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New stanton veterinary service

119 stan avenue
New stanton, PA 15672
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Fantastic Vet for Exotics

    by: milo322

    I use Dr. Revelt for all of my exotic animals (my companions see the vet that my family has used for more than 25 years or they would also go here) and she is just wonderful. She has always given me her extra time and effort in order to properly care for my (extremely exotic) baby tortoise. I have always had a lot of trouble getting reliable information about proper care and diet for him, because there are so many false 'truths' out there, and she has invested much of her time to research the professional field for me. She even assists me in locating natural exotic 'treats' for him, all for quality of life. I have had several emergencies with my tort, and they always get me an appointment immediately (they always ask me, 'How quickly can you get here?'), and she has always treated him successfully the first time. They have also given me many consultations over the phone, either about previous conditions or non-medical care advice. All of this shows me what a caring person she is, and how much she takes her professional responsibilities seriously. The staff are always very friendly, and the hours are more convenient than many other veterinary offices.


    Knowledgeable, professional, flexible hours



  • 2. I love Dr Revelt, but....

    by: Toorae

    I have been taking my pets to Dr Revelt since she came to this area, so that's at least 10 years. I called today for an appointment and was told since I'm not found in their computer, I'm not allowed to schedule an appointment. When I tried to explain this, I got attitude from the receptionist. Now all of a sudden, due to their computer glitch, I need to find a new vet. This sucks.


    excellent vet


    staff attitude

  • 3. A true animal lover

    by: 6catmama

    Dr Revelt and staff are knowledgeable and caring. Her focus is totally on the pet and trying to figure out their needs. I have always been happy with the care my cats and dogs have been given and have been given good advise to care for them. They are very accomadating when I've had emergencies too.


    Great care and close to home


    There aren't any

  • 4. Great vet and caring staff

    by: marialow

    I used Dr. Revelt before she had her own practice and she was very caring, knowledgable and patient. She has brought all of those things and more into her own practice. We use her services for our cat boarding facility and she is always willing and helpful with the boarders and will work in consultation with their own veterinarians. She treats all types of small animals. I have been in the office with birds, snakes, a turtle, etc. and she seems competant in all of these areas.


    Very knowledgable vet, helpful caring staff



  • 5. excellent caregiver

    by: nochainso8

    I have used Dr.Revelt before she had her own practice and she managed to help my cat when know one else knew what was wrong or why he had siesures. That was 7 years ago and he is now 9 and still doing fine.


    always returns phone call questions



  • 6. Veterinary Service

    by: debadoos

    I love Dr Revelt and her staff. Kind and animal loving.\r\n





  • 7. Excellent all-around animal care

    by: kimmybry8407

    Dr. Kathleen Revelt has been working with animals for a lot longer than I'm sure she cares to remember. She always goes over each animal thoroughly, sometimes literally with a fine-toothed comb. Whenever she is asked a question about any animal, whether it's a bird, dog, cat, or wildlife, she answers immediately and definitively. The technicians she has under her are almost as knowledgeable as she is. If they do need to speak with the doctor about a question they are asked over the phone, the phone call is always...ALWAYS...returned PROMPTLY. When an animal's symptoms are described to her, she always knows in what direction to look even before beginning diagnostic tests. Her fees for office visits, diagnostics, and medications are the lowest in the area. Her medications have always been less expensive than even the mail order companies. I must say she is not perfect. In the ten years I have dealt with her she has missed one diagnosis...in the animal's favor. She originally thought my dog was showing symptoms of an aggressive cancer, which turned out (to everyone's relief) not to be the case. Missing once in ten years, and in a good way, is an excellent track record.


    Low prices, caring and knowledgeable staff


    None in 10 years

  • 8. Great place to take your pet!

    by: KD2207

    All of our pets have gone here. Cats, guinea pig and bird. Very knowledgeable, clean and friendly. Easy to get an appointment always on schedule!


    Clean, fast, friendly and 2 wonderful vets.


    parking lot

  • 9. It is specific as to where it is located.

    by: SeaMyst07

    Very clean facility with caring staff. They treat your pet as your family member and not just an "animal".


    It is very ovious that the entire staff has only one objective and that is the care and well being of your pets.


    Haven't found any so far

  • 10. Dr Kathy & Crew

    by: pepperpie

    Freindly, caring efficient staff. Like one big family.


    They are the best!


    My dog does not want to leave!