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Perry county humane society

8365 state route 14
Duquoin, IL 62832

User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Dedicated Members and Volunteers

    by: CindyR

    I have been assisting with various fund raising activities for PCHS for the last few years and am always humbled by the dedication that the members and volunteers have for what they do. They do WHATEVER they can to make sure that all animals are treated in a humane manner and are always willing to go above and beyond normal means to do this. They are run entirely on donations and the members are continuously having various forms of fundraising activities to ensure that funds are available to maintian the shelter.


    Dedicated to rescuing as many animals as possible!!


    Desperately needs DONATIONS!!

  • 2. I love this shelter

    by: dogslovedoglovers

    I love this shelter. It is very dear to my heart. I have had to refrain from volunteering these past couple months, but a day does not go by that I don't think about the animals and the hard working volunteers. Many people do not understand how hard these people work to save the animals that have been left behind. It is not just a volunteer shift once a week for most of these volunteers, it is something you eat, sleep and breathe. Many of these volunteers know what it means to spend a holiday at the shelter with their extended fur family and not with their human family. Many of these volunteers have given so much of themselves to the animals and "the cause" that I hope that this shelter wins so we can give some hope to these volunteers.


    The animals come first


    low resources

  • 3. I'm a former volunteer

    by: litlmama

    This is a nice shelter to adopt a dog or cat from. Some people complain about the adoption fee but they do not even more money from that. All the fee has gone to the animals care. Between keeping it fed , flee free, being spayed/neutered, and many more expensives that encure with that pet's care. \n\nThey strive to take good care of the animals and keep them healthy. \n\nThey are treated with frontline so you know your not getting an animal that had been treated for fleas. \n\nThey shelter isn't perfect, but they do their the best they can with what they have. \n\n


    friendly and caring staff


    try to do more than their budget allows

  • 4. Our Shelter

    by: Philbrick

    I am a proud supporter and volunteer at this shelter. I have workrd with Amber, cathy, and bothe sherrys (one is my mom.) I have been a junior member since I was about 13 or 14 and am always ready for what is needed. And we need all the help we can get with money mostly, and bleach, paper towels, cat food , dog food, trash bags, toys, anything that would be helpful to a dog and/or cat. we usually have most of those materials provided. You should come and see our shelter and adopt a dog or cat. For a dog is a compain, just as a cat, bird, fish, or any other pet that you take care of is. You give your pet love and compassion and they return it by licking you until you're drenched or curling up in your lap or whatever they do for you. A pet is one's best compain and doesn't feel owned. This review is to to get you to come and see what we're trying to do out at our shelter. It's not for points, it's out of sheer love for our animals. When the dogs know we're there they're happy to see us and we're happy to see them as well. I'll with a proverb I made up myself.\r\n\r\n"If a dog is one in a million, and you call him your one in a million, and make him feel like one in a million, then you will be treated by him like one in a million."\r\n -Alex Mathis\r\n\r\nWhat it says is your dog loves you if you love him back. Because he is one in a million and so are you. A dog knows his owner but a dog is not owned. I'll end with this other proverb.\r\n\r\n"Nobody own a dog (or animal for that matter) but, you make think of them as a long-term loan." \r\n -Alex Mathis\r\n\r\nJust rember that last proverb and help our shelter please. \r\n


    People that love animals


    Pet haters

  • 5. Miracles done daily!

    by: slade3

    The Perry County Humane Society is an amazing little place! \r\n With a tiny budget and an old building, miracles are performed daily!\r\n It has a great success rate for this county, especially considering it is run by a few volunteers with such a small budget! \r\n\r\n Hope beams from this shelter!


    So much done with so little!


    needs more money to save more animals

  • 6. Please help the local shelter!

    by: austinvuichard

    Please help this shelter. I live in Perry County and I know this shelter need the money. The staff is very kind. It is kept up nicely but help is still needed.


    Very kind people!


    Need money!

  • 7. These individuals are heaven sent!

    by: Mjlib2001

    All the volunteers are doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the great work.


    angels in disguise



  • 8. Great Job

    by: 2feathers

    What these people do with the little they have, is amazing! Just a few years ago they were operating out of a donated space in a couples backyard. Although the new shelter is larger, the old building could use alot of work. They have plenty of room for large dog-runs and more kennel space. Volunteers are always welcomed.


    Great volunteers


    Needs Facility Upgrades Lack Of Money

  • 9. 1200 animals saved

    by: ksbt

    as always....sounds like a great place except not enough $$$. If only people would pay attention to bob barker and spay/neuter their pet


    saving many animals


    too little money

  • 10. julee

    by: julee

    perry county humane society is a small shelter in a rural setting. there is a steady flow of unwanted pets that are rescued and adopted annually. this is done with just a handful of hard working volunteers who work to raise money to keep the shelter open and cover medical costs to save the pets at animal control. everyone there deserves at round of applause!


    wonderful pets available, hard working volunteers who do a lot with very little.


    not enough volunteers to fulfill the potential of the shelter

  • 11. What a wonderful place to volunteer

    by: sekweisel

    I started volunteering here about a month and a half ago. I have a tremendous love for animals, so when I was able to do this I was so excited. These animals get a second chance at life because people care enough about them to think they are worth saving. It is some of the hardest work I have done, but I get a tremendous blessing out of it.


    Wonderful,caring staff



  • 12. PCHS is the best!

    by: meisenhauer

    I have volunteered at this shelter for several months now and love the idea that I am helping the critters out as much as possible. Hopefully, with all of our dedication we can make this shelter the best that it can be! :) Let's find these guys fur-ever homes!


    Shelter takes in as many critters as possible!


    Small facility located in very rural community.

  • 13. Dedicated and loving members

    by: CindyR

    I have had the pleasure of working with the staff of the Perry County Humane Society for the past 1 1/2 years and I have never seen a more dedicated and caring group of people. They make it their TOP priority to save as many animals as humaly possible. From picking up strays wondering the roadways to transporting as many as 40 animals over 5 hrs north so that they can be adopted!! Julie, Susan, Dana, and Amber are always available for questions...as well as the many members of the Humane Society that support the fund raisers and donate time and products for these as well. They are #1 in my eyes and in hundreds of dogs and cats that are alive, loved, and in wonderful homes because of them!!


    Always someone available and ready to rescue the animals!!