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Stevens-swan humane society of oneida county

5664 horatio street
Utica, NY 13502
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Avoid!!!

    by: stevryn

    This place is ridiculous. I agree with everyone here, they are rude, the place is filthy and some of their policies are just dumb. Everyone knows how overcrowded shelters are, particularly with cats.\n\nMy friend tried to adopt a cat, not a kitten, but an older cat, one that if not adopted, would undoubtedly be euthanized. They refused to allow her to adopt this male cat, because she had an un-neutered male DOG. The dog was a registered English Bull Mastiff, who they were considering for breeding. The dog was used to being around cats, the cat was used to being around dogs. Why in the world would they refuse the adoption? Instead, she got a kitten from some local people, for free, and the kitten and the dog just love each other.\n\nThen another friend wanted to adopt not one, but two cats, and they refused to allow it because they also had an un-neutered male dog. \n\nIn both cases the dogs had been around cats and the cats they were looking to adopt were used to being around dogs. \n\nI will never go here. It is sad they would rather euthanize these animals than allow them to be adopted by people who truly would love and want them. \n\nShame on you Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County, Utica!\n




    too many

  • 2. Horrible

    by: Mjones141

    Im a member of a local k-9 rescue. This humane society is very dirty with rude rude employees. Ive noticed dogs and cats go to horrible homes and they dont take care of the animals in the shelter. I would never relinquish an animal to them. They also take in puppies and older dogs and they dont give them a second chance for adoption they just kill them.





  • 3. My dealings with the humane society

    by: mizz24

    The place seemed like it couldve been kept up much better then it was. And the first time I tried to get a dog from them after the background check and calling everyone I knew almost they tell me that my apartment is to small for a dog. without coming to see my place and the whole experience just left me with a bad vibe about the place.


    I guess they do take in pets and try to find homes for them.


    I think there a little prejudice

  • 4. Poor

    by: dfdmedic38

    I have tried to deal with this humane society many different times. However, I am presented with rude and miserable staff. The shelter is dirty, overcrowded and smells. I will drive the extra miles to Rome where you are treated appropriately.


    Provide shelter & food for animals


    Very rude & miserable staff