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The Dog House

2010 South Yost Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47403

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Understanding of dogs' needs

    by: gedoena

    The staff at the Dog House are great. I can tell that they really care about all of the dogs, and our dog loves them, even though she has separation anxiety issues and worries about us leaving her. We have used the Dog House a number of times for day care. We have not yet left her for overnight boarding, but I am encouraged about the cage-free boarding and the fact that they will feed our OWN food without extra charge. The staff clearly monitor and play with the dogs all day long and are careful to keep dogs well-matched and provide extra attention and insights as needed. They have a number of extra services for very reasonable prices (e.g. "pool time" for $2). Best of all, Lexy comes home tired each day she stays there -- we have yet to find anything else that tires her out, other than fetching branches out of a lake all afternoon!


    no kenneling, staff loves dogs, flexible, low cost, extra services


    a bit out of the way, but worth it

  • 2. Juni's favorite cageless boarding/doggie daycare!

    by: juniheartsyou

    This place is everything a dog-owner would want in a boarding place-- clean, great staff who really get to know your pet, and most importantly, CAGELESS!! As in, dogs can roam around freely, lounge around on couches and doggie beds as they please, and mingle with others. They also feed your dog in a separate room so that he/she isn't distracted or bullied by others who may want to steal their food ;). They have daycare, and offer other services (i.e. baths, pool-time in the summer). If you're looking for a place to board your dog, definitely consider the doghouse (go in for a tour)!


    comfortable and safe play areas, offers cageless boarding, extended hours


    can't do early drop-offs for doggie daycare (they open at 7 on the weekdays)

  • 3. Gone to the Dogs!

    by: ringquil

    My dogs love The Doghouse. My high energy Vizsla needed a place to make some new doggie friends, burn off some energy, and learn some appropriate dog skills. Jim was great with integrating her into play groups. When we added a second Vizsla, we continued to use the Doghouse for boarding. My dogs always come home in great shape - not stressed out like traditional boarding - and tired from all their play time. It's great that Jim and Beth live onsite and they do a great job accomodating the individual needs of each dog.


    Cage free, knowledgeable staff



  • 4. Definitely the Best Place In Bloomington!

    by: BtownGal

    Since my dog was a shelter dog who had been locked up for several months in a kennel at the shelter, I didn't want her boarding experience to be like that. I was thrilled when I discovered The Doghouse. She gets excited when I tell her we're going there. The staff are wonderful and have been patient with my dog, since it takes her a while to warm up to new people, and she comes homes exhausted from all her playing! I will never take my dog anywhere else in Bloomington for boarding.





  • 5. Seriously, best bording and daycare in Bloomington.

    by: katiellee

    Best place in Bloomington. Beth is always willing to accommodate any last minute problems, and the entire staff always remembers the dogs! My dogs beg to "go on vacation."


    Amazing staff, great dogs.



  • 6. Cage-less dog boarding

    by: jbagwell

    The Dog House is a wonderful place where the dogs are never caged or confined, but rather live with the owners in their living space. There is a large outdoor play area and comfortable couches and stuffed beds on the floors inside. Jim and Beth are committed to making the dogs as comfortable and happy as possible. It is a welcome relief to know my dog is not confined in a small cage and run on concrete floors.


    Friendly, helpful, caring staff



  • 7. haven't found better

    by: stormyknight

    I have used the Dog House for both boarding and doggy daycare for both of my dogs, as well as numerous foster dogs as well. You can tell that the dogs are the number one priority for the staff and all the dogs look well taken care of. My shepherd does have some dog aggression problems, which led me to believe that she would not be a candidate for doggy daycare or cageless boarding. Jim and Beth were willing to work with her when we arrived and successfully integrated her into the daycare without so much as a growl. It is my number one choice for boarding when I have to leave my kids behind for a few days; I know they will be taken care of while I am gone and they are not stressed out like they would be if they were in a kennel situation. Great service!


    animal care is top notch



  • 8. The best cage-free day care and boarding!

    by: eknudson

    The Dog House is located in Bloomington, and it is the best cage-free day care and boarding experience imaginable. The dogs have beds and couches to lounge on and a huge outside play area. The number of dogs they will accept at one time is limited, so dogs get a lot of personal attention and are safe. Web cams allow you to check in on your buddy during the day. Prices are very reasonable, and membership packages come with a lot of perks, from a T-shirt to the ability to drop off your dog at no charge for 2 hours to run errands. The staff is knowledgeable and loves the dogs, and Jim and Beth organize fabulous parties for people and their dogs after hours. A recent Halloween party was amazing, with a doggie and human costume contest and very high-end prizes. Anyone who takes their dog to The Dog House will become instantly loyal to the place. My dog Tigger gets excited as soon as we turn down the road to go there. This place is amazing!


    Jim and Beth go out of their way to make your dog's experience fun and safe.