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Walkers Pet Hotail

4603 William Penn Hwy
Murrysville, PA 15668

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Re: Very Upset

    by: racerX4ever

    I work at this facility and just saw "Very Upset's" posting, and now I'm very upset! There are many statements that are incorrect and need to be clarified. The day in question was a very nice day in MARCH, with very low humidity, and a breeze. The dog in question is a 100-pound coonhound in for doggie daycare. His inside suite was a 6x6 suite but he was being moved to a 4x8 suite in order to accommodate two larger dogs who were to be housed together for a week-long stay. Sometimes we need to change a dog's room - it is not a question of whether a dog is a “regular” or not, it is a question of putting the dogs in the correct room for their size. All three dogs were outside – the two larger dogs were together in one play area, and the coonhound was in a separate play area. The size of the outside play areas that these dogs were in is 10x20 each, not 6x6!!! Each play area had fresh water. The dogs were outside for 45 minutes on a beautiful day. All of these guests were perfectly safe with no risk of injury – we often use individual playtime for off-leash potty breaks, and anytime a pet’s inside room is changed, they are given a potty break. The owner is upset that he was baying outside, but coonhounds bay. Also, this owner used to work at a competitive doggie daycare facility, but brought her pet to us, and she also applied several times for a position but was not hired.


    clean facility, personalized attention



  • 2. my dog was abused

    by: joeyharriger

    my name is jh and i brought my 103 pound coonhound to walkers pet hotail in murrysvill pa along route 22. I had been very impressed with the daycare center but then in the middle of march I had a horrible run in with walkers. my dog bingo was left in a outdoor pen ,unsupervised ,no water and it was not a breezy day and the humidity was horrible. It was 81 degreese and if walkers chooses to lie and say it was not 81 degreese you can check the national weather service. And when I asked the owner sam why my dog was unattened he said "another dog came in and we needed the room so we placed your dog outside. May I say this again,bingo had no water and it was 81 degreese and.... the humidity was at 65%. There prices are also a big scam! they charged me 22 dollars per day when petsmart only charged 17 dollars plus petsmart has much more play time! so if you trust these people with you beloved pets think again! If you love you dogs do not take them to walkers. oh! if you believe that they have nice thick grass yards with pools in them you are being lied to. that picture was from google! Ohhhhh now heres a topic to talk about! there employees are no better the one lady told me my dog was a smoker and put me in tears in the middle of the store! there dogs are not watched at all either! my dog came out with a shreded collar and bloody wounds all over him and all they had to say was they were playing, i would like to see those video tapes! so if you want good happy play time take your dog to petsmart where the people are always kind and not abusive.




    rip off price abused my dog liers


    by: hunter1981

    I boarded my cat there and when I went to pick her up she was lifeless. When I questioned her condition they claimed they thought "she was being lazy." My cat could not walk or even lift her head. I then rushed her to my vet and they told me she was near death and she would most likely not make it. After a full exam they concluded that she was nbot fed properly, not montiored as promised and neglected. My cat was a diabetic. Walkers claims to have a vet on site if any problems would occur, which they did not have my cat examined. While she was boarded I even called to check in on her and they assured me nothing she was doing well, which was not the case. My vet also stated that a cat in her condition was neglected for acoulpe days and not a coulpe hours which Walkers assured she was checked on at noon and I picked her up around 6pm. Her insulin was warm and if you are familiar with diabetics you must understand that the medication must be refridgerated. I packed a certain amount of food to be given to her everyday, which was not properly given to her. I provided them with instructions and they said they completely understood her needs and boarded diabetic cats all the time. Pets are like one of your family. This was a horrible ending to my vacation and has left me and my family devistated.





  • 4. I will never use Walkers Pet HoTail again... EVER

    by: PetMom60

    We left our two dogs with Walker Pet HoTail many times. On the last visit one of our dogs was returned injured. Our dog's ears had been chewed and bitten. They were sore and scabby and missing fur and our animal cried when the areas were touched. The animals are put out in play groups and we are certain one of the play dogs harmed our 9 pound dog. When we discussed this with Sam the owner he was only interested in denying responsibility. In fact they tried to claim our other dog did the "biting." Please -- these dogs never nip at each other and in fact the other "older" dog is missing nearly all his teeth and can't be bothered with the other dog!! Not to mention everytime we have boarded the two dogs there they have been together and there never were injuries -- all of a sudden this supposedly changed? We were also unhappy that in the unlikely possibility one of our dogs did this to another that: A. They did nothing about it and B. They knew nothing of the injuries. Please be aware they will put your dogs with other dogs to play, and we feel, will not supervise closely enough to protect your dog. We will never go here again and will urge all our friends to find another place as well.


    Convenient location


    Not enough staff. Slow to check in and out. Dogs not supervised closely enough.

  • 5. Very Nice People

    by: karen1hemi

    Very clean, they did a wonderful job grooming my cat. I took a tour and was impressed by the cleanliness and could tell that the staff enjoyed being with the animals.


    Staff Friendly.


    None noticed.

  • 6. Walkers Pet HoTail - Boarding & Daycare

    by: walkers

    The staff is very knowledgable and treat the pets with lots of love and respect. There are outdoor and indoor play areas. You can bring your own food or use their's. The prices include the walks and playtimes and they give the dogs bedding and toys.


    Individual attention; price includes everything; very clean; all animals accepted


    No cons.