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Oshkosh area humane society / oshkosh animal shelter

1925 shelter court
Oshkosh, WI 54901
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User Reviews (23)

  • 1. I got my two kitties from here

    by: princessm0m12382

    I think this shelter is great since it had been updated, they have TONS of cats! I am a true animal lover and wish I could of taken all of them including the dogs! We walked in there thinking about adopting a dog, we already had two cats. The thing is, with a 3 year old and a 6 year old there are so many age restrictions it just kind of made me heart broken that we could not help one of them! Then I noticed the cats......bad idea! lol we ended up adopting a brother and a sister and then ended up having a total of 4 cats! It really was not so bad. I do not regret it to this day! I love my two little brats!


    You are sure to find a pet that you will falll in love with!


    I honestly don't think there are any cons, that I can think of anyway!

  • 2. OAHS(Oshkosh,Wi) Review

    by: mskruby

    I give OAHS whatever the highest rating is...5 stars?


    This is the cleanest, most compassionate shelter that I can imagine. One does not enter the bldg. without a gracious greeting from one or more of the staff. Also, the staff is always there to answer questions even tho they also have to be there for the animals.


    As all shelters, OAHS could have more staff if they had more $$$...altho this is not their fault, but the way of the world, it seems.

  • 3. puppy club!

    by: MochaWheels

    the OAHS NEEDS an older dog play group!!!


    awesome puppy play group!!!


    no older dog play group

  • 4. GREAT atmosphere.

    by: hilarios

    The atmosphere at OAHS is great. It is sad that there are animals there, but they are definitely taken care of by trained professionals. Of course I wanted to adopt every dog I saw, they were determined to make sure each owner and pet were a match.\r\n\r\nI adopted a puppy and they screened my background and called my references. The adoption process was exciting and very informational! They answered all my questions and made great suggestions regarding training, health, options, local services, toys, everything!\r\n\r\nThey definitely love and care for the animals at OAHS. They provide classes and socialization opprotunities. Check out their website!


    The staff were friendly and awesome


    The pets not adopted

  • 5. Great place!

    by: sugarlandpeeps

    I really liked the staff here. I had my dog run off on me a few months ago and he ended up in the pound :(. They were willing to help and get my puppy back. The only thing I didn't care for was my dog ran off on a Saturday and I was not able to retrieve him until Wednesday because of there restricted hours.


    Very helpful, knowledgable


    Not open during some days of the week.

  • 6. Volunteering

    by: dewilm44

    The staff is very friendly and always willing to answer questions. There are a lot of chances to be trained so you can volunteer. The workers are always happy to see you when you come in but the dogs and cats are even happier to have someone come in and pay special attention to them!


    staff is friendly


    they always need more volunteers

  • 7. OAHS...is Amazing, The best I've seen

    by: nikkidots

    When I first walked into OAHS I was amazed by how clean, how nice the staff was, and how great the animals were treated. I have been to many animal shelters and this is by far the best one I have been in. The staff is nice and helpful and is always welcoming. The animals are in there own rooms, the shelters I have been in have cages for each animal. I have volunteered there for almost a year, and I can not begin to write in words how great this animal shelter is. It should get a 10 out of 5 in my book.


    Great Staff, Clean Environment, Great Place



  • 8. Wonderful Shelter

    by: steves78

    The atmosphere at the OAHS is always positive. The staff are wonderful, you can tell they truly care for the animals and are very helpful to the volunteers as well.


    Great Staff



  • 9. Wonderful shelter

    by: spottylover

    I have visited many shelters and this is by far one of the best. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to help with any questions that you may have. The facility itself is nice and you are able to visit with the pets in a nice environment. This is a nice place to adopt a pet if you are looking to add a new member to the family.


    everything is wonderful


    off the beaten path

  • 10. Great Shelter

    by: inthedirt

    We adopted our dog from this shelter ~4 years ago, and we couldn't be happier with him! Great shelter.


    caring staff, helpful



  • 11. What a wonderful place!

    by: beefxyogurt

    My favorite shelter. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and they are dedicated to finding Forever Homes for every animal that passes through their doors. The building is clean and spacious, and the animals are very well cared for. I adopted both of my cats from here.


    Friendly staff, clean kennels and cat condos, animals are easily viewed



  • 12. A great place to find a great pet

    by: Riverotter7

    I love visiting out at the OAHS. We we unfortunate to have my Sasha escape (see my picture, the white cat..) and they were able to find him, thank goodness. He was sitting in a cage looking very sorry for himself but he was found and I was able to get him home where he belonged. He's 9 now and Lord of All He Surveys, beating up the kittens and putting them in their places. That same year we adopted Sonja from OAHS, a lovely 6 month old Russian Blue type female. She was such a lovely little cat and Katy fell in love with her the day we were there so we decided another cat was a good thing; she passed on three years ago from a heart attack quietly on the couch. We've never forgotten how kind they were to us and we take them donations of food and litter when we can.\r\nI would urge others to just visit to OAHS online site and see the wishlist and when they go shopping pick up one or two items and drop them off. It would be a kindness for those folks who give of their time to take care of the Little Furry Ones in the world.\r\nMabe you might even find a Sonja of your own.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


    On the Ball, very clean, lovely animals, lovely staff


    never enough homes to go around.. :(

  • 13. Wonderful!

    by: bassetlover

    OAHS is a wonderful facility. There is lots of room, the staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgable, the volunteers do a wonderful job and the animals are obviously loved and well looked after. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pet.


    Spacious, clean, comfortable



  • 14. OAHS is a great place!!

    by: doni1310

    The OAHS is such a wonderful asset to Oshkosh in so many ways. The animals are loved, cared for and treated with dignity and respect. My husband and I adopted our Hank from the OAHS and he is such a wonderful addition to our family!! Oshkosh is very fortunate!!


    Great facility and staff



  • 15. Find a Lifelong Companion at this Wonderful Shelter!

    by: sarmaa

    Wonderful organization with caring staff who are passionate about what they do. They really put the animal first - and want to make the best match possible for every animal that is adopted. Plus, they provide support and resources after the adoption! \n\nThe great staff will go the extra mile, and there are so many WONDERFUL animals looking for homes! Between my family and I - four of the five dogs are rescues (3 from this shelter). I will always adopt and will never buy! \n\nIf you are looking for an animal friend - please consider adoption - you will be pleasantly suprised by the grateful animals waiting for a forever home and save a life:)


    Always striving to be better, the number one priority is the animals, the staff is VERY knowledgeable!


    None - they are great!

  • 16. Oshkosh animal shelter is 5 stars!

    by: mad314

    My family and I adopted 2 of our 5 animals from the shelter and we donate food sometimes. I always like going there because they do a nice job and it's alwyas clean and it makes me feel good that these animals are going to get a good home. I think people should donate more food,money, and toys so that these animals can have a nice home before they get to go home with a family.


    helpful, clean


    could use more people donating things

  • 17. Adoption Process

    by: marnie

    We've adopted 2 of our 5 pets from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society. They were very helpful and knowledgeble. We just love the pets we adopted from there. Not too long ago, we stopped by to donate some kitten food and 24 hours later picked up our latest pet, Tanzy (short for Tanzanite).


    Clean building, helpful staff



  • 18. A viewpoint of an animal lover

    by: aprilsami

    My memory as a child (over 30+ years ago) of the animal shelter in Oshkosh was one of caged, barking dogs in very dirty unkept conditions. It was not a pleasant place to go to adopt an animal - you left there with a very heavy heart at the conditions that these animals were existing in.\nFast forward to today's animal shelter - a facility that was the dream of a handful of people - including the Executive Director, Joni Geiger. It truly is an amazing turn-around in humane conditions.\nThe cats are able to interact in very large rooms with other cats and have scratching posts, beds, toys, etc. Volunteers are able to spend time in the rooms with the cats as are potential adopters. Previously, the cats were in small cages, in small rooms and got very little play time or interaction with people.\nThe dogs are in larger kennels and don't have to face each other - walls separate each dog. This alleviates a lot of stress for them. They are exercised very regularly and volunteers also take the dogs on long walks, too.\nThey also have a room for the smaller animals, such as rabbits.\nThe only better place for these animals would be in their OWN 4ever homes, but until then, the Oshkosh Area Humane Society is a safe, clean place to wait. And hopefully, that wait will not be too long.\nPLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR ANIMALS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! HELP CONTROL THE PET POPULATION BY DOING YOUR PART!


    Brand new facility, friendly staff, loyal volunteers


    They depend a lot on donations and get very little support from the City

  • 19. OAHS-Animals love them

    by: Chichilover30

    What a breath of fresh air, the staff at OAHS goes out of there way to make the most comfortable living for the areas, strays and surrenders that anyone can offer. The give them all the love that they deserve, but would love to find more homes for the animals there. The facility is the best I have ever seen, and can't compare to the time and patience given by its staff. As always there are things I wish they could improve on, but they give it there all, and thats all anyone could ever ask from them. OAHS helped me adopt my 2 dogs and my cat, which I love with all my heart.


    Excellent staff, and wonderful facility


    Love the animals too much, which is not a bad thing, just figured I would add something here.

  • 20. So warm and friendly!

    by: rhonda30

    This is what shelters should look like. If the animals have to go through such a terrible ordeal they should at lease end up somewhere cozy and thats what this shelter provides.


    Very helpful and smart.


    so many animals it's sad

  • 21. Wonderful!

    by: linni36

    The OAHS is a beautiful shelter, filled with caring staff and volunteers!


    Wondeful shelter



  • 22. oahs

    by: stacychris

    oahs is a great place. everyone is very knowledgable and caring. its a big step up from the old shelter but there is still room for improvements.


    everyone that works there cares so much about the animals


    at times there isnt enough room for all the animals. need bigger runs for the dogs.

  • 23. the oshkosh area humane society

    by: chrissystac

    i love this animal shelter,it is so much better than what they had. I love how they have the cat condos so you can see the cats running around instead of always being stuck in a cage. keep up the good work. The staff at the shelter are very helpful and nice.


    the people are great


    it never seems to have enough room for all the animals