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Stapleton Off-leash Dog Park

Montview Blvd & Syracuse St
Denver, CO 80220

User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Excellent Dog Park

    by: Alexz7272

    I highly recommend this dog park. It is large which allows you to play with you doggie without interference (Unless you or your doggie like to play with others doggies too!) I personally like that it is sand, it wears them out a little faster but is also wonderful on dogs with arthritis problems, not as hard on their joints. There is always a large assortment of doggies, so you can bring the small and the large. I bring a black lab and a long haired chihuahua and they always have friends to play with. There are fire hydrants around too for those doggies which love them. I did not see any water the past few times I have been there but I may of missed them. The major thing I really like is the size, so much room and many entrance points into the park allow you to control how and into what type of group they enter into. Overall, I recommend it very much, I will drive the 25 minutes from my house to go to this park from now on. Oh, and there are plenty of benches a few trees. The park can be hard to spot at first but they are right behind the tennis courts that are across the street from the Academy/school. I got a little lost at first. This park will not disappoint! Enjoy~


    Large, Open


    No water (?)

  • 2. great neighborhood

    by: RoslynStDobermans

    The downfall for this park is definately how Windy Stapleton is. We just moved here april 28th, 2010. we live on the second floor and spend a lot of time on the balconies, ITS ALWAYS WINDY! Abnormally windy at that. Not all of the time, but a few times going to the dog park is unbareable the sand feels like pellets hitting your skin. We have 2 doberman pups, and will be bringing them to this park around 2 months old. If anyone recommends another park in Denver metro, please sent a note.


    Close to home, HUGE, alert owners


    when its windy out forget about wearing shorts!

  • 3. Great park!

    by: julie418

    This is a great neighborhood park, and it seems to have gotten better over the last couple of years. The space is great, with plenty of trash cans, bags, a water fountain, benches, and some shade. There are plenty of abandoned tennis balls, so we're never in need of them when we go. It has been well-maintained, and since the ground is sand, it doesn't get muddy when it rains. People tend to be friendly, but unfortunately there is almost always someone not paying close attention to his dog, and the park is big, so you do have to keep track of your dog here. That happens at all parks, though! Overall, a great place, and easily accessible. In the summer I tend to bring my own water and bowl, but there is a fountain now and people will share bowls.


    Huge space, benches, well-kept


    occasional neglectful owners (but this would be anywhere!)

  • 4. Great dog park!

    by: doza

    This is a great dog park. It's huge, so my dog has a great time running around. All of the people I've met there are friendly, and so are their dogs!


    very friendly people and dogs, lots of room to run around



  • 5. if you want the rules followed....

    by: Nevett

    therefore, if your dog jumps on a kid (yes, playing), don't just walk away from the crying child. ask if the child is ok. Don't just turn your back on the crying boy and his mother and sister.s. Don't scream at the mom when she wonders why the H*LL you can;t stand to ask if the child is ok and then kindly inform them that "children under 12 aren't allowed in the park"> WHY on earth be rude about that when you could just be nice? After all, kids and dogs go to REAL dog events together all the time- if your dog jumps on anyone- frail 80 yo woman, hefty 13 yo child, "unauthorized" 5 year old, you have a responsiblity to ask if the child is ok- not walk away.\n\nso, this is one of the lousyest dogparks I've been to- if there is a sense of entitlement by the users that they can let their dog jump on someone because he is young, this is a dog park everyone should avoid. Dogs shouldn't jump on people, no matter how old, how small or large they are. if they do, the owner MUST take responsibilty.\n\nend of story.\n\n


    dog park


    "rules" n ot posted at all entrances

  • 6. nice use of space

    by: Axia

    I enjoy it here when we make it. Dog parks can be a lot of fun for dogs when the people just sit back and let dogs be dogs and do what they came to do- PLAY with DOGS!


    dog park


    far from home

  • 7. Mellow

    by: DakotaDakota

    great park when I can get there and especizally great for the dog who thought she was just running errands with me all day and nothing fun was going to happen .




    far from home

  • 8. Most Mellow people

    by: mindylove79

    This dog park has the most laid back pet owners of any dog park I have been to. I really enjoy coming here because of that. I don't like all the sand in my shoes, but my dogs like running through it.


    laid back pet owners


    not enough grass

  • 9. BIG PARK

    by: rollerklutz

    This is a huge park. There's water, lots of room, places to sit and plenty of poop bags. My dog loves it. There are very few incidents with rowdy dogs. There's always a large variety of dogs of all sizes, shapes and breeds. My dog loves to visit here.


    Sand and gravel, so there's no mud.


    No grass

  • 10. great place

    by: Pagemakerguy

    This is a GREAT dog park, safe, clean and huge.


    huge space, lots of dogs, sand and gravel


    dumb owners

  • 11. Darn good park

    by: Jett

    This is the largest off-leash park I know of. Everytime I have gone, there has been a lot of company for my pup. There are several places to sit and some covered areas. Originally, I think when Stapleton owned it, there was a lot of effort put into the maintenance and keeping grass growing, which we all know can be almost an impossible battle, but they did a pretty good job. They would keep some areas fenced off for awhile to allow for turf to grow and take hold. It's a big enough park that it seemed to work pretty well. I am sure if I did not know how nice it used to be, I would not be at all disappointed in the dirt that exists now. I still think it is one of the best off leash parks in Denver.


    lg, areas to sit


    no more grass