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Tender loving care animal shelter

13016 west 151st street
Homer glen, IL 60491
Visit Website

User Reviews (11)

  • 1. great shelter

    by: wshs530

    this is a great shelter. they have really cute dogs here .. i love to check out their website too. :]


    loved it


    have more shih tzus :]

  • 2. Nice little shelter

    by: BHOLTZ

    I visited this shleter when my daughter was dropping off a stray kitten she trapped by her home. The staff was really freindly and told us what would happen with the kitten and let us see where she would be kept. They didn't have a fee for dropping off the kitten but just ask for a donation that we could afford. They would even accept food and supplies in lieu of money. Of course we gave money and the bag of kitten food.


    freindly staff, smelled clean



  • 3. Nice shelter

    by: wooday0691

    this shleter is right by my house. It's a nice shelter. I try to go on the off hours to visit with the pets there cause their parking lot is really small and it's not safe to have to park on the street. It's really clean and they like when you come to visit with the cats and kittens.


    Nice shelter, clean


    not much parking

  • 4. Good shleter

    by: BettyWood

    nice little shelter. They do a great job and do their best to provide good veterinary care for animals that come into their shelter injured and sick, where some shelters may euthanize these animals, they give them a chance.


    Clean, nice staff, aninmals well cared for


    not much parking

  • 5. The name says it all

    by: mrscatlady

    I can't say anything bad at all about this place. I went to look at a dog I saw on the internet. (I JUST WENT TO LOOK). HAHA. What a joke that is. I do not know about any pet lover who can just go into an animal shelter to just look. Well I found a dog from the internet (He just got there 20 minutes before me). They let me take him for a quick walk. Well that was it. I was sold. So I called my husband & said can you get here, they will close soon. He said no,he was tooo far away to make it. So I told the shelter I'd be back tomorrow with my husband & I left. I called him again (this time crying I want that dog...sob, sob. ) So he says go get him. So I go back inside and said please can I have this dog now.Well they were happy to help me. We did all the paperwork and official stuff and they handed me MY DOG. Well I guess he is OUR dog. HE is the best dog we could have hoped for in a million years. Please, Please go here if you are looking for an animal. They have a little bit of all kinds. But with people like me they do not last long!!! :)


    Very friendly, helpful, loving & caring people.


    They need our help and stuff

  • 6. great shelter

    by: gibs7usa






  • 7. Great shelter

    by: lucky7dog

    We adopted our puppy in July of 2007 from TLC. I would recommend this shelter to anyone who truly wants to love a new addition to their family. We found that everyone at the shelter was very professional, informative and most of all really care about the safety and health of their animals, even after they are adopted. Thanks TLC!


    professional, informative and caring



  • 8. TLC is absolutely wonderful

    by: donkortajr

    TLC was great. When my wife and I moved into our first home in 1995, we adopted our first dog (and first child), Chance from T.L.C. \r\nThey also work closely with K-9 Guardians kennels which is absolutely THE BEST kennel to board or train your dog in the Chicagoland area.\r\n\r\nDon


    caring, knowledgable


    none I can think of

  • 9. Fantastic Experience

    by: koda

    This shelter is incredible. The staff is very friendly, the adoption process is straightforward and well organized, the facility is clean, and the animals are obviously well cared for. I have never met such happy shelter workers. Thank you for a wonderful experience and new addition to our family!


    Customer Service, Cleanliness, Environment



  • 10. I LOVE TLC Animal Shelter!

    by: gerges8

    TLC is the best shelter I have been into. They are always very helpful and know what they are talking about. They really love the animals in their care and make sure each one finds a loving home. It is always clean, never smells like some shelters I have been into. Its a bright and cheerful atmosphere, doesnt make you feel sad at all. I wish more shelters were like TLC!!


    Wonderful, caring staff! Very clean!


    THere are none!

  • 11. Why I choose T.L.C. Animal Shelter

    by: azurlo

    If you have never been to T.L.C., you must go and check it out. I have adopted two of my four pets from this shelter and they are great. The staff and volunteer's are true animal lovers and just fun to be around. I have recommended them to all of my friends.


    Great people who truly care about the animals.


    Though they try to help all animals, they have limited space.