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Santa Cruz Pet Resort

2625 Chanticleer Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. the sc pet resort

    by: a89bacon

    coming from a former employee i advise against the scpr. there are better, far safer boarding facilities in town.


    beautiful yard & large facility



  • 2. :(

    by: dn87503

    i have heard horrible things about this place; that dogs have died while being boarded here. reliable sources have given me this info. sad, sad, sad.




    Bad conditions for dogs - I have heard

  • 3. Use Due caution

    by: naneki26

    My experience here when looking for references and looking at the place was they had lost a dog! When I came up on the place there were people looking for a loose and lost dog. I stopped there. Haven't used them,but one of my references said they did have an accident where a dog died.


    It looks nice


    Have had accidents in the past

  • 4. bad "resort"

    by: maryjodellamaggiore

    do not board your dog here. dogs have died at this place. my friend knows people who have witnessed this first hand.




    barking and bored dogs, dogs have died at this place

  • 5. not in this life time.

    by: filbert

    I wouldn't take my dogs there, based on souly the customer service.


    nice office


    still have horrible customer service.

  • 6. unimpressed.

    by: filbert

    I decided to check out SCPR one day, when trying to find a place to take my dogs. The first time I went, I arrive at around 3 pm in the afternoon on a Wednesday . I was told (very rudely I might add) that they could not give me a tour now, and when I asked when a better time would be, I got no real answer. So I tried again, and finally was given a tour. I told the staff member what kind of dogs I had (two very small dogs, both around 10 pounds) and instead of showing me where they would play I was showed where the big dogs where. This made me believe that they would be mixing my dogs with these huge dogs? Not only that, as we were walking down to see the play area two dogs were getting into a fight and the man sitting in the yard (who was apparently doing eye and ear inspections, looks like to me he was just drawing on something) did nothing what so ever. Our coarse our tour guide didn't say a thing about it and kept going with the tour. \n\nOver all, I would not bring my dog there for any reason. It did not look as if they were watched over, and I still have no idea where my little babies would have gone. The staff is also unfriendly and cold, maybe if I would have flashed some money they would have been helpful?


    they have a big place


    the staff isn't very friendly.

  • 7. Not very sure

    by: chocolateforone

    I've heard more than once of animals being hurt while staying at this resort. :(




    I've heard of animals being hurt

  • 8. meh

    by: kibbles

    I've heard of too many dogs getting really hurt here


    nice facility


    dogs aren't watched well