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Second chance animal sanctuary

P.o. box 1266
Norman, OK 73070
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Horrible Experience

    by: lisatm

    One star is too generous but there was… One star is too generous but there was not an option of no stars! I and hundreds like me who actually care about animals will NEVER recommend this place. Although we realize they don't take drop offs, my daughter found a starving dog on July 25, 2012. I mean seriously starving and in bad shape. She bathed him, fed and watered him but is 18 and living in a no pet apt. She knew he would be put down if taken to the pound and hoped once the people at Second Chance saw him, they would feel compassion and take him in. Nope. She was flat out told to get out and get out now, that he might be sick. Really? They were worried about infecting their dogs with parvo. Well, aren't they vaccinated there!?!? Sanctuary? I think not. AND, we offered to volunteer indefinitely in exchange for help of any kind. Thankfully, after networking and the good people at Peace, Love & Paw-Prints we found the boy a home. heartworm & parvo negative, loaded with worms and 30 pounds under weight. He was WORTH SAVING and these people could not have cared less, were rude and unprofession and offered no assistance whatsoever. These people have no compassion!





  • 2. Fantastic Facility

    by: astrosgirl7

    Second Chance is the only no-kill shelter and low cost spay and neuter clinic in Norman, OK. They adopt out over 900 animals a year and are currently spaying and neutering 80 animals from the community a week. In response to the negative review left of Second Chance, I'd encourage that person to do a little more than take a dog out for a day in order to see what running a small shelter with limited resources actually requires. Most likely, the people she was interacting with were volunteers. With a University in town, there are numerous volunteers that infrequently stop by to help, which can give the appearance of a lack of continuity or knowledge. The budget only allows for a few full time staff members at any given hour. I'd also remind her that rescue is not a contest. All shelters and rescues must work collaboratively to achieve the goal of reducing the number of unwanted pets in our society. Criticizing shelters for a few anecdotal experiences does absolutely nothing towards creating a no-kill society. Second Chance takes in the majority of its animals from kill shelters around the area. With the OKC city shelter euthanizing dogs daily, Second Chance's ability to pull 10-15 dogs per week from that shelter is saving lives every day. It's spay and neuter clinic is directly impacting the number of dogs and cats born in Norman and reducing the local shelter's admission numbers. All animals leaving Second Chance are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on shots, tested for heartworm and tick borne diseases (dogs), FIV/FeLV tested (cats), and dewormed. Second Chance's cats live in wonderful cage-free community rooms with access to a screened in outdoor area for sunbathing. Its dogs are walked upwards of 4-5 times per day by the multitude of wonderful volunteers that stop by. For the short duration the animals are in the shelter, every effort is made to provide an enriching and healthy environment.


    Provides a great service for the community



  • 3. Needs to Improve

    by: kthodges

    Second Chance is one of the most well-known no-kill shelters in the Norman area. They recently renovated their facilities and I was disappointed with what they chose to do. They renovated the offices instead of the kennels, and even removed one room that used to have kennels in it and converted into something else. I'm sure there were reasons for this renovation, I don't want to assume anything negative, but I would've like to see the kennels and outdoor dog-runs renovated before the office area. The contact I've had with the personnel has varied... Sometimes they are very friendly and knowledgeable, and at other times I meet someone who is extremely unkempt, crude, and knows nothing about animals. \n\nI took advantage of the "Adopt a Dog for the Day" program and absolutely fell in love with a border collie mix named Jessie. Two weeks later I returned to take her for a walk again, and no one knew what dog I was talking about. Jessie's profile was still on their Petfinder page, but no one in the shelter had a clue about where she was or what happened to her. Maybe I was talking to the wrong people, but it still struck me as odd. \n\nA coworker of mine used to work at Second Chance as their adoption coordinator, she did a great job and was a very reliable employee from what I can tell. Recently, Second Chance changed hands and the new management abruptly fired her for no reason, and with no warning. Apparently the position of Adoption Coordinator was being done away with. RED FLAG! Shelters need adoption coordinators to get the community involved in adopting and fostering animals. I don't know if they replaced my coworker or not, but this unprofessional way of dealing with their employees struck me as odd.\n\nIt didn't end there, however. My old roommate got a job at Second Chance, cleaning cages and doing other cleanup work around the area. After two weeks she was told that her time-card had been "lost" and she would not be compensated for the work she had done. She finally decided to quit because everyone that she worked with kept referring to her as a "volunteer" and repeatedly assumed that she had never worked there before. This was under the old management, so hopefully the new management will keep better track of their employees' records and actually pay them. \n\nAbout a week ago I stopped by Second Chance to maybe walk a dog, spend a little time with the cats, and socialize with the animals in general. The weather was pretty cold, but all of the dogs were locked outside in the dog runs. Their kennels were not being cleaned- there was no one in the kennel area. The dogs were simply shut outside. I don't expect animal shelters to be in pristine condition- when you're working with animals there is always going to be a lot of feces and urine to deal with. However, in several of the dog-runs I counted multiple piles of waste, which the dogs were stepping in. Just outside of the dog-run was a decaying dead mouse, laying on the ground where potential pet owners normally walk. There were several employees milling around... why hadn't anyone disposed of the dead mouse? \n\nThat same day an employee came outside into the smaller dogs' dog-run to take a picture of one of them, perhaps for an online profile. Without greeting me at all, she said something to the effect of "Get over here and distract this dog for me." I did was I told- I wanted to help the dog get a good picture for the internet. The dog only wanted attention from the woman with the camera, though. Instead of bending down and giving the dog attention, the woman became frustrated, mumbled the word "stupid" and went back into the building without getting a picture or ever giving the dog any attention. This, to me, is UNACCEPTABLE. Had I been a woman who was there to adopt a pet, the employee would have ruined my experience and really turned me off to Second Chance as an organization. To me, that seems counterproductive if your business is finding homes for pets. \n\nSure, Second Chance does great things for animals in our area, but it's frustrating to see them getting all of the donations and support from the community. There are so many other rescues that aren't as fortunate as Second Chance, most of which don't even have facilities or enough money to hire employees. Norman needs to spread the love to other shelters and rescues as well!


    lots of opportunities to volunteer there


    hard to find, poor facilities for animals, unprofessional staff, etc

  • 4. A great place!

    by: LadySephiroth

    Second Chance is a wonderful place for animals. The facilities are very clean and the animals receive the best possible care. They have a very friendly, knowledgeable staff that take excellent care of the pets and are very helpful in answering your questions. I would recommend Second Chance to anyone looking for a pet to adopt.


    Animals are very well cared for; staff is friendly and knowledgeable


    it was a bit hard to find for me

  • 5. Great Place!

    by: rlhime

    Second Chance is a great facility that does what they can for all the animals they have. They have worked with us in the past to save our animals from certain death. They are a great group of people that try their hardest every day.


    Does great things for the animals they have