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Pets and people humane society of yukon, oklahoma

701 inla ave
Yukon, OK 73099
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Very Disappointed.

    by: chexylena

    I recently visited this animal shelter while visiting my mother who lives in Oklahoma. I wanted to visit a shelter in this state, as I work at a wonderful animal shelter in Colorado. I looked up the website of this shelter on the internet and it seems they have good policies and intentions, being a no kill shelter. However, when I visited the shelter, I was rudely greeted at the door, and when I asked to visit the dogs I was directed to several different rooms. The first room that I visited was filled with very large, fearfully barking dogs in small panel kennels. As we entered the room it was filled with noise and stress. The large dogs were in small stainless steel kennels with newspaper shredded and thrown in the kennel, no blankets or comforting toys. The next room contained dog runs with doors entering the outdoor areas, there were at least four or five dogs in each run, and they were all climbing on each other and extremely stressed. The cat rooms were no better with at least 5 cats in each kennel, and there were several dogs and cats that were just loose in the entry areas. I think that this organization needs to seriously reconsider their policies because they are very overpopulated. I have visited many shelters in Colorado and have worked and volunteered at 3 different shelters and I have never seen a shelter like this before.


    They have good intentions to save the lives of these animals.


    Very overcrowded and depressing conditions

  • 2. it's ok

    by: DoggyyLuvr97

    i went there with my family to look around just to consider it for my great grandmother and the volunteers helped us alot


    can't think


    can't think

  • 3. Overall good shelter

    by: valannb22

    I think that this shelter does a pretty good job. I like the way they upkeep the place. Staff has always been really friendly. The animals seem well cared for by them. They are also very very thorough with their adoption process which can be good and bad at the same time lol





  • 4. kind of stuck up

    by: redbudtfts

    Took an elderly relative there to look for a companion and she felt insulted being asked as to how long she expected to live, what she planed to feed, etc. It's great that they try to make sure pets and their people are a good fit, but some of their volunteers seem to be on an ego trip, insinuating that they know everything and the visitors know nothing. (I've been a dog fancier all my life.) The next morning we went to the OKC shelter to look, and a dog we were looking at through the cage door was taken out and loaded up, with about 5 other dogs, into a Pets and People van. When I told the P&P person we were interested in the dog she had just leashed up (right under our noses), she smiled smugly and said quite tartly, "well, you'll just have to come to Yukon then, and maybe you can have her." I saw her point - the little dog she took was quite adoptable, came with shots and a spay operation, and we would have to pay an additonal $50 fee for adoption, as opposed to the OKC shelter fee. I see P&P as a racket, and my opinion is NEVER AGAIN.


    clean, well cared for animals


    too many animals in small cages

  • 5. Outstanding

    by: Cheyino

    Many of the people at Pets & People are volunteers. They spend their free time answering phones, saving animals from shelters, cleaning things you don't even want to think about, and dealing with people - from wonderful pet owners to the very worst owners out there. \r\n\r\nThey drill potential pet owners to make sure the animals they've saved will have a better future. Many people walk out empty handed and angry because they were turned down for a pet, or for a particular pet as it's personality didn't match the family, but many more walk out and get their new "forever homes" with their new families. In their place, the volunteers save more, and there are always more needing to be saved, so cages stay full.\r\n\r\nEverything they adopt out gets spayed or neutered.\r\n\r\nThey have two cat rooms, dog runs for the larger dogs, and rooms with the smaller dogs in them. They also have a dog park nearby that people can play with their dogs at.


    knowledgeable, care for their animals


    need more volunteers

  • 6. Wonderful shelter

    by: kwallace420

    This shelter has a very strict policy regarding the pets that they have to adopt. They will also call you and follow up with you once you adopt your pet. And if your pet doesnt work out they will happily help you in finding the right pet for you.\n


    Knowledge is key


    not enough people to adopt

  • 7. quality of service

    by: doclis

    I volunteered here one summer and had a great time. All of the dogs were very friendly. I tried to adopt a dog from here before I volunteered, and I was turned away because it was going to be an outside only dog. I wish that they did not have this policy. Other than that this is a great place.


    They have a variety of animals to choose from so you are guaranteed to find a great pet.


    They won't let you adopt a pet if it is going to sleep outside.

  • 8. Great Rescue

    by: rlhime

    Pets & People in Yukon helps us find homes for our unwanted animals. They come when we need them and take as many as they can to find new homes for them. They are very nice people and great to work with.


    great to work with