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Orange county animal services

2769 americana blvd
Orlando, FL 32839
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Be prepared!!

    by: thn22

    I have adopted 3 dogs from here because of my strong belief in not buying any pets. However, each time I've adopted from this place I've had problems. I commend the SPCA because they have hard working volunteers and operate only on donations. OCAS on the other hand, I guess, doesn't care because no matter how badly they treat the dogs, the still get funded by the government each year. This is not to discourage anyone from adopting here because I love my dogs but it is more of a wake up call for anyone who doesn't know how much neglect occurs there! The first dog I adopted there had been in for over 3 weeks and was suffering the entire time. The initial health problems disclosed to us at pick up noted that he had dirty ears and severe tartar. All he needed was a good bath, good food and teeth cleaning the woman told me. When we got him home, we noticed that his left pupil was 75% white and he had no appetite. We rushed him to the vet and found out that he had a severe eye ulcer and all the white we saw was how big the ulcer was! Our vet told us that this noticeable ulcer had been untreated for quite some time. The problems my vet found that day included an eye ulcer in the left eye, and infection on the right eye, a yeast infection of the ear, and rotten and decayed teeth (not just severe tartar). The only option I had was to either deal with the medical problems or take this poor dog back where he'd most likely be put down. I chose to keep him and the dental operation to remove the 9 rotten teeth that was making him sick cost me $1,000! I took this experience as bad luck and tried again at OCAS when we were looking for a second dog. We were told at pick up that she had a minor wound on her leg from a bite when she came in and it was untreated because it was minor. We took her to the vet right away because she was covered in fleas at pick up. Our vet noted that he didn't see any signs that k9 advantix had been applied on her. The topical usually takes 24 hours to dry and has a distinct smell as well. There were no signs of application even though the paperwork stated she received a dose of K9 Advantix that day. The so called "minor wound" was actually an infected bite that had filled up with pus, dried, and caused all of the hair on her leg to fall off. Hair no longer grows in that area of her body because the infection was so bad! Two bad experiences was enough for me but my boyfriend (bless his heart) went there with a friend, saw a dog in there sitting in the corner and decided to adopt it. Our newest dog was given a clean bill of health at pick up (on a Thursday) and was diagnosed with pneumonia on Saturday morning!! Pneumonia takes time to develop so while he was coughing violently there, no one noticed. I think it's not a coincidence that all three of the dogs I've adopted there have had problems. I love my dogs very much and I think adoption is a great thing but between the vet bills of these three dogs I could have bought a couple of purebreds at the pet shop by now! I guess it's my fault since I keep going back there to adopt dogs but who would have figured that I would be punished for wanting to rescue a dog from death!


    You're helping a need animal get a home


    There is very little done to ensure you go home with a pet in decent health

  • 2. rescue friendly shelter

    by: msbstam

    I was contacted by this shelter for a mini schnauzer they had. The dog had a growth removed from his back and was extremly sweet. I appreciate this group contacting us. now, that dog has a forever home with his new adopted parents. I would not have known about him had they not cont6acted me. Thank you so much for letting us know you had this dog and working with us to find his forever home.


    Willing to contact breed rescue groups to save and animal



  • 3. O.C.A.S

    by: Chris083

    I used to work for OCAS as a field officer. I left due to a job offer in my degree field, but I have to say if you are looking for a pet stop here first. I know first hand a lot of great dogs come through here and get over looked. The kennels were recently upgraded which makes them cleaner and more comfortable for the animals. My dog is an OCAS dog and she is wonderful although she suffers from bad allergies. She was also in the 2008 OCAS calendar for November. The ASPCA is across the street from OCAS, but I recommend you stop at OCAS first and try to save a life. These dogs have 7 days to be adopted then they can be euthanized, they can be given more time only if the officer feels they may get adopted within a few more days.


    Good employess who care about the animals.


    Sometimes not enough volunteers to show dogs.

  • 4. SPCA

    by: CathyJ528

    I adopted my two "babies" from the SPCA and love them very much!


    Large facility



  • 5. Sort of a pain

    by: Supastar

    We looked into adopting from here and they make it sort of a pain especially if you aren't in Orlando. We live on the East Coast of Florida and it's a bit of a drive to get there, so we thought they'd allow us to put in an application for a pet online to see if we could be pre-approved at least. Then we'd drive over for the final approval and whatnot. But apparently they only allow you to come into the shelter to fill out applications and then you have to wait for them to call you back to see if you can get the pet you were interested in. Seems like if they wanted to get these pets into good, loving homes quicker that they might want to be a little more flexible in that regard. We are willing to go through the process and background stuff no problem, but I'm not going to drive an hour or so multiple times to do it.


    Larger, more updated facility than most


    Pain for adopting when you don't live right in Orlando

  • 6. Greatly appreciated

    by: bmcpaula

    I only just learned that almost 100% of the animals here never make it to SPCA for adoption. I always thought the well mannered ones would get a second chance across the street. How sad... but I do know that a few do and those are the fortunate ones. Maybe let the public know that they do not have the same chance as the SPCA animals if they end up in animal control so people can adopt them before it is too late. I do appreciate the difficulty of your job and hope that more public awareness is in the future.


    Helping animals that are lost is great!


    Not sending them all to SPCA across the road

  • 7. Large Selection of Adoptables

    by: lakewaterl

    This shelter could use an improvement to provide better care to their animals because compare to their next door neighbor the SPCA of Central Florida, they have a larger selection of animals


    Large selection of adoptable animals


    kinda small facility

  • 8. Good

    by: usf1719

    With the few visits that Ive have gone to OCAS, I have had decent experience. There's tough jobs so keep up the good work.





  • 9. Caring people doing a hard job

    by: auomoto

    I realize how hard this job is and how often the public is unfair to the things you must do. Thanks for sticking in there and taking good care of the animals


    This is difficult job and thanks for being so caring


    never enough time or money

  • 10. too many animals homeless

    by: cminerva

    the humane society is overwhelmed with animals due to the amount of stray and rescued animals they bring in each day. they desperatly mneed homes. i hear they eauthanise alot to keep numbers down. save an animals life and adopt one or two... every animaldeserves a loving home. they need you!!


    cute animals


    a bit dirty

  • 11. Animal Services...

    by: cmahesse

    This shelter is located directly across the parking lot from the SPCA, but it has an entirely different feel to it. While the office staff is very helpful and knowledgeable, I noticed that they have very staff members working in the kennels. Despite their lack of kennel staff, the facility is pretty clean. They have WAY more animals than the SPCA and, therefore, have more dogs per kennel. The only things that Animal Services has that I wish the SPCA had are a large grass exercise yard for the dogs and air condition in the kennels.


    helpful staff