love this shelter!

    by: BoxerM0m

    This shelter goes above and beyond every single day to help animals!


    Helpful, clean and friendly!



  • 16. Support Your Local Shelter!!!!

    by: WBL

    A small wonderful no kill shelter that is going above and beyond for animals in need.


    Wonderful People that care about the pets in their care



  • 17. Also a Volunteer

    by: sonus1

    I have been a volunteer at WOASH now for a few years helping when I can In the cat room and around the general facility . I also Have been the DJ for many of the Woash functions and events , I do not charge for my services as well . The people that I see work there put so much time and effort into how much caring that they give is unreal. I applaud there efforts .


    Ultra-loving and Caring



  • 18. White Oak Animal Shelter

    by: woanimalshelter

    I have been a volunteer here at the shelter since it was built, actually before it was built, helping to adopt out animals, placing them in wonderful homes.\r\n\r\nThe shelter is a wonderful place with great volunteers who work full time jobs and then come in after a hard days work to take care of the pets. We clean cages, kennels, runs outside, take care of the sick, run to the vets at our own cost of gas etc...but we do this because we love the animals. For most this is a home away from home.\r\n\r\nWe have seen a lot of wonderful animals find their forever homes and as sad as it is for us to see them go, we are very happy at the same time because they have a family to call their own.\r\n\r\nWe would love to help more animals come into the shelter in order to be placed in their forever homes but with limited space we can not take in as many wonderful pets as we would like.\r\n\r\nWe have been here for 4 years and have adopted out over 4,000 wonderful, loving pets.\r\n\r\nOur volunteers are so willing to help answer any questions that a new adopter may have and if they do not know the answer they try to find out from those that do. They are always recommending someone such as a vet, groomer, obedience trainer and so on. It is a very friendly enviroment that anyone would be happy to come into.\r\n\r\nAll volunteers are welcome to come in, be trained and help us out, we are like on big happy family here. We enjoy the animals, the volunteers, doing things together etc...this is a wonderful place.


    Very clean, friendly, knowledgable volunteers, & wonderful animals.


    Unfortunately very small.

  • 19. From a happy adopter and volunteer

    by: RaeRad34

    There are great things to say about the White Oak Animal Safe Haven!\r\n\r\nI've been volunteering at WOASH for 2 years now and I've enjoyed every minute of it! Everyone there is like my 2nd family and loving the animals is what we are all about. I've seen so many wonderful, sweet, and great dogs and cats find some of the best homes through WOASH. I've seen almost every breed and size of animal come though the doors and everyone left with happy faces and a new member of their family. \r\n\r\nThe cats that I have adopted from there are wonderful too! All were sweet, beautiful, and just darn right cute when I took them home. I couldn't be more happier with the cats that I have taking into my home!\r\n\r\nI give 5 stars to the White Oak Animal Safe Haven, for their knowledge, friendliess, caring volunteers, and overall great atmosphere that you get when you walk into the shelter! \r\n


    A nice, friendly, and clean place with happy and sweet furry faces all looking for great homes.


    Its smaller then most of the shelters in the area.

  • 20. From a volunteer!

    by: BXRchic

    I have been volunteering at this shelter for three years now and I can't tell you what a wonderful addition it has been to MY life!\n\nThe volunteers that i work with have become my second family and the shelter, my "home away from home"!\nI have spent many days and nights at this shelter caring for, cleaning up after, socializing and just petting and brushing many dogs and I am very fortunate to be able to experience helping dogs find loving homes and helping families find the perfect addition to their lives, as well.\n\nMany times we are full (as many shelters are) and due to our small size, there's not much that we can do about it, though we'd really like to help as many homeless animals as we can, we can't take them in if we don't have anywhere to put them. :o(\nIf you're interested in helping these animals, please stop by and grab an application and speak to someone about scheduling your training!\nThere are no paid positions (unless you count dog kisses, lol), but the emotional rewards are far greater than any monetary paycheck! \nYou're helping animals who can't help themselves!!!\n\nIf you're looking for your next best friend, stop in to see us!\nThere are always new animals coming in, so if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please stop back and don't give up on us!\n\nWe also try very hard to answer any questions that you have about your pets (or animals that you're considering making a part of your family).\nOur Volunteers all have pets of their own and together, we will try our best to help you find solutions!\nHouse training, manners, socializing, children and pets, whatever the case or question may be... \nplease don't hesitate to ask us questions when you stop in! We try very hard to be helpful in this respect as well!


    No Kill, Has Dogs and Cats, COMPLETELY volunteer/Donation Driven


    Small, Limited space for limited animals