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Washington-wilkes humane shelter / association

358 brown road
Washington, GA 30673
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User Reviews (22)

  • 1. Glad to know more about this shelter!

    by: mollymelin

    Thanks to zootoo and this shelter makeover competition, I learned about your shelter....had no idea it existed beforehand. I plan on coming out to visit, if only to bring the animals some treats and food. Keep up the good work!


    Caring people, lots of effort!




    by: debco

    This shelter is amazing. I've never seen people so dedicated as the ones who operate this place. They work with local vets and with UGA to see that their medical needs are met, and they have a huge network of people from different states who help them find homes for rescued and unwanted pets. They do all this with volunteers and the small amount of donations they receive from local businesses and pet owners. They are truly animal lovers, and will go to any lengths to save the many animals which come through their doors. No quick fixes like putting animals down to save space or money. \nIf they can save, care for, and find homes for the many animals that they do on their tiny shoe-string budget, just imagine what they could do with a million dollar makeover!


    Does everything possible to save, rather than put down animals


    Not enough money to upgrade and expand

  • 3. Great place

    by: ztT4MP50410388_DEAD



    Great volunteers


    Facilities need to be updated

  • 4. Great shelter!

    by: onium04

    This is a great shelter. The people who work there are trying desperately to do everything in their power to help these animals, but financial funding is a huge problem. I was particularly impressed with how well socialized the animals were with people.


    animals well cared for, well socialized


    needs financial assistance!

  • 5. Great Shelter with a great heart

    by: caterine

    This is a great shelter and they are doing the best they can with what they have. The facilities are inadequate and the pets are overcrowded but the people running the facility truly love what they do. We really appreciate this shelter since provide animals to the UGA veterinary school so that third year veterinary students can practice spay and neuter surgeries :)


    Great caring people running the shelter


    facilities are old and pets are overcrowded

  • 6. Deserving

    by: suedavidson

    This small, rural shelter goes above and beyond their call of duty and the people who work there actually put the needs of the animals above their own. This shelter truly deserves some additional funding.


    Dedicated volunteers


    Low funds

  • 7. A little shelter with a big heart!!

    by: angela1594

    This shelter rocks!! These people work so hard and are so committed to helping these animals even though their resources are so limited. They do the best with what they have.


    Great no kill shelter run by true animal lovers!


    Resources to improve shelter limited by size

  • 8. please support this shelter

    by: roni

    This is a wonderful shelter that is in desperate need of more help. Their heart is in the right place, and their animals are well cared for. They just need more resources and more hands. Please support them


    great woman in charge


    need updating

  • 9. Needs some help, but heart is in the right place

    by: lmw84

    This shelter is in need of funding, however, the staff that work there are very committed to the well-being and adoptability of their animals!


    Great staff; very committed to the animals.


    Needs a huge upgrade in facilities.

  • 10. Wonderful Shelter with Dedicated Staff

    by: Stokesee

    This a shelter whose heart greatly exceeds its level of funding. The woman who runs the shelter has basically devoted her entire life to running the shelter and providing the best care she can for the animals. She does everything she can to find homes for the animals. It was a joy to interact with her and the animals. The animals were friendly and very interactive. She proves that one person can make a difference. Support the shelter in any way you can!


    Staff Commitment and Care for the Animals


    In Desperate Need of More Funding and Support

  • 11. Great Shelter

    by: hbomba

    Although there are not enough staff available at this shelter, the work they do there is still very important and great! Keep up the good work!


    Animal-loving staff


    Too little staff

  • 12. Dedicated beyond the call of duty

    by: Mignon

    You can't find a group of people more dedicated to each and every animal.


    Knowledgeabe and Caring



  • 13. love them

    by: boobear

    this shelter is home for many unwanted, great animals, please help by adopting one.


    what a awesome shelter



  • 14. small shelter HUGE heart

    by: farscaper48

    how many other directors do you know who would extend a helping hand to another shelter that is overrun with felines? \r\nthis director took in the overflow from another georgia shelter to help them out --never asking for any funding, donations, or recognition.\r\nshe just sees what needs to be done and does it. \r\ndoesn't need fanfare.\r\nno nonsense person \r\nshe's there for the animals.\r\ntries so hard to be low kill in a rural part of a state that kills more animals than ny\r\n


    tries so hard to be low kill


    needs more room for the dogs so please help her!!!

  • 15. Great Shelter

    by: CourtneyRosenthal

    This is a great shelter with many wonderful dogs and cats for adoption. I adopted my dog Lollipop (formerly Tracey) from this shelter and we love her so much! The shelter is very limited on resources, but they do great with what they have to work with.


    Great Shelter, Great Dogs and Cats


    Limited Resources

  • 16. Bonnie279

    by: Bonnie279

    It's my second home!!! the animals at that shelter are very fortunate to have the best shelter staff in the world to take care of them and believe me, they know we work for them!!!


    the best animals in the world


    old building

  • 17. extremely dedicated

    by: redflag

    Has the potential to be an amazing shelter, the dedication and mindset is there, just needs funding and support!


    very dedicated to helping out all those animals out there that need a home but just haven't found it yet, the woman who runs this shelter puts everything she has and then some into caring for these animals, she is a great example of a truly selfless person


    needs support and funding

  • 18. The shelter truly deserves a make-over!

    by: patter5

    This shelter is truly dedicated to the wonderful animals that is houses. All of the dogs and cats have wonderful personalities and would make wonderful pets! The shelter needs money to adequately house and care for all of the incredible animals that it saves! The staff is so helpful and committed to finding perfect homes for the animals.


    Very dedicated and passionate staff, amazing animals


    Not enough money! Crowding!

  • 19. what a place

    by: Fantasy

    the level of commitment at this shelter is amazing


    love this palce


    out in the middle of nowhere

  • 20. Buck279

    by: Buck279

    The building as definetly seen better days. The dogs are all fat and happy. The cat house is a nice addition and the cats are free range with access to an outdoor fenced in area. They are lacking space on the "dog side" that they must use the cat house for dogs, too. The dogs don't mind though.


    animals are wonderful


    old building

  • 21. Very Worthwhile!

    by: rhbaxter

    Love their MySpace site. It is from the animals' point of view and it just cracks me up - plus helps to keep me informed with what the shelter needs and is doing.


    The Friendliness of the Staff



  • 22. grace32

    by: grace32

    This shelter is one of the best around. We have the best staff and the funniest animals. Even though our building is old, we still manage most of the time. I spend most of my time at the shelter cleaning cages and helping Miss Coobie.


    the most animals with the best personalities


    old building