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Southwest missouri humane society

3161 west norton road
Springfield, MO 65803
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User Reviews (19)

  • 1. volentering

    by: carlielynne

    yes my friend was wondering if she could volenter at zootoo would she be abel to or no.





  • 2. Trying to help animals

    by: 5ineveryroom

    I have adopted several pets from this shelter. I wish they were a no-kill shelter. They also need to work on better infection control in their shelter. Most of the cats that I have adopted from this shelter had serious repiratory infections. Mary Jane got so sick that she almost did not make it. She is a year old now and is very small. She has chronic respiratory problems and almost always has a runny nose. She was one of the lucky ones. Shortly after we adopted her and her brother Peter Parker, this shelter had to euthanize ALL of their cats because repiratory illness was so prevelent. They still have trouble with this. I know that they are trying, but things could be better.


    helping animals


    is a kill shelter, lots of problems with infections in their animals, overcrowded

  • 3. nice job

    by: myerslf

    You do a real service and I Thank you for helping the helpless.





  • 4. good work

    by: ladyheck

    I always look forward to your spot on TV news,you go the extra mile to find good homes,Thank you,each an everyone,thanks!





  • 5. Great place

    by: german2sn

    You're a great help to the animals to whom you provide services. You are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!


    great place


    needs help

  • 6. Trying in Springfield

    by: CarolaMc

    This shelter is better than no shelter. But it still euthanizes animals. Springfield is a large enough community to fund a no-kill shelter.


    Provides good care


    Is not yet a no-kill shelter

  • 7. should be No Kill.

    by: AnimalsRPeople2

    I wish they could be no kill. Also, I put in and app to volunteer and never received a response, and both my sister and her husband put in apps, and they never got a response, either. It was probably a good thing, I would rather volunteer at CARE, since they don't kill. My sister also went to donate items that they bought with their own money, and it wasn't open when it should have been. The employee/volunteer was out by her care smoking and talking it up with some guy. She then opened the door told them to "put them there" (referring to the items they were going to donate), and didn't even offer to help unload. They are now never going to donate there again, because they've been burned twice.


    they take in animals with no home


    they euthanize animals

  • 8. Have used many times

    by: herplace

    I have personally over the years adopted 3 dogs from them. They are doing the best they can, and doing great. I try to start here first because i know that for some their lives may be at the end. \r\n\r\nMy current baby Renny was adopted from them. She was kept in a back room because she was being a bit fussy...read barks a lot and sounds mean....but after asking a few times for a smaller breed of dog they asked if there were children in the home, the answer was no... they told us about her and they took us to see her... she was a bit fussy (still is) but after she was taken out of her Kennel we took her out side to play with and with in seconds had jumped into my arms.... she had me wraped around her paw. \r\n\r\nThank you for caring for my new friend untill i could find her.


    You get to adopt a baby that is on death row


    It's NOT a no kill shelter

  • 9. Wonderful Place

    by: willys66

    My childrens favorite pet growing up came from this shelter. Over the years they continue to have dedicated staff and caring individuals as volenteers and employees. I wish it was a no kill, but I have seen this place at capacity and understand why they cant be. Keep up the good work!


    Been Around A Long Time


    Not A No Kill

  • 10. much needed

    by: WalterAllen

    I wasn't aware until recently that Springfield had two humane society's. I wish they could be no kill, but do understand the problems associated with no kill shelters.


    convienetly located



  • 11. They do the best they can!

    by: lacrazyzoo

    We found both of our dogs at the Southwest Missouri Humane Society and I wouldn't trade my two for anything! At the shelter, we got to spend as much time as we needed to decide which dogs were best for our family. Also, the staff was extremely pleasant and helpful. I wish we didn't need the humane society but I'm glad they're there since our community and surrounding communities do!


    Caring staff, care for large number of animals


    Old facility, needs more room

  • 12. Necessity

    by: deedoodlebug

    Comming from a family of animal lovers and rescuers, we have needed this shelter several times. They have always been there for us when my mother over extended her arms to all the unwanted and dumped off animals in our neighborhood. Please try and support any shelter in your area, even if it is only taking old newspapers to them they can use donations of supplies and money.




    not large enough

  • 13. Good Shelter, of course

    by: meghan353

    They do so much to help out the communities in Southwest Missouri, and we would be in a tough spot without them. Unfortunately, there are too many stray/abandoned animals and there is not enough money or space to help them all. But like most shelters in this country, they are doing their best to make the situation better.


    Good shelter


    Too many dogs/cats, not enough money

  • 14. Good place

    by: MidgeEllie

    Ive been here. its run well and pretty clean


    does a good job



  • 15. Good Place

    by: JWeaver

    This place is good at what it does it is just a shame we need them


    helps pets


    is not a no kill

  • 16. Never give up the hope of their future.

    by: gracyz2020

    I have to admit it is an old shelter, built in the 1950's, but we must be doing something right to still be there. It is like my 2nd home. I could not imagine working anywhere else. What keeps me there? The animals is what keeps me going along with other staff who probably feel the same exact way. We are there for the animals. Our hearts are part of that shelter. We have had some very sad memories but we have had those of joy. We only want to give our animals the best we possibly can. For some animals, it is the only home they have ever had. We look forward to the day when we have a better shelter to provide for them and the public as well to see our babies.


    Location, variety of cats & dogs, staff who don't give up.


    Very old shelter, need more support.

  • 17. Help us Help them

    by: pawpal

    the staff dose everthng humanly possible to find the right home for our orphened pets. the facilty is old and has seen better days but is home to at least 250 abandoned animals each day. where would they be if it was'nt there, please help in any way that you can. so they can continue to help and love these pets that have not found the right family yet.


    loving, hard working staff


    very old facility needs up date

  • 18. Providing care to a large area

    by: cyncwarner

    Please help the SW Missouri Humane Society. I recently adopted a pet from them and was surprised at just how overwhelmed they are. There are a great number of people caring for animals in an overcrowded, outdated facility that serves a massive area. This is the plight of many animal shelters across the country, but it is especially a problem here, where there is only one Humane Society for all of Southwest Missouri. The animals and the staff deserve better. Thanks for any help you are able to offer.


    Hardworking staff, making the best of what they have


    Overwhelmed facilities

  • 19. Help Us Help Them

    by: petsrfamily2

    Even though there is very limited amount of space for all of the animals there they still provide the love and care for a large amount of cats and dogs. Also the staff are very helpful when it comes to finding the right animal for the right person, or family. Overall you can really tell that this shelter is there for the animals, and all they really need is some help to give the place a "Million Dollar Makeover"


    Everyone who works there really loves and cares for the animals


    This shelter needs help on remodeling and on space