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Olde Car Wash

249 Lafayette
London, OH 43140

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Great Idea

    by: Care1974

    This is such a good idea. They have ample products (Shampoos & Conditioners) that you can get at the site. Great way to clean big dogs.




    Not Good for Winter Months

  • 2. Unique!

    by: beaglemutz

    You've gotta admit that you'll get a funny look if you tell someone you are going to the car wash to wash your dog! But in London, Ohio it means something a little bit different. One of the car bays has an actual tub you can wash your dog it, great for bigger dogs but you could wash your min-pin too! :)\r\n\r\nWhat a unique service to offer as there are no other self serve places around. Wash your car, wash your dog...get two things done at the same time!


    Leave the mess behind



  • 3. Neat and conveinent

    by: bayerminimum

    My dog does not to bathed at home in the bath tub. This facility is close to home and very neatly kept. Darrin had a great idea when he brought this on.


    very conveinent and neat



  • 4. Great idea!

    by: goldenjake

    I used to dread washing my Golden Retriever in the bathtub. Since he loved water, more wound up on the walls, floor, and even ceiling instead on him. The resulting cleanup of the bathroom took forever. This pet wash is a great idea.


    The suds and water stay here, not in your home.



  • 5. Great concept

    by: kittybinion

    Pet wash is ingenius Take the pet there for a bath just like your car


    Great way to keep mess out of your hom



  • 6. Great for car and dog.

    by: gpeyton2001

    The day I found out the Olde Car Wash had gone to the dogs, I was a bit confused. So a trip out and I learned that not only could I get my car cleaned very well, but I could get my dog done too. Well, I have to do the dog. There is one car area which was turned into a dog area. It is closed in, so the dog can not get away. The tub has a ramp making it easy to get the dog in the tub and easy on my back. There is a blow dryer even so no wet dog in my nice clean car. I love this place.


    nice place for car and dog


    waiting in line

  • 7. Wash your car and dog at the same time.

    by: peytonplace2001

    The Olde Car Wash has a pet wash. It is very nice. The ramp up to the tub so you don't have to bend over. (that's nice.) The shampoo, conditioner are nice smelling. There is even a blow dryer.\n\nThis really made giving my dogs a bath without the price of a groomer.


    affordable, convienent, easy to use


    having to wait your turn