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Naperville animal hospital

1023 e ogden ave
Naperville, IL 60567

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. PASS!

    by: izzypawprint

    This is such a large practice that there are always tons of animals waiting & that can be traunatic for some. You never know who you are going to see & they seem to lose vets pretty frequently.


    Big Practice



  • 2. I used to board my dog here

    by: lsacks

    Not sure what happened when my dog was here but he was very crazy when he came home. My fear is lack of excercise. We never boarded him here again.


    Was near my house


    My dog was crazy when he came home

  • 3. No Appointment Required

    by: OneBumLung

    We have always been pleased with the care our pets have gotten at the Naperville Animal Hospital. Their vets are friendly and know their stuff. We have never had an animal with truly serious medical issues though. So for basic veterinary services this is a fine institution. The major plus for our busy family is that there are no appointments - it is first come first served. That is perfect when the card comes in the mail saying your pet is due for their shots - now! Who has time to schedule an appointment? It's also great in case of an emergency - "The dog ate what?" The drawback is you never know which vet is on duty so you usually get a different one every time. Another problem is that certain times during the week often have long waits (I'm looking at you, Friday afternoon!). We have had no complaints about this facility in the entire 15-16 years we have been taking our pets there.


    No appointments, just show up on your schedule.


    You don't always get the same vet. Certain times have long waits.

  • 4. Good Hours

    by: shadysadie

    Although the right hand doesn't always know what the left hand is doing because this is such a very busy practice with tons of employees, they are very convenient since they are open Saturdays and Sundays. This is a good choice when you don't want to pay emergency vet prices. They don't take appointments. It's a walkin clinic.


    open weekends


    very big

  • 5. Good experience

    by: NFRosser

    This is where Charlie was neutered after we adopted him. They were very polite and the surgery went fine, but it is quite a drive from my house!


    Successful surgery


    Too far from home

  • 6. Not the Best

    by: jmh4716

    I always objected to the fact that cats had to be weighed in the lobby - very terrifying for them. With my newest adoption it ended me up in the hospital because my cat freaked & I got bit in an effort to restrain her.


    no appointments needed


    constantly changing staff

  • 7. Definitely not top-notch

    by: katiekunstman

    I've had my dogs boarded here numerous times. It's a good place if you're short on time to find someplace better. They have small facilities and not enough staff to care for all the animals they kennel. There is no one there on staff at night to watch over the dogs either - my dog had to have surgery and they made us transport her stitches and all to the emergency vet down the road. The good thing is that they give the dogs a bath before you take them home.


    A quick place to board your dog


    Small facility, no individualized attention

  • 8. If you want personalized care for your pet, look elsewhere

    by: pmillerzoo

    I have boarded my dogs here a few times and noticed that they usually came home smelling very strongly of perfume. I have since learned from speaking with other people, one of which is a former employee, that there are often as many as 300 dogs being boarded with only a few staff to care for them. They are only let out twice a day for 5 minutes at a time. So, now I know my dogs smelled like perfume to cover up the stink from them laying in a dirty cage because they did not get taken out often enough. I am seeking a new boarding kennel. It is worth the extra money to have my dog well cared for.


    They usually have availability, cost is reasonable


    Too many animals boarded at one time

  • 9. Great for routine care

    by: pmillerzoo

    For routine care, this is a good value, but may not be the best if your pet has any severe or chronic heath issues. Because you never know which vet you're going to see, continuity of care is lacking. And some of the vets are more experienced than others. The hours are nice, even open on Sundays. You don't need to make an appointment, which can be nice, but be prepared to wait. At times, I have waited over an hour!!!


    Prices are more affordable than most vets, hours are great


    You never know which vet you're going to see, and the vet staff changes alot