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Stephanie's animal shelter and rescue, inc.

5370 lamont road
Gainesville, NY 14066

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. not too bad

    by: may101

    I remember when my cousin got a cat it was completely infested with fleas and on the brink of death. however with so many animals its kind of expected it needs some help but they are doing alot of great work


    always wanting to help


    needs more housing

  • 2. small but decent

    by: lovesdobermans

    Very willing to help with the babies but no room for older pets that have no where to go. And I would think that there is more of a need for the older pets that become homeless as most people want puppies.


    very helpful and caring


    too small

  • 3. Wonderful rescue, awesome lady

    by: nikib216

    We found an older yellow lab at stephanie's and instantly fell in love with her, she runs this rescue from her home and is a very nice area. our adoption was easy, she was very informative, and made my boyfriend and i very happy with the dog that we adopted from her...this is an awesome rescue shelter, i greatly recommend this rescue...


    very nice area, wonderful animals, awesome lady


    location was a little hard to find but it was still okay

  • 4. Awesome Individual

    by: swansong82

    How awesome is it for this individual to do what she does? Anyone taking care of animals and giving them care until finding a permanent home is sure to find a place in heaven.


    Very dedicated



  • 5. A wonderful woman doing wonderful work.

    by: tuxedocat1

    After losing my prescious tabby Thomas three years ago, I lasted two weeks before the silence and sadness of a catless house became too much. I fell in love with my new guy after seeing him on Stephanie's site through petfinder.com. I drove an hour and two counties away to get him, but it was well worth it. I got to see first hand the wonderful work Stephanie does with creatures God sends to her; abused, discarded, maimed, unwanted. I thought I was going to see cats and dogs, but there were goats, horses, and many others who needed her help. I wanted to come back and help her I was so inspired, but she was too far away. Thanks to Stephanie I'm in my third year of volunteering at a cat shelter in my own neighborhood.


    Compassionate care of all animals


    Far from home

  • 6. She does a lot for animals on a tight budget

    by: cmyers14549

    Stephanie does this animal rescue from her home. Here dogs and cats are rotated through the house so she can see how they get along with people and other animals. Most of the dogs are crate trained it they are here long enough. \n\nStephanie saves hundreds of animals a year on a budget of about $30,000. She takes no salary for her work and even pays supplies and vet bill from her household budget when funds are low. Her shelter is an important community resource at a bargain. She deserves all the support she can get.


    Many of these animals get a second chance that they would not otherwise get.


    Stephanie is not always patient with irresponsible pet owners who dump their pets for stupid reasons

  • 7. Stephanie is Wonderful

    by: lad226

    Stephanie is truly amazing. I meant her when our cat came up missing. My sister contacted her hoping our cat, Elsa, might have been there. I wish she ended up with Stephanie as she would have been in the right hands. Unfortunately, our neighbor did as she said she was going to do and Elsa is no longer with us. She was a very good cat. She never harmed anyone. She was timid of people. She was quiet. She was a great mouse catcher. We love her and miss her. The dogs miss her, too. They were friends. And because of a miserable woman on Route 39 in Castile many people have suffered a loss. \r\nStephanie was a big help in the search for Elsa.\r\nShe is a very special person with a big heart.\r\nShe needs help in keeping her shelter running. We need more people like Stephanie and less people like the cat-killer in Castile. Please help Stephanie!!!


    Wonderful woman and shelter


    It takes lots of money and labor to run the shelter

  • 8. Stephanie's Cares

    by: slabidum

    Stepanie's Animal Shelter and Rescue is staff by Stephanie, her family and friendly volunteers, all of whom go out of their way to care for former pets and abandoned animals. They work very hard to give proper care to a wide variety of animals while maintaining the shelter on a shoestring and worry monthly if utility bills can be paid. The shelter goes out of its way to educate our community on its resident pets and the need to keep it going and to expand. More importantly, it strives to match temperaments of families with adopted pets.


    Hardworking, caring, outreaching, educating



  • 9. good rescue

    by: arnied

    she works out of her home. this woman is unbelievable. hats off


    she works very hard for the animals


    not enough money and help

  • 10. stephanie works really hard to save the animals

    by: wcspca1

    this woman tries so hard to do everything for the animals that come into her care. she needs help, monetary and help cleaning. if we didn't have so much of our own, i would volunteer.


    rescues everything


    not enough money

  • 11. good things are said about this shelter

    by: FruitLoopLucy

    Stephanie works hard to keep this shelter the best


    recuses all kinds of animals



  • 12. Have heard good things about this shelter

    by: hyjinxannie

    have heard this is a good shelter and rescues several different animals.


    caring shelter



  • 13. stephanie is the best !!!!

    by: Madisons

    been there a few times,the animals that end up at stephanies are truely lucky.keep up the good work!!!!


    great rescue