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Suwannee county animal shelter

11150 144th street
Mcalpin, FL 32062

User Reviews (40)

  • 1. Great shelter

    by: nevoelz

    The staff at the Suwannee County Animal Shelter are very good at what they do. They have involved the local Wal-Mart with their attempts to get their animals adopted into good homes. The staff lets the community know what they need and what kinds of animals are available. They go above and beyond the call of duty!


    Knowledgeable staff, staff very visible in the community; staff try many different ways to get their animals adopted into good homes


    none known

  • 2. Help Suwannee Win

    by: aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Take a look at the videos and you will see how much this shelter needs a makeover. Please help them by voting for Suwannee.


    Helpful, caring people


    very crowded conditions

  • 3. i love this shelter

    by: tinkerbell613

    This animal shelter really needs help to renovate..they are a very small shelter that doe alot to halp as many animals as they can and they really need this makieover so they can have a bigger place to hold more animals.. They are very good with taking care of the animals and treat their volunteers very well. i love this shelter.. GOOD LUCK


    very nice to all animals that come into the shelter and do their best to help as many animals as they can


    not enough room to help alot of animals

  • 4. My first shelter visit when I moved here

    by: leosranch

    When I first moved to North Florida I went to visit the local shelter (as is my practice). I was greeted by Janis that had the most handsome dog with her. She answered every question I had regarding their policies and procedures without hesitation and never appeared to try to rush me. I was impressed with their give all attitude. If any shelter needs help to keep going it is the Suwannee County Animal Shelter. They are a one in a million shelter and even though they are limited on funding do amazing things on that limit!!


    The staff is caring, loving and highly knowledgeable


    The area they have to work with is too small

  • 5. People who care

    by: sposton

    My friend has been involved with the shelter since it was first built in 2002. At that time they could only afford to build a temporary shelter and have been working since to raise money for the addition. They have a great group of volunteers that are always there to help when they are needed.


    Really care about their animals and shelter


    too small- needs more room

  • 6. What a Helpful and Friendly place for pets and people!

    by: MarkC

    I have personally visited with and spoke to Joe and Janis. These guys are top notch in knowledge and care of the animals. They take it that one step beyond! If I had more time I sure would be spending a lot of my days there with the animals and these nice folks!


    They are willing to take on any task no matter how large


    They need more staff and finances

  • 7. Great Work!

    by: dawneubanks2005

    This place is the best animal rescue there is. The volunteers are there solely for the animals and are knowledgeable, caring, and great workers. The place is clean and orderly.


    Great staff, clean, under great management


    Cannot house enough for our area

  • 8. humble beginnings

    by: treneset

    it is a shame that this facitlity doesn't get what it needs from the county to operate properly. i guess they don't love animals.


    sweet people running it


    need more room

  • 9. Great Facility with a ALOT of heart!

    by: puppylove55

    What can I say? This place is amazing and has alot of love for animals. I would recommend it to anyone.


    Great place


    there are none


    by: judyrowe

    I am the half member of the working staff at the shelter. It is a real pleasure working with the animal control officers and the great volunteers that we have here. The volunteers that work here with us, are a fantastic group of people. We give them a call and they are ready and willing to help out when needed. We really do appreciate every one of them every day.


    Staff is friendly


    Not enough room to turn around in for staff and animals

  • 11. Poor Condition

    by: thatweirdkid

    the service here is great the people are nice but its in ver poor condition and its a kill shelter but u would understand why it was a kill shelter if you 'go there there are at least 2 dogs per cage and they are in need of everything teyh only have 3 employees and few volunteers they need to win this makeover


    friendly staff


    poor conditions, kill shelter

  • 12. diluted vinegar rinse

    by: Valyates

    This was something I tried on a Staffordshire white male dog yrs. ago, who seemed to be allergic to everything. Not only did it clear up his skin, but it also took away the doggie odor. But, it was in combination of my cooking for him aswell. Look up alternative dog recipies and you will found their natural habitat before we domesticated them was rabbit, etc. and ofcourse they all ate vegies... I do it with all my dogs, regardless. People come into my house and are shocked to see 6 large dogs living here an compliment me on how my house doesn't smell like dog.. But, then I don't bath my dogs no more than 6 times a yr. And that is only when they go and roll in something stinky, or just smell doggie....try it, I'm sure you will agree.


    helps restore their coat


    don't know of any

  • 13. little shelter - big heart

    by: nmorris

    This shelter is overcrowded and understaffed but they manage to do the best they can. Their volunteers are very active in helping.


    always ready to help you



  • 14. Little Shelter that could

    by: RichardM

    This shelter is in need of more community help and awareness, more room for the animals. I hope they make it


    try to save the animals


    need more funding

  • 15. little shelter than can with help from community

    by: angelbabymaddy

    our shelter has support from volunteers that do the best they can with what they have to work with.although theres so many peple out there that just let animals run rampid and don't take care of the animals there are others that would take in as many as possible to make sure these animals don't get put down. Cuddos to all the volunteers and owners that keep doing the things that really matter.


    where everyone does everything possible to help


    people that just don't care and allow things to happen

  • 16. The little shelter that can

    by: ntout

    My daughter volunteers at the shelter and spends hours each day trying to get them Grants and money to run the shelter and spay or neuter pets. Every one of the volunteers are devoted and are always there when called on to help.


    everyone there is very friendly and helpful


    needs more room

  • 17. much needed

    by: sampsonlabs

    the shelter is a good thing but far from adequate due to funding in our rural county. I wish more could be done to keep the strays off the streets. thank you to the volunteers and workers.


    caring staff


    not enough room

  • 18. A little shelter with a big heart

    by: topsecretmoon

    This shelter has the staff that is a can do staff! We need the community to stand behind them. If we get more people involved with helping we could help so many more animals! Please! Donations of medical supplies, food, or even you TIME!!! This is the little shelter that CAN!!


    They really want to help the people and the animals


    They don't have the financial backing they need

  • 19. Come see us

    by: rposton

    As a volunteer at the Suwannee County Anmal shelter I am proud to say that we have the most devoted staff and volunteers and I am proud to be part of it.


    we make every effort to find a loving home foe our animals


    too small - needs more space

  • 20. A Great Place!

    by: Socman7575

    I visited the shelter a little over a year ago with my granny who volunteers there. I was impressed with the care and service for the animals. Keep up the good work!


    Wonderful staff!!! they love the animals!


    none really

  • 21. Big Hearts with Helping Hands

    by: cherishorses

    I have known This facility for many yrs. and have learned how different it is in a city(living) .Then the country. In the city so much is available for thier needs.In a small town we dont have all what others have for a shelter,but they make due with what they have,i make my donations every year to help. I have been impressed with how hard they work to keep those animals comfortable for what they have to work with.So many newcomers that are use to the city ,need to realize to appreciate that we have what we do and learn from it.They are Great People With Amazing Hearts.


    animals get a chance at a home


    too small of a facility

  • 22. This shelter deserves to win!!!!

    by: Rae09

    I made my first trip to this shelter this past week. I was impressed with how clean it was for such a place in need. The office and cat room are basically storage shed type buildings. The area that houses the dogs is just a roof over with no side walls for protection from the wind and cold. The are housed on a concrete floor with a wood box for shelter. This place tries so hard to help the strays in this area and is very deserving of a make over.


    Friendly and caring staff.


    Needs more room and better housing for the animals.

  • 23. This shelter deserves to win!!!!

    by: Liz004

    This is the shelter that deserves to win. The staff are great people and they have some of the biggest hearts. Janice Hunter gives this shelter her everything. For the amount of strays they get each day there is not enough housing for all of them so a larger place is a must and the makeover would help so much.


    friendly staff


    not enough housing for strays

  • 24. The little shelter that can

    by: Vshines

    The people that work at this shelter are the most compasionate, knowledgable people. I am proud to be in a community that has such hard working people. They have to deal with so many different kinds of animals and situations. And they handle each one in the animals best interest. Any time day or night they are ready to help. This shelter needs a make over. This is a small town and it is quite a job that Janis and Joe do, to take care of all the animals. With a make over the sky is the limit to what can be done for the animals here. They already have the best staff! Pray for everyone!


    the people that work there are the best


    not enough room

  • 25. They are small but have huge hearts

    by: CandyBell

    This shelter is a small crowded place but they do what they can to accomodate the stray dogs and cats that come into the shelter. They have fundraisers to help with an expansion project and food and supplies. They are totally run off of donations from the public. They clean cages several times a day to keep the animals as clean as possible. The office staff is wonderful. They are kind and reassuring when you talk to them. They are helpful in decision making and are honest as possible about the animals and if they are a good fit for you before you adopt.


    loving care takers and fosters


    over crowded, little funding

  • 26. Definately the "Little Shelter That Could"

    by: fdphilly90

    This shelter is in desperate need of a makeover. They are caring and loving of all the animals they take in and find it very hard when it comes time to "make room". They only have 20 kennels for dogs and about the same for cats. With such a large county, they are taking in many dogs and cats per day with virtually no place to put them. They really need funding to expand to save more lives.


    Very caring and loving


    crowded, little funding

  • 27. A Careing Shelder

    by: LynnHawkins

    My wish would be for Suwannee County could get this makeover


    they try to find homes



  • 28. A Shelter with Heart

    by: 4belgians

    The people at this shelter (mostly volunteers) are so friendly and helpful. They have an uncanny ability to match people with pets. They stretch themselves to the enth degree to help all animals in need and to help their owners in any way they can. No request is too big or too small. This shelter is truly deserving and this county is truly in need.


    clean, friendly, helpful, caring


    not enough funds - small community

  • 29. Small Shelter Large Heart

    by: Palms4

    This is a very wonderful shelter trying to cope with a very small budget. I have adopted two cats from this shelter and they have turned out so wonderful. When you go out to the shelter you can see all the love that is being given to the animals.


    Very knowledgeabe. Very Lovely care of the animals


    Small stall trying to deal with large occupantes

  • 30. Good shelter to recommend

    by: Wolfcarver

    It was a good place to visit and to recommend to folks interested in adoption


    they seem to take good care of the animals


    need more inside housing for both dogs and cats

  • 31. Need Help

    by: AlphaFem

    Just this morning I had to call them due to 2 young puppies running about, starving no water in the 20 degree tempetures we had this morning. This shelter is a blessing to our local critters


    Willing People...


    Small town not alot of funding

  • 32. Honest and Caring people running this shelter

    by: tazappy

    Thanks for your dedication and love of Gods Creatures.


    olunteers that dedicate their time to helpint care for all the animals, and citizens who donate time, money, food and supplies


    Limited space, limited operating finances, very small staff

  • 33. Little Shelter That Could

    by: JanisHunter

    I am the director of the shelter. I have been around animals and animal related fields most of my life and have never been around more selfless and dedicated employees and volunteers. What is accomplished with only 2 and 1/2 employees and a small group of volunteers is worthy of several makeovers. This little shelter has rescued, brought back to health, and assisted in locating owners as well as adopted a large share of their pet population. Not to mention their pet friendly shelter,their going to assist with the animal victims of Hurrican Katrina. Oh! and they deal with wildlife and impound lost livestock as well. They are on call 24 hours a day and are sometimes called out at nite. The volunteers are always there to raise money for the shelter, which helps with the spay/neuter program and will often foster pups or sick animals. Soooo much with sooo few!!! My hat goes off to the Little Shelter That Could.


    Love the animals,experienced staff and willing volunteers


    not enough financial backing

  • 34. The Little Shelter That Could...

    by: Mar81018

    I am a volunteer at the shelter and believe in the "Little Shelter that Could"...They believe in putting the animals first and foremost and spreading the word on spay/neuter programs to keep the unwanted population down. They respond to rescue calls of all sorts without hesitation. They have a wonderful group of volunteers that want to help. We may be small, but we all have huge hearts!!!


    Putting the animals first!


    Limited space

  • 35. Chester's former home

    by: MaryandClark

    We obtained Chester from the shelter in May 2007. Because of his size, he was the only cat in who had his own cage. We got the right cat for us. He is a lover and wants to be near us all of the time. The staff and volunteers do a wonderful job in very crowded conditions. The shelter certainly needs more space.


    Friendly staff and volunteers who love the animals


    Very crowded conditions

  • 36. They need a makeover!!

    by: CountryGirl21

    These people are very dedicated to the animals..With the limited space they have their always trying to make enough room for the animals out there with no homes..I would LOVE to see this shelter win the makeover.I cant think of anyone else who deserves it more.


    Loving staff


    Need more space

  • 37. Shelter expansion

    by: SylviaM

    I started volunteering at the shelter about 3 years ago. I have a great love for most all animals and, this is where I got Trixie my dog. This shelter needs to be expanded, and all the volunteers have been working hard to raise the funds to help with the expansion. I surely hope that in the near future we will be able to start updateing the offices with new computers and making more for the staff to do their jobs.


    dedicated to the animals


    not enough room for some of the animals

  • 38. little shelter big heart

    by: lorgrad

    For such a small shelter all the people that make the shelter happen have such big hearts for the animals that come in. They have alittle space and a high volume of pets that may have no chance to fine a good home because of space. so if any one in the area of this shelter go by and lend a hand or two because you might just find a paw or four to take home. best of luck to this shelter on the maker over.


    loving the animals


    such little space

  • 39. The "little shelter that could" has proven it's affectiveness and service to the county.

    by: anahar

    As a volunteer and member of the Governing Board, I know the dedication of the staff and all our volunteers, and how much time and effort is put into helping take care of an often overrun facility. We have worked very hard the last couple of years to raise additional funds for our expansion program, and we pray that through this website program we'll see our hopes and dreams for this shelter come true. Our two animal control officers cover over 700 square miles of county, and one part-time person oversees the running of the office, sees to the daily functions of the office, the supervision of the volunteers, and greeting the public as well as answering the constantly ringing phones. Considering our small facility and all the limitations it has to deal with, this shelter ranks very high in service, dedication, and care of all our furry residents.


    Volunteers that dedicate their time to helpint care for all the animals, and citizens who donate time, money, food and supplies.


    Limited space, limited operating finances, very small staff.

  • 40. The small shelter that can

    by: ciarajet

    I was familiar with the area, Suwannee County for over 10 years, but did not realize their cry for help until I was receiving and award this past November through Florida Animal Control. At the banquet after the awards they offered grant money to needy shelters. When they called out Suwannee as one of the four reciptents of $300.00 grant money I realized how easy it would be to adopt them. After talking to our Operations Manager and Veterinarians it was approved that Pinellas County Animal Services could adopt Suwannee County. We are sending our surplus donations of food and supplies to them. They really appreciate what we have done ! Seeing their facility made us realize how lucky are shelter animals are. They have to cover carriers with donated comforters to try to keep them a little bit warmer. Dogs are doubled up due to overcrowding. It was great meeting Janice and Joe, the only Animal Control officiers in the shelter.Janice is looking forward to the day when they might be able to have their own spay and neuter program at the shelter. Even though their funds are limited they were still able to do what larger shelter do, regarding disaster response and they even have a pet friendly shelter !! Good Luck Suwannee County ! Mary Taylor CVT Pinellas County Program Coordinator


    caring volunteers