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Secaucus animal shelter

525 meadowlands parkway
Secaucus, NJ 07094

User Reviews (14)


    by: Chief721

    DON'T EVER GO TO THIS HORRIBLE PLACE!!! You WILL be sorry! Despicable, Rude, Interrogators will be there. Why, they are their own worst enemies. I went there to adopt a pet recently & was put through the "3rd Degree". Papers to fill out, wasted time, aggravation, insolent staff, filthy dirty papers with fecal animal waste all over them. Imagine, having dog poop over your hands after filling out the application. To make matters worse, they contact the vet, other references & make a very POOR decision. The woman who is the cretin, imbecile who does this hides behind the scenes, makes you wait for days & forces you to go elsewhere. While these characters were taking up my time I went to another source to obtain a pet. NEVER AGAIN! Ironic isn't it? How, at first glance, the place appears to be OK but then the real truth comes out like a venomous snake upon you! Personally, I feel that a change of staff is necessary because they waste prospective adopters time & effort. I was "declined" by the Secaucus Screwballs because my last vet was not good enough for them. They happen to know the guy & guess they didn't like him. Well, maybe he doesn't like them either & for good reason. They could have given me the pet I wanted & relieved the shelter of another animal thereby making room for more. But no, they insist on senseless procedures that lead to nowhere except to never return to them for any reason.




    Despicable staff, "Gestapo Like" Interrogation, Too Extensive Background Checking, Time Wasters, Feral Animals Outside Everwhere

  • 2. Friendly staff, small, need supplies

    by: hunybuny8

    My pet and I stopped by the shelter unannounced to drop off donations and the folks we met were very nice and appreciative. It's a small shelter and in need of supplies. They should take a cue from Liberty Humane Society and promote on social networks, run a supply drive and create a wish list on Amazon.com. No one I spoke with had even heard of it. On a different note, the dog park in front was nice and had agility equipment.


    Friendly staff, dog park in front


    A bit rundown, need supplies

  • 3. Social Skills Needed in Secaucus Animal Shelter!

    by: vikinqqueen

    Horrible experience, with an old man who looks like a hippie! His ego is in the way of his job? He feels the need to interrogate you and ask irrelevant questions that dont pertain to the subject matter! And after all that ,he claims his so called "Boss" will get back to you with an answer on wheter or not they can take your animal in the shelter!! how hurtful and unproffesional this is for someone who has taxing situation.. Especially, when that "Boss Kevin" never gets back to you in a timely fashion...I say Thumbs down to the Secaucus Animal Shelter and their incompetant staff!!!!!! the community should be wary!! And only hire those who truely are sincere about animals and their welfare.. Concerned Citizen of Secaucus




    Incompetant staff, lack of social skills need I say more??

  • 4. Shelter OK but Dog Park was great

    by: CitySue

    Shelter is OK but the Dog Park next door is great. What a great way to exercise dog and bring attention to the shelter.


    Shelter is OK



  • 5. Cute little shelter - great dog park!

    by: VKiggins

    Great little shelter that municipality is proud of with an adorable fog park attached. Staff is proud of their shelter and work


    Nice municipal shelter


    Not many

  • 6. pleasantly surprised

    by: aurora

    i was suprised in a good way when i visited the secaucus animal shelter. because they have a small number of animals, they are able to give each one of them attention, which really makes a difference. they multi-cat enclosure inside their building was pretty cool as well. it's great that they're striving to be no-kill, but when i visited there was a 2 time biter available for adoption again - definitely not good. there needs to be some sort of limit to what's acceptable. also, the feral cat situation around the shelter should be addressed (though they do provide them with nice shelter, but some sterilization would go a long way!).


    nice location


    not very progressive

  • 7. Puts animals first

    by: JohnH

    There are shelters that exist simply that have to due to laws and city ordinances. This shelter however puts their best foot forward with everything they do. They would even put their own well being on hold to first take care of one of the animals.


    Not just a shelter in name


    As with any shelter, funding

  • 8. Secaucus shelter

    by: ztT4MP23184220

    The Secaucus shelter is a very "political" place, Kevin (in charge of it) and Eddie (second in command) are constantly battling for power. They are very ignorant people, both of them. They have been accomodated on those positions because they know "someone" in town, not because of their qualifications.\r\nI do not believe that they truly care about the animals. Based on my observations they are very closed minded about changes or about having volunteers who might bring new ideas to the table. In fact, they do not want volunteers at all, it is not "convenient" because they have to bother to be there and open the doors for them, not to mention if the volunteer is a woman. They believe in men power.\r\nIf they claim that they are a non killing facility, I do know that it is not true. Kevin has put cats to sleep without any need at all, just because they bothered him. And while having plenty of space to shelter a needy animal, he has refused to do so, in a very bad manner. I wonder who is the bigger animal, the ones inside, or the ones in "command". Despicable people.


    Internal review


    Veridic review

  • 9. Horrible

    by: dogslife7

    I found a litter of abandoned kittens and was told that I should leave them on the street where I found then because the shelter would not take them in. The employee that I spoke to said that if he took the kittens he would have to turn another shelter animal into "hamburger meat". Awful place!


    I guess you could say they're honest...


    Will not take in abandoned kittens


    by: ztT4MP25615956






  • 11. Secaucus Shelter

    by: GalaxyXXX

    Secaucus Animal Shelter is a clean place. I think it is a very neat place.


    It is very clean


    No cons

  • 12. Secaucus Animal Shelter deserves special ranking

    by: Tapshoe

    Secaucus Animal Shelter is the only non-kill shelter within the area. The staff is immensely caring and dedicated, always making themselves available at any hour. The facility is immaculate with maximum focus upon the comfort and security of the animals. Neighborhood do-gooders leave donations of food bags and supplies in front of the door, frustrated that they cannot offer more. The staff knows every animal well and provides individual attention despite the pressures and demands of their schedules. This is a facility that would put funding to the best possible use in the way that would best serve the animals who are in need of placement in forever homes. Kevin, Dennis and the entire staff have the skills to responsibly handle the expansion that our growing region so requires. This is a facility so deserving of generous assistance. \n Sherry Zbar


    Compassionate, dedicated, highest standards, immaculate, discerning.


    None.... need funding for expansion

  • 13. The best animal shelter!

    by: AkadakTripathi

    My dog loved the place he started crying when it left!


    Great staff


    dull colors

  • 14. Why Secaucus Needs an Ungrade of it's Animal Shelter

    by: PCY2018

    SECAUCUS ANIMAL SHELTER (NEW JERSEY)\r\n\r\n\r\nSecaucus animal shelter is very very neat and clean. It is situated in a quiet neighborhood. Staff is local. It does not put down animals as a normal routine.\r\n\r\nAnimal Controls Kevin Kessler, Eddie McLure, and Dennis are all well knowledgeable of the town area; they are responsible and work well with all kinds of animals. Their unceasing efforts to pick up and tend to animals in distress are admirable.\r\n\r\nStaff John Thompson is extremely caring and loving to the animals, to a point of going out of his way to care for the sick and the young animals outside of his normal hours. His love for animals is genuine.\r\n\r\nSecaucus is a small town; this is a small animal shelter.\r\n\r\nRecently, since the recovery from 9/11, the town of Secaucus has seen an explosion of developments.\r\n\r\nAside from the building of train tracks, one of which runs directly adjacent to the shelter, are the bringing in of Sam's Club and Wal-mart, the development of the giant Xanadu complex, the Allied Junction Train Station, which will become a hub to train trafficking in the North East corridor of the United States, the Laurel Hill Park, the influx of numerous businesses, hotels, restaurants and corporate offices and not to mention developers and builders are constantly filling up the town with new constructions.\r\n\r\nEven though for years, this has been a great animal shelter for Secaucus, this fast expanding population of the town plus growth of tourism and visits from outsiders have resulted in an increase of lost and abandoned pets and created an urgent demand for a bigger animal shelter.\r\n


    excellent condition


    it is small compared to the other animal shelters, limited space