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The hamilton dog house

155 east 3rd street
Brooklyn, NY 11218

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. great!

    by: redrum301

    When you show up at the dog house it looks like...well a pet supply shop....and an animal resuce. Todd comes in when he has appointments and it's best to call and set up the appointment. He's wonderfully sweet and his cuts are great. Its really nice that while he's grooming, you can shop at the dog house, or volenteer to walk a dog in the shelter. The gooming is done downstairs so your dog isnt in the shelter or the store even. But we love todd!


    Todd is wonderful!


    You can't really tell they do grooming when you go in, call for appointment.

  • 2. HDH Rocks!

    by: wapfel

    i love the HDH. i go there all the time, they have everything i could ever want or need for my pets and if they don't have it, they'll get it. they'll even deliver. \n\non a scale from one to ten, this place is a hundred and ten.


    so knowledgeable, so marvelous


    none, not a one

  • 3. Lupine collars and leashes

    by: pumpkinpups

    Lupine collars and leashes have just arrived at The Hamilton Dog House....if you haven't seen them they beautiful. While you are there check out the other pet supplies and the animal shelter next door. This is the place to visit if you want to shop, get advice on animal care, walk a shelter dog, cuddle a kitten, or adopt a pet. All pets for adoption are rescue animals.


    good range of pet supplies



  • 4. Great place!

    by: Bellapapa

    The place is well stocked and well staffed. They have variety and a willingness to get anything that they don't normally carry. The neighborhood was missing a place like this. I'm glad the HDH is there.


    Kind staff. lots of product.



  • 5. The Dog house Rocks!

    by: redrum301

    While it's a small space, the isles are large and kept clear unlike many in the neighborhood. The Hamilton dog House has great prices, and it very convenient. The staff is extreamly knowledgeable as many of them volenteer in the ajoining rescue. My daughter loves to go in and see Chicken the store mascot, a parrot. and play with the rescue animals. We get all of our pet supplies there as well!


    Great shop with low prices!


    Very Small.

  • 6. The Hamilton Dog House is awesome!

    by: Cleo1123

    Sean Casey and the staff at he Hamilton Dog House in Brooklyn are the best. They are great to be around and the shelter is always open to anyone willing to help. Sean Casey is the most caring person I've met in my life and he has done so many great things for the well being of animals. At The Hamilton Dog House you can find whatever your pet needs to live or just be spoiled they have pets ranging from dogs to Albino Snakes! The Hamilton Dog House is great!


    Easily accessible, wonderful staff


    None that I know of.

  • 7. More than a Pet Supply Store!

    by: nyanimalrescue

    This is more than a pet supply store...the Hamilton Dog House is right next door to Sean Casey Animal Rescue and houses some of the small rescue animals such as birds, hamsters, gerbils and rabbits. Every day is a learning experience--kids as well as adults come in and learn about different animals and the products used to keep them happy and healthy. Great atmosphere...great people...stop by and see for yourself :)


    helpful staff, good selection, if they don't have it they'll try to get it for you


    needs more space :)

  • 8. Dog House is awesome

    by: loricarvajal

    The place is flooded with kids asking questions cleaning cages, playing/ socializing the animals. It's one of a kind in the neighborhood and it's been very well received.


    The community loves it