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Recycling rover at the rainbow ranch

Po box 209
Morse mill , MO 63066

User Reviews (12)

  • 1. We all need to help.

    by: srotter

    Debbie does her best with what she has. She can't do it alone. She needs more money to treat all these animals. She has devoted her life to this. It is easy to criticize but she takes in animals that no one else will. I think if you really cared about the animals you wouldn't worry about receiving back your $150 and would be happy to improve the life of one of the animals. When we adopt a pet we adopt them with whatever problems they have.


    Caring staff.


    They don't have enough money.

  • 2. Best place to adopt

    by: schneiders2012

    Just 6 months ago we adopted Jasper, a smooth collie/doberman mix male, the BEST dog we have ever had, ever! When we were told that he was housetrained, at first I didnt believe it, due to other people have lied about that just to get the animal out of their hands. But Debbie did not lie at all! He has not made a mistake in our home & he is VERY good with our children (3 all under 2 yrs old). He is very protective in every way. At night he checks every room to make sure everything is well before he lays down, and he is very careful & considerate to everyone (once he gets to know you). I would definentally recommend this shelter to anyone, which my husband and I have already. Soon we will be adopting another dog from this place...Don't buy an animal, adopt from here!!! Thanks again Debbie!


    Perfect dog adopted from there


    None at all!

  • 3. would not recommend

    by: alydara

    Originally my boyfriend and I came here to adopt a male kitten that we'd seen on adoptapet.com. It was a little grey russian blue kitten that was supposedly rejected from a russian blue breeder (probably not a very likely story considering what happened). After the adoption we took it to the vet a couple of weeks later only to find out that it was a female cat, NOT a male cat as Debbi had said it was. My boyfriend decided to adopt another kitten, this time making sure it was a male (from a different adoption agency). When he took that male cat in for a check-up it was positive for ear mites so we brought in the female to get treated for the mites as well since she'd probabaly have them too. After treating them both with ear drops the vet tested them both for feline leukemia virus, for which the male tested negative, but the female from Debbi tested POSITIVE. Luckily the male had not been around the female long enough to contract the virus from her and he is still testing negative. However, after an IFA blood test and an ELISA retest the female is still testing positive for this potentially life-threatening virus. Our vet told us that testing for this virus is something that should ALWAYS be done by an adoption agency before adopting any pets out to homes, which is something I guess Debbi does not feel she needs to do. I'm also surprised that she couldn't even tell a male from a female cat, since this is apparently her line of work. Lastly, we have emailed Debbi about all of the problems we have had with the kitten since adopting her, but Debbi has not responded AT ALL. Luckily I was able to take the cat in to my own home and separate it from my boyfriend's male cat and have decided to care for it to the best of my abilities. She had also had a pretty persistent upper respiratory infection at the time that we adopted her (which should have been my first clue), but after an extensive round of antibiotics this has finally cleared up. The kitten thankfully shows no sign of further illness at present and I will continue to care for her for as long as she lives. Needless to say though, I will NOT be adopting from Debbi again. If you do decide to risk it and adopt from Debbi, make sure you get any cats tested for FeLV & FIV before taking them home!!


    very cute kitten


    problematic adoption

  • 4. My pets from Recycling Rover

    by: zaped44

    I adopted my two dogs, Simon and Queenie on April 5, 2007. I had a Pomie that had passed away a few months before and was ready for a new dog. Simon had a few problems, he had not been fed correctly by his first owner and had some dental problems, but I could see those and could deal with that. Queenie was a puppy mill rescue that was not very social when I first got her and she took a while to come around. Both dogs adjusted well and had no real health issues. Simon is still doing well and is a great dog. Queenie was an older dog when I adopted them and she passed in her sleep two weeks ago. I miss her alot and I know I will for a while. I am starting to look for another pomie and if Recycling Rover has a dog I am interested in, I will be more than happy to adopt from them again.


    I love my dogs!!!!!




    by: janetfelks

    I adopted a kitten from this shelter a few months ago, A GREAT little kitty! I found the staff very caring,capable and dedicated to the correct placement and welfare of all its animals. I am surprised at the negative comments and amazed at how stupid the authors of those comments must be-I would challenge them to go volunteer at thier local animal shelter for just 4 hours and see how hard it is. I am so thankful for people who run shelters like these-It is truly an act of love and selflessness. THANK YOU RAINBOW RANCH!!!! MAD MAX sends HIS LOVE TOO !!






    by: Oxstang

    I adopted a 12 week Chihuahua from Recycling Rover in September 2008. As I was bringing him home, he began throwing up in the car. Over the next couple of days, he began to have diarrhea, and was not eating. I was in touch with the shelter, and they assurred me this was a case of being in a new environment. Friday night (2 days after adoption), after another spell of throwing up, I decided to take him to the emergency vet. He was diagnosed with Parvo. Parvo inoculates 7-14 days, so he definitely got it while at Recycling Rover. The vet confirmed this, and advised me to call the shelter, which I did. The little guy grew on us, so we decided to pay to treat him. Along the way, we asked Recycling Rover what they can do to help offset the vet bills. Not to mention, the hospital said the dog needed a blood transfusion to help with survival. When they heard this, they offered to reimbuse our adoption fee to help offset our quickly growing expenses. I thought this was fair, since we made the decision to treat the dog..however, since he was obviously sick before leaving the shelter, I felt we were entitled to a refund of what we paid to adopt. After a week, and a very expensive vet bill, the dog ending up dying. We really thought he had recovered. The vet allowed us to take him home, and on the car ride home, he began convulsing. I took him right back to the vet, and they said there was nothing more they could do for him. It was up to him at that point. So we took him home on the vet's advice, and set up a little bed for him to rest on. He ended up passing away at 11:30 that night. The folks at Recycling Rover offered us another dog, but it was too soon. We told them we would just like to get our money back and move on for a while. That was 5 months ago. I have given them the benefit of the doubt, but enough is enough. They have given me every story why they can't return the money. They even said they were shutting down the rescue at the end of the year (2008). They have said several times that it would be coming "soon". All these stories have proven to be untrue, and we are still out $350. There are good shelters out there offering 10 day health guarantees. I also believe there are good shelters that will keep promises. This is obviously a nickel and dime operation that can't stand behind the health of their pets. That's great their pets can give high fives, but I'd much rather have a healthy pet, and know the shelter will stand behind its word. Granted, I know that sometimes these things can't be predicted, but like I said, if they would have kept their promises, I would have probably been open to adopting from them again. Keep in mind again, I owned this dog for 1 week total until he passed away. He spent 6 of those days in the hospital fighting for his life. However, I am still a forgiving person, and will give them the benefit of the doubt. Should I receive the money that has been promised to me in 9 different emails (I have kept them all), I will rescind this review, or at a minimum update that a 5 month promise gone bad has been fulfilled. If there is no update to this review, know that this group handed me a dog that was already sick, and left me holding the bag for a very expensive vet bill, only to watch the dog die anyways. And after all the pain and suffering, they promised me they would return my adoption fee time and time again, only to never follow through. Don't make the same mistake I did.




    See Below

  • by: DawnBuss

    Over all I did appreciate all that our dog knew before coming into our home. He is very patient and very mello and not intimidated when he came into our home, I feel it was the personality of the first person who cared for him and gave him kindness and love. He was thought how to sit and give high fives by [email protected] staff. We have enjoy the personality of our new dog and our other female Alaskan Malamute likes him. I have felt that [email protected] has provided a good service and was very open and honest with how she does things around there. Having the dog trained in many ways already was a plus at adopting him, being potty trained being the biggest! We like that! Thanks [email protected] for letting us adopt our Alaskan Malamute.


    Nice staff person.


    Trying to get a hold of her was hard for the amount of time we were able to come and get the dog.

  • 8. Sick Kitten was put up for adoption

    by: jystjoan

    Adopted a kitten that was suppose to have shots, but no records provided. We took the kitten to our vet. to only discover that she had ear mites and bacteria in her stool. Was promised that she would reimburse me $152.50 which was half of my vet. bills, but did nothing! Oh, she knew that we had 2 other cats and a dog in our home. Thank God they have not caught any of these problems! Also, her stitches came undone which is why we took the kitten to the vet.


    Adorable kitten!


    More then one cat in the same cage

  • 9. Debi and the gang @ Rainbow

    by: wattwoman

    Debi Baker & the staff @ Recycling Rover/Rainbow Ranch are the greatest. I help with the dog pound in a small rural town that only holds the strays that are picked up 10 days before they are euthanized. We picked up a Corgy terrier mix who had a very bad temperment..and was slated to be put down. Come to find out her bad mood had to do with the fact that she was pregnant....gave birth to 7 puppies while in the pound. (no wonder she was in a bad mood) Anyway..this little dog's attitude changed to be the sweetest and most loving dog I have ever seen. We couldn't find a home for her and the pups...so Debi just couldn't stand it....we had the mommie tested and shots given...and Debi took her to Rainbow...to care for her while she worked on getting good homes for her and the pups. Debi drove down here...(about 2 hours worth of driving) to pick up mom & pups! Has found homes for all at last check! Debi has also been instrumental in helping find food sources for us and her advise and help has been an intrigual part of helping us re-home dogs before we have to euthanize. We can only hold 10 days according to oridiance. Without the assistance of Debi Baker and Recycling Rover...there would be many more dogs buried instead of in loving homes with good families to love them. Debi and Rainbow ranch deserves to win this makeover. They are an awesome group of concerned and loving people that save the lives of animals, and provide animals with people to love! Please consider the Recycling Rover at Rainbow Ranch for the makeover....I can't think of a more deserving group! Thank you Debi for all you do! Carla Watt City of Marble Hill MO


    goes above & beyond to help all shelters in need


    haven't found any so far

  • 10. Great Facility and People

    by: BuckMark

    I have visited Rainbow Ranch several times and have always found it clean and well kept. It can indeed be a bit crowded at times, but that is the unfortunate reality for many no-kill facilities. Most importantly, the people running Rainbow Ranch have incredible backgrounds in animal behavior and care. Our neighbors have rescued two dogs from Rainbow Ranch and have served as foster caregivers for some of their dogs. I'll encourage them to get online and post their impressions.


    Great, knowledgeable, and most of all CARING staff


    As with many facilities, they are trying to do a lot with very little resources

  • 11. no way

    by: Lillylue

    This place is disgusting. the ony time she cleans is when she knows people are coming. Im shocked she has a license...if she really does. It's such a shame what the animals endure in her hands when left alone.





  • 12. They need more space!

    by: scoobylove421

    Recycling Rover at the Rainbow Ranch is in great need of a makeover! They only have limited space right now to take in animals. They could help a lot more animals if they had more space to keep them safe!


    Very Caring people take care of the rescued animals!


    Not enough space!