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Spring Canyon Dog Park

Horsetooth Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525

User Reviews (12)

  • 1. fun to go

    by: Gordon8

    it's fun to watch our dog play unleashed


    dog can play



  • 2. Great park

    by: Fabienne

    Great place when it's not too crowded





  • 3. Nice park

    by: Elineen

    The dog park area is a little bit small and I actually don't take my dogs there because they would fight, but it seems like the other dogs have a good time.




    a little small

  • 4. A good park

    by: Moondream

    A good place to unleash your dog and let him play and run





  • 5. Great Fun!!

    by: chexylena

    My dog's love to go to this dog park. There is plenty of room to run and it is a great way for me to give them exercise when I don't have enough energy myself. They recently fenced off the pond area so they don't always require a bath afterward.


    I really love to take my dogs here to give them excercise and fun!


    People should throw the ball less, and let dogs play together more

  • 6. The Happening place!

    by: Prncssjonni

    My dog and kids love this place. There are so many different dogs and owners out their, but a lot of them are not responsible. In the couple of hours that we spent there, I cleaned up my dog's poop, and I didn't see another person do it. Come on people, do you leave the feces hanging around at your house?? I didn't think so. Let's all be more responsible and clean up after ourselves and our pets.


    A great place for any dogs to just run and enjoy life.


    Messy owners!

  • 7. Good dog park

    by: pixy0stix

    I enjoy this dog park for the most part. My small dogs are fine in the big dog area. However, people need to learn how to pick up after their dogs! Also, I'm tired of seeing little 8 week old puppies there. C'mon, people have some common sense! Puppies like that shouldn't be at dog parks!


    Large area with several smaller areas


    Will get extremely messy in summer

  • 8. A Great Setting!

    by: FranC1500

    This dog park continues to improve. It started out as a pretty rough patch of earth, but has evolved into the "go-to" place for dogs.


    Nice Dogs! Nice Dog People!


    Could be cleaner.

  • 9. Pretty Good Dog Park

    by: yakigna

    I like this dog park and it is closest to my house. However, a lot of people do not pick up after their dogs and they are not planning on fencing in the pond which can be frustrating for the dog owners that do not want their dogs to get dirty every time they go. \n


    Large Area


    Not a fenced in pond

  • 10. My fav

    by: rescueadog

    This is my favorite dog park in town. People seem to pay more attention to dog park manners here. It is huge so the dogs can form different play groups. My dogs love the water too!




    can be muddy

  • 11. Great park!

    by: ChanelFOCO

    I love this park! It is big and has lots of room for all types of dogs to come and interact with people and dogs a like. My dogs get so excited when they see the park from the car windows that they can hardly handle it.


    Very big and feels very safe!


    In the summer there needs to be a dog washing station!

  • 12. Love this dog park

    by: TaraColorado

    I really enjoy going to this park. I take my dogs to off leash dog parks in an effort to wear out and keep in shape my extremely active, high drive Border Collie mixes. There is so much room here it is great! The ground is mostly dirt so if it has been raining or snowing recently it can be muddy. There is water available, but it is a drinking fountain and is much better to bring your own. The park butts up to Horsetooth Resevior so the scenery is great. There are usually other dogs here so if you dog likes to socialize they will have buddies, but if you like to play fetch or work your dog there is plenty of room to do that also. There is a trail going up into the foothills so if you decide to go for a hike you are right there.


    Large area, beautiful scenery


    mostly dirt