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Noah project

5205 airline rd.
Muskegon, MI 49443
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User Reviews (29)

  • 1. For Your Knowledge

    by: ztT4MP17134506

    Noah's project is currently not accepting any cats, and all cats left there will be sent to the humane society- which euthanizes the vast majority of cats sent there due to the overpopulation. I understand that they probably get hundreds of stray cats, but I think there should be a no-kill facility where cats can be rescued as well.




    not accepting cats

  • 2. what a kind shelter

    by: jhutnik

    I love the fact that you take care of the neglected and stray animals.\r\nAND, I love it that they don't have an expiration date! you will keep them as long as necessary, even if it's forever!!!\r\nwhat a wonderful thing you are doing for your area! kudos & good luck!


    you guys are no kill - that's great!



  • 3. Sounds like a very loving place

    by: rjcronk

    These people really put their hearts into this.. funded by nothing but donations. keep up the good work


    You love your animals



  • 4. Bless Your Hearts!

    by: dhyde

    I used to take my pets to Dr. Foran when he was there, and I know the building is very small. Kudos to you all for making the best use of such a small place. And Bless you all for your hard work and big hearts.


    Of Course, the no kill aspect. But the people are the heart of the organization


    Space....need more!

  • 5. A shelter that seems to care

    by: lablover60

    keep up the good work


    People that care



  • 6. Great Job!

    by: maszoo

    Soundsl like you guys are doing great work over there. Keep up the good work!


    Every bit counts



  • 7. Noah's Rocks!

    by: switch13

    I adopted my pup here after seeing here on their Sunday Lawn Chair Days awhile back. I needed her at the time just as much as she needed a loving home to grow up in. Today, I couldn't be more grateful for the time Niyah (Putnum) spent there and for them saving her life. Noah's is a wonderful facility and I encourage any responsible person who loves animals to go adopt from them!!!


    No Kill = Life for animals! :)


    Lots of cats ~ I'm allergic to them so it's nothing against Noah's!!!

  • 8. Got my Molly here

    by: jolin

    I love what they do, but I didn't have enough proof that I am a good dog owner to get a new puppy from there. I guess that is good though.


    trys hard


    needs too much paperwork

  • 9. A wonderful place!

    by: michelleprostrollo

    The staff does a great job taking care of all the wayward cats and dogs. They are careful to pre-screen potential pet owners to ensure a good home.


    Great staff.



  • 10. A nice Shelter that needs more room

    by: CBeckeman

    My friend and her husband volunteer here every week for the last 7 years. They have adopted and fostered countless dogs, one of which my son has now. What a nice organization and great people they have. If only more people could be hired or volunteer and more space be provided, they could do so much more for our community.


    friendly, clean, good volunteers


    needs more room and money and a makeover

  • 11. Fantastic-another no-kill shelter

    by: lmpickford

    I am really glad to hear of another no-kill shelter with the same attitude as the no kill shelter where I volunteer. It is so nice to know that if an animal cannot find its forever home it is safe for the rest of its life in a no-kill shelter with the love of the staff and volunteers.


    Its a no-kill shelter



  • 12. Great place.

    by: stevexyz10

    This is a great place to stay in between homes. The staff is very caring and knowledgable. They will prescreen all new owners. Pretty good food, and they provide regular excercise. Don't stay out in the cold, head over to Noah Project!


    The staff.


    Needs a little remodel.

  • 13. Noah is Great..

    by: Jodon

    I came to Noah in November of 2001. I'm so glad I found Noah project and am able to help the animals in any way I can. It's so comforting to know these animals have a roof over their heads and a warm place to sleep and Plenty of food and love!!\r\n\r\n Joan Krueger


    A safe haven for the animals


    Need more room for kitties

  • 14. nice place

    by: joegrover1019

    We rescued Barney from Noah's when he was brought in after being hit by a car. he is my best bud now. My parents volunteer there and I have gone to help in the past. Now I am in Florida, but I would recomment this shelter.


    we got Barney there



  • 15. A great no kill animal rescue

    by: ghazzi

    This rescue has been around for 7 years. It is run by volunteers and funded by the community through donations and fund raisers. Animals are adopted out for less than it costs the shelter to get them ready for a new home. All cats and dogs are neutered/spayed, vaccinated, examined by a veterinarian and micro chipped. They are also taken to a veterinarian if they are sick or injured. On many occasions the shelter has paid for injured animals to have surgery - money that is badly needed to care for shelter animals. This shelter is limited only by the space they have to take in animals. There is no shortage of passion or dedication by the people who work here.


    rescues stray, abused, abandoned cats and dogs


    needs a new shelter

  • 16. Go There, unless your a moron

    by: Aspen

    Unless you think it's a good idea to keep your' dog or not get it nuetered, like many freakin Idiots these days then you should most defenitly check the place out. They get enough phone calls as it is, so it's actually best to get up, leave your' home and drive there, as dificult as that may seem and during the winter it may actually be. Once you get there it will probably be difficult to resist all those furry faces, unless of course they're barking their heads off, in which case I suggest you give them the benefit of the doubt(you'd be yelling for some attention too) seeing as how there stuck in there all day. keep in mind that you will have to fill out a application, they can't just hand them out to any psyco on the street.\r\nIf your'e just looking for any ol' dog as a gift or to chain up in the yard, you better go somewere else, I suggest hell or a puppy mill (theyr'e basically the same). I realize I'm going around in circles, so my question to you is why are you reading this, why aren,t you on your way to noah right this minute, but before you leave give me a review (unless it's a bad one, then just keep it to yourself).


    Best animals in town


    I wish the hallways weren't so narrow

  • 17. Good Place

    by: transferman

    A safe place for dogs and cats. A busy place with good volunteers - keeps my wife very busy and happy.


    nice place


    too small

  • 18. Rose Casperson and all the Volunteers are True Animal Champions!

    by: jodiclock

    A few years ago I wanted to get involved with our community as I was new in the Muskegon Area. At the same time, I had opened up an extended branch of our business as my husband owns a funeral home a pet death care business. I felt it was important that pets at the time of death were treated with the same respect and dignity in cremation and burial that humans are. I felt so strongly about it, I reseached pet cemetaries in the area. That's how I found Noah - the have a lovely pet cemetery. For two summers weekly I would mow the lawn and reset many of the pet monuments. It was then I 1st hand witnessed the selfless energy and education Rose, Christie, Karen, Caroline and all the other names (pls forgive me!)do daily/weekly/yearly. If we are short handed with volunteers - they only pain and sufferring that occurs is the lack of life balance or personal life these people invest, rather than even 1 pet sufferring. I am byist- as I now am on the board - I feel priveledged to be a part of this and help the volunteers find solutions that will benfit our animals in search of their forever home.


    The Noah Team does what it takes to provide a CLEAN, SAFE and LOVING environment for their "guests" until they are adopted


    Dedication is High, but they are streched thin - more volunteers with a long term commitment would be welcomed!

  • 19. amazing shelter

    by: stacy41788

    Noah project is one of my favorite shelters i've ever been to. This is why i decided to volunteer there. The volunteers get to know the animals so it's more likely they will find a compatible forever home. They are no kill!!!!


    great animals


    it's small

  • 20. I love this place!

    by: FootballStar

    I love this place. I myself have vollunteered here several times with my Grandmother and cousin. The staff is very knowledgable and pleasent.


    Very good staff!


    Only cats/dogs

  • 21. Great shelter

    by: Jaimie

    We got all of our dogs from there since 2000. My parents volunteer there and I have helped some too. I now live in FL and haven't found a place as nice as this.


    love this place


    needs more room and money

  • 22. They love all animals!

    by: doreena

    This shelter is great! We own a horse facility, and people seem to drop off unwanted cats on a regular basis. Noah and its staff continue to work with us in getting them healthy and finding homes. Thanks Noah.


    The staff really cares about the well fare of the animals



  • 23. Look for your new friend

    by: hobiesail7

    I volunteered at this shelter throughout high school (4 years) and on and off for the last two years as well. I really got to know the animals and it was great to help out and see animals adopted out the door. The shelter is cleaned throughly throughout the day. The animals all get up to date shots, and health care. All animals are also neutered or spayed before going out the door which is GREAT. Fees are very acceptable considering the amount of money put into each animal. They get almost all their animals right from the local humane society before they are to be euthanized. Please if you are considering adopting an animal from here talk to the staff! They probably know of a dog or cat that would be a good fit for your family.


    Clean, helpful staff, staff knows the animals


    lots of older cats(can be a good thing)

  • 24. Noah Project helped me find my dog!!

    by: RoxieZoeRoger

    The staff at noah project helped my family and I find a new dog last year!! After finding information about Roxie online, we adopted her after we found her at noah project. They do everything they can to take in and help as many animals as they can.


    Helpful, caring, knowledgable staff!!



  • 25. A great place to get a great pet

    by: carlss13

    It is very sad that there are so many abandoned animals, but it is great that there is a place like Noah Project that takes care of these special animals. Everyone at Noah Project is very knowledgable and passionate about the well being of animals. I adopted my second dog from Noah Project and he has been a wonderful addition to our family and it felt great to be able to rescue such a special dog. I am also a volunteer at Noah Project. I love being able to work with people that care for animals as much as I do and I love being able to help take care of all of the animals.


    Noah Project is a clean, loving environment for abandoned animals.


    It would be wonderful if Noah Project could have a larger facility to care for more animals.

  • 26. Noah Project of Muskegon, MI

    by: Minako99

    This place is cleaned every day, several times a day when necessary. The dogs are allowed play and potty time outside several times so they spend minimal time in their crates. All thanks to the volunteers and staf.\r\n\r\nStuffies and chewies highly encouraged.


    A safe place for dogs and cats in need


    Shelter is an old vet's office in serious need of updating

  • 27. Amazing shelter

    by: schropp18

    I started volunteering at this shelter about a month ago. I was a little nervous at first, but now that I have gone a few times, I love it!\r\n\r\nEveryone is so friendly there. I have not met one grumpy person. Not to mention that every single person there, volunteers or staff, love the animals. There is not one person there that I haven't heard baby talk to the animals. Everyone cares about the animals so much. And they can answer just about any question that has to do with the dogs or cats.\r\n\r\nNoah Project has runs outside that they are constantly switching dogs in and out of so that they don't go kennel crazy. And the cats just have free roam except the dog rooms of course. The animals are all very well socialized here thanks to the efforts of everyone. The Noah Project also makes sure that the animals are going to a nice home. They will not send a animal to a home where they are even the slightest bit iffy. Plus, everything is always so clean!\r\n\r\nThis is just overall a great shelter. I love volunteering here. I would suggest any other person who has thought about volunteering going here. You will not be sorry.


    Everyone I have met is friendly and can answer just about any question, caring staff, very clean


    I can't really think of any

  • 28. A no kill animal rescue

    by: tlessex

    This shelter has been rescuing cats and dogs for 7 years. The staff and volunteers all work very hard to keep the facility clean, and to keep the pets healthy. The shelter is successful primarily due to the hard working volunteers (there are only 4 paid staff members). Some of the cats have been in the shelter for more than a year, and they feel as if this is their home (hopefully that will change for them soon and they will know what it is like to have a real home), the longest a dog has been in the shelter is about 12 months. It doesn't matter how long an animal has been in residence, staff and volunteers continue to take very good care of the pets who depend on them.\r\n\r\nThis is a group of people who work very hard to find and provide homes for the homeless, abandoned and abused cats and dogs that pass through their doors.


    a no kill rescue


    often is full and cannot accept animals

  • 29. I Love Noah Project

    by: klfowler

    Noah Project is a great place to find your new furry friend! Our pets are loved at Noah's and we look for the very best new forever home for them. \r\n\r\nWe have great volunteers and everyone enjoys what they do!\r\n\r\nMy daughter, granddaughter and I work together caring for the dogs and cats and assisting with adoptions - what a special feeling it is to see a good adoption for one of our special pets!\r\n


    Great Pets!!!


    Small Facility