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Village veterinary clinic of hamburg

113 buffalo st.
Hamburg, NY 14075

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Saved Our Cat AGAIN

    by: DrJohnMCarlone

    What we like best about Dr. Reyda is that he really cares about each and every animal. The well being of the animal is his top priority. He doesn't try to have you spend a lot of money on extending the life of your pet. When it is not a good idea, or the treatment is not going to give your pet quality of life, he tells you that. We met him 12 years ago when he put our cat to sleep - instead of putting her on dialysis for her failing kidneys. She was old and the treatment would have been hard on her, and there was no cure. He was more concerned about her quality of life than how much money he could make treating her. Our next cat, Chris Toe Fur became a patient of Dr. Reyda in 2002 when the Buffalo Animal Shelter gave up on him. He had an intestinal disorder and was very sick. After two visits under the care of Dr. Reyda - (then at the Ellicott Small Animal Clinic in Buffalo) - he was fine. He is now fourteen years old. When Dr. Reyda moved his practice to Hamburg the fact that we would go there was a no brainer. Chris Toe Fur has been his patient for eleven years. Last week he stopped eating and appeared to be dying. Monday morning at 8:00 am I walked in - no appointment. They took him immediately - Dr. Reyda examined him - did x-rays and bloodworm - got a second opinion from another vet and began treatment. We are picking him up today at 4:00. Once again, eleven years later, Dr. Reyda has saved his life. Our other cat Sadie is also a fan and patient of Dr. Reyda (for the past ten years. He also her life. She was a rescue from the Buffalo Animal Shelter she almost died from being over medicated for a worm infestation. Once again, Dr. Reyda took over her care and helped her get over the worm infestation and the complications from the medication she had been given. We live in Wales, and drive past several other local veterinarians on our 25 mile trip to Dr. Reyda’s office. I wouldn't take my cats anywhere else. Anyone looking for a vet who will give your animal the very best care should go to Dr. Reyda.


    Best Vet in WNY- According to my Cat


    Not open 24/7

  • 2. Beware

    by: UnhappyHuskyOwner

    My dog Cooper, a blind husky with a peculiar temperment, and I visited the office on 10/26/10. Because of his blindness, Cooper has always been difficult during vet visits so I muzzled him before the appointment. When we were shown to an exam room, the tech informed me that she would be taking him into the other room to draw blood and provide the Lepto vaccination. I advised her that he was a handful and tends to lunge at people when threatened and that it may be best if I was present. The tech advised me that it's better when the owners are not present and that they would be able to handle him. I reiterated my desire to be present however she declined and brought him into the other room. Almost immediately after the door closed, I heard the dog squirming, presumably resisting treatment. Soon after, I heard him being led to another room accompanied by a distinct sound of claws dragging across the floor. After another minute of hearing the dog barking, growling and screaming, I'd had enough and left the exam room to investigate. Following the noises up a set of stairs, I found two techs and a vet holding him down and wiping his hind legs down. The vet, unaware of my presence, told the techs to "go hog wild on this one, there's no f***ing way I want him coming back." I retreated back to the room and shortly after another tech brought the dog down. She informed me that I had to sedate the dog before they would treat him again. I told her he often gets more aggressive under sedation and that he had been previously treated without it. I expressed my displeasure with them for dragging a blind dog upstairs and for trying to treat him without me present, against my advise. She rudely informed me that I could bring him back fully sedated or I could not return at all. I informed her that I didn't approve of their treatment and that I wouldn't be returning to which she replied "Good." On my way out, I asked the receptionist if I could speak with the owner. She informed me that "vet you spoke with is the owner". I informed her that I had not yet spoken to the vet. She left to investigate and returned to tell me that he did not want us to return. I asked again to see him and she said he was no longer available. When we returned home, I noticed that the dog was bleeding out his hind leg and I was provided no explanation about what caused that bleed. I understand my dog is a difficult case, which is why I muzzled him in the first place. However, I believe I provided more than sufficient warning. I brought the dog into the office one day prior just so he would have a positive first experience and all was well during that visit so I believe his behavior was a direct result of the way he was handled by the team. My expectations of a vet are low; I need annual shots and heartworm pills, which two prior vets have been able to provide before we moved to Hamburg. Yet despite my low expectations, Village Veterinary of Hamburg fell far short. This is clearly not a vet who can handle a special needs dog. Finally, to a person, my experience demonstrated that they do not listen to customer advice and place no value on customer service.




    Too many to list in one box

  • 3. First Visit....

    by: adidasjd69

    I noticed that Nino wasn't acting himself and that familar symptoms were occuring. He got really sick last year and those symptoms were stating to happen again so I wasn't taking the chance and bringing him back toTillou. I made an appt. and hedid some tests and x-rays (unlike Tillou) and found a mass in Nino's abdomen. He goes for an ultrsound on Thursday and I am very worried its something really bad and I'm going to lose him. If this couldhave been prevented and treated last year when I told Tillou that there was something wrong with him and not just a nasty virus I am going be beyond pissed. You should be able to trust your vet and I just never felt that he was right in his diagnosis. I just wish I would have gottena second oppinion back then....


    very friendly, personable and seemed knowledgable


    don't take the care credit card

  • 4. Loved this vet

    by: MrKucz

    Had a great experience with this vet. I got in right away as a new patient, the staff was friendly, the office was spotless, and the prices were reasonable. The Dr. was very thorough and gentle with my cat. We even received free flea medication. I would recommend this vet 100%.





  • 5. New pt

    by: MrsKucz

    I just called to make an appt. for my cat as I moved into the area recently. The lady who answered the phone was very friendly and very helpful.... The outside of the place looks very nice... I am going there tomorrow, I will report back then. But, first impressions are great!


    Very friendly


    We'll update later

  • 6. A Nice Staff

    by: 7789

    Our animal rescue group has worked previously with the past owner of Village Vet and we really enjoyed and benifitted from their nice staff and knowledge and expertise. This is a good vet practice.


    Located close by



  • 7. Best Vet in town!

    by: steven4441

    I was referred to this Vet by my parents a couple years ago when we adopted our first cat. For many years they (my parents) went to a different Vet in the area but were unhappy with some of the methods used and looked for someone new. They could not say enough about how great the switch was going to Village Veterinary Clinic. I have to agree 100% with their recommendation. The staff is very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions I threw at them. The advise they gave me for training our new puppy has worked perfectly. Although I don't have much to compare them to, their prices seem to be reasonable. If you live in the Hamburg area and are looking for a Vet make sure to visit them!


    extremely knowledgeable staff, great advise


    nothing yet