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Pasadena humane society and spca

361 south raymond avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Nice and Clean!

    by: Siopao

    Went here looking to adopt a dog. Though I did not end up adopting one from this shelter, I must say it was a really nice experience. All the dogs are in fairly large kennels which are kept very clean. All the dogs appear to be healthy... except this one poodle I was looking at who was stuck with two other small dogs. He seemed quite ill despite his young age and he looked completely filthy. Save for him, all the other dogs appeared to be well taken care of. The staff was really friendly when I first walked in, but other than that I rarely spoke with them. I did send 3 e-mails once because for some reason my phone was not working and they just simply never reply. I guess if you really have a question you'd better call or visit yourself! Overall, a nice shelter though all I technically did was visit.


    Well kept facilities (for the dogs at least, I didn't look at the other animals there)


    They NEVER reply to e-mails!

  • 2. Clean but sometimes snobby

    by: luvmyboyz

    We adopted my Harley from here, and as much as I love the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the place, they are overly judgmental when interviewing, or at least were so when we adopted. Not sure this would be the first place I would head next time. And, the counselor said Harley was the perfect temperment, calm and couldn't understand why he was there. 24 hours later, we knew- he suffered bigtime from Separation Anxiety that took us 3 months to get thru- lots of patience and a house completely destroyed, but we all got thru it together. But, I think she missed the boat on his evaluation....either way, he is our guy and I wouldn't trade him for the world.


    Very clean


    Have a somewhat snobby attitude

  • 3. woot fun good place!

    by: hgcuddles

    been here. had some good rates on shots, nice helpful knowledge people and such.\n\nsometimes on their bad days you will have to wait in long lines and such. \n\nstill agood place to go :D


    knowledge staff, nice, helpful


    sometimes bad thigns happen.

  • 4. Amazing pets

    by: superman91776

    i have always heard very good thing about this shelter... so I went to visit it and I just thought it was a grate place to take ownership of a new pet.


    for all pets


    for all pets

  • 5. Amazing facilities!

    by: funkiemunkee

    I have visited this shelter several times when I have been looking to adopt a pet over the years when I lived in Southern California. I was just amazed by the facilities they have. This shelter is located in a part of the city that can become extremely hot during the summer. Each of the dog runs has its own individual mister that sprays a fine spray of water to keep the animals at a comfortable temperature! It keeps the dogs cools and comfortable. They have an amazing and spacious cat room that has all kinds of perches for the cats to relax, climb, and lounge on. You can view the cats from a large window that looks into the enclosure. They even have a central cage for a permanent resident wild bird that had been injured and cannot be returned to the wild because it would not survive. I appreciated that they had hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere and clearly marked signs that educated people about the importance of keeping their hands sanitized between animals to prevent the spread of disease. I was blown away by the facilities they have. It really is a great design and provides the maximum comfort for the animals. I am very glad to see that they are well funded. I wish more shelters and rescues were able to accommodate their animals in this way. Very very impressive!


    just amazing facilties with all the amenities for animals


    none I can think of

  • 6. Best Shelter

    by: suzychavez

    this is one of the better shelters I have been to. the kennels are clean and the animals all look healthy. I especially like the adoption process. I know at least they care enough to make sure that the pets are all going to a good home.


    The kennels are clean


    there are always pets needing a good home