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Randolph municipal pound

1345 sussex turnpike
Randolph, NJ 07869
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. way good

    by: norap

    Norma and the crew are among the kindest you will find and help the animals and community in amazing ways--they do so much with comparitively limited resources. The Friends groups is awesome too


    loving care



  • 2. Been around forever

    by: Margarel

    The Randolph Pound has been around forever and has a good reputation. But the building is old and could use some updating. They also have limited adoption hours which makes it tough to adopt a pet.


    Close by and rural


    Old facility, needs improving

  • 3. They put out a great newsletter about their shelter

    by: janetrussell

    In that I get all their info in that I made a donation at one time, I am always impressed by what I read on their activities and programs. Seems like they do alot on a very limited budget and space.


    I am on their mailing address so I get all their info



  • 4. Great, caring little shelter

    by: meyera26

    I never been to this shelter but I know of Norma who runs it. She's been in the animal welfare field forever and is just a real great lady. I've driven by this facility a million times and from the looks of the outside, they could certainly use a make over and/or a brand new facility all together!\r\nFinally, the one thing that really bothers me is their name. "Pound" was a term from the 70's when shelters were just holding facilities and when the majority of the animals got put to sleep, not adopted. That's what I associate the word "pound" with it so I wish they would get with the times and change their name to something more humane!


    Dedicated, caring staff


    Small facility, needs a make over

  • 5. Randolph and Norma

    by: VKiggins

    This facility will hold wonderful memories because of the ACO and manager, Norma. I hope that the shelter continues to maintain the wonderful tradition and level of care that Norma put into place. I heard snippets of information about Norma from friends in common. If you are reading this, Hi Norma!


    What a great place


    Too small

  • 6. Randolph pound

    by: bnodoubt

    Every pet has a soft bed and treats.


    Every animal is treated like they are the pets of the staff


    Very old building and bad location

  • 7. It's Raining Cats!

    by: Maddiemoney

    I know the people who are responsible for these animals very well and they take their job seriously. The aniamls are well cared for and do not lack for attention. They need donations to help especially with their cats which they have in abundance. I'd adopt an animal from them in a heartbeat if I didn't already have 4 cats and 2 dogs.


    Wonderful Caring Staff



  • 8. Dedication & Care

    by: drambuie

    You could not find more dedicated and caring staff and volunteers anywhere! Keep up the wonderful work you do....your shelter neighbor loves you all!


    caring staff and animal care


    needs new facility

  • 9. Loving Care Shows

    by: OConn3ll

    I adopted my cat, Laya, from the Randolph pound three years ago. The staff was wonderful in letting me take as much time as I wanted with each adoptable cat and telling me about each one, so that I could make the right selection for my "zoo". \nThe staff is very concerned to provide the best they can for the animals. While I was at the pound, a volunteer was brushing a cat and she said that the cat liked to be brushed every time she volunteered. \nI reported my black cat, Mischief, missing in JAN 2008 and the Randolph pound has been very supportive in suggesting methods for me to search for her. Sometimes a sympathetic ear is the best medicine as well.


    The staff is wonderful. You can tell that they love animals.


    The facility is very small for the potential number of animals needing care.

  • 10. unsung heroes

    by: KP

    I think that people that choose this line of work are our unsung heroes. Even if you are not an animal lover you can see how these little souls need protection. They afterall do not have a voice of their own. I am thrilled that Randolph offers this type of service. I hope that they get the makeover that they so sorely need and deserve. Protect our animals and our children by supporting this shelter and its staff. \r\n\r\nTHANKS!


    Terrific resource



  • 11. Friendly Caring Staff

    by: wendylou

    I think it was Erika, if I'm not mistaken that was at the pound the few times I was there looking to adopt a cat. She was extremely friendly and down to earth and out of all the shelters I had been to, this was my favorite and they really seem to care about all their animals. \n\nIf anyone is looking to adopt an animal I would recommend them. \n\nI can see how they could use more space along with an updated facility. It would save so many more animals lives.


    Erika - Friendly, Caring


    Needs more space

  • 12. small but happy place

    by: ztT4MP80309428

    the animals are treated like they were owned by the staff and voleenters. they are loved while they await their forever homes.


    kind staff


    old sssmall building

  • 13. Now's the Time

    by: dianenj

    Now is the time for some fixin' at the Randolph Pound. \r\n\r\nNorma and the staff are so great and the pound will be too when some long-needed updates are done.


    Can't say anything but WONDERFUL!


    Needs some modernizing

  • 14. Deserve Improved Facility

    by: Roseanne

    I am a volunteer at the shelter and foster kittens. I have found the staff to be warm and loving to all the animals regardless of the cramped quarters they have to deal with. They don't turn away any animal that needs shelter even when there is really no room. They find a way to make it work. Their hearts are so big that they deserve space that compliments those hearts. It makes me proud to work with them to achieve their goals of finding homes for these pets.


    Randolph Pound does a wonderful job caring for all their pets and a new/refurbished shelter is absolutely needed. The staff works very hard and are warm, loving and caring. A new facility would make their job easier and the animals in their care would really benefit from improved living conditions. I am continuously amazed at how wonderful the staff is and how they maintain such a positive attitude taking care of these animals on a day-to-day basis.


    The only con is that the quarters are much too small and very old.

  • 15. Support the Pound Pets

    by: kheath1

    The pound has been around since the fifties. It really needs to be replaced. Please support this project.


    Great staff -super suport of all the animals taken there


    old building in great need of repair

  • 16. Help The People Who Help

    by: sallycascio1

    The staff work as a team to provide the best with what they have. No animal is turned away and assistance is always offered to everybody.


    Knowledgeable staff who work together to benefit the animals and provide the best that they can.


    Small,outdated shelter

  • 17. Great LITTLE shelter, empahsis on little

    by: patcr

    Randolph Township has grown over the years, and so has its population of people and four-footed residents. That said, the pound desperately needs more room. Think of it as a family of 20 living in a Cape Cod starter home -- there's lots of love but not enough bathrooms. They really need the dough to grow.


    Great and dedicated staff who really love their 'charges'


    They need more "barking" space!