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Mspca at nevins farm

400 broadway Route 28
Methuen, MA 01844

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Great Shelter

    by: CaroleM758

    The staff here are great! All of the animals are well taken care of and housed in clean cages, runs, etc. The facility is divided up by animal type (cats have their own room, dogs have their own area, etc). They have a barn for horses and other farm animals. This is a very large facility, with veterinarian staff, as well as merchandise for sale. The also feature products that were handmade that were donated to help raise money for the shelter. For example they sell fleece blankets that have an opening to put catnip in. My cats love this! Even on a busy weekend day, this facility is not chaotic which speaks volumes of their management and volunteers. Everyone I encountered here was not only extremely helpful but also very positive and friendly. I can't say enough for this shelter!


    Clean, Caring and Knowledgable


    Can't think of anything

  • 2. Wonderful Shelter

    by: kamrienzo

    I have adopted 4 of my 6 cats from Nevins Farm. They are wonderful. If I had room for more I'd go back and rescue another animal from them.


    Great staff, clean cages



  • 3. Angels @ the MSPCA

    by: lorickal

    I have been taking my daughter to the MSPCA for the last 11 years. It is a great place to bring children if you wish to avoid the zoo or petting farms plus we have shown (myself & her father) her what it means to give of yourself by explaining to her that the people that work their volunteer their time because they love animals and want them to be happy, safe, and well cared for. The new facility is just lovely.


    Offers many options for the community


    Dog training could be less

  • 4. Worth the trip!

    by: jennhovey

    This is a great place to take the kids. It teaches them about the pet adoption process. We are able to go from room to room and look at all the pets. My kids LOVE the cat room where they roam free! They like to go in there and play with all the little kitties! \r\n\r\nThere are many animals outdoors also, chickens, horses...\r\n\r\nGREAT PLACE!


    Clean, friendly environment!


    Often packed but why wouldn't it be!

  • 5. the best for the animals

    by: sanchime123

    i have watch the nevins farm grow into what it is today.they have worked very hard to raise money to make the shelter the very best for every animal that comes throught the door. my good friend adopted a retired race horse from the nevins farm 12 years ago named bubby and about a year after she adopted him she had fell at work and shattered her ankle. unable to work and not having enough money to take care of her horse she called the nevins to find out about placing hime back at the farm. They found in the best interest of the horse not to bring him back but to help her out by donating food and grain to her, so she could keep him until she got back on her feet. to them its not about finding every animal a home but to make sure they're happy well taken care of and they' re owners can afford to give them the best care needed. thanks to them she could keep the one thing that meant the most to her (bubby)


    willing to help



  • 6. Great place

    by: dawnh

    I visited this shelter last summer and I was surprised at the way it was set up and how well it was run, the staff is very helpfull and friendly.


    Knowledgable staff,clean,friendly



  • 7. what a great place

    by: eacosta

    What a great place before and after the renovation.


    wonderful staff, awesome facility



  • 8. Great Place!

    by: margjohnst

    This MSPCA facility is a great one. The buildings and animals area are very nice and are kept very clean. The staff are nice as well and seemed knowledgeable and helpful. There are lots of animals up for adoption, not only dogs and cats, but farm animals as well. It's been busy every time I've been, which hopefully means that lots of the animals are getting adopted into good homes! They do a lot of fundraising too (I think).


    excellent staff/nice facilities


    off a busy road (but still a nice area with lots of room for animals)

  • 9. Wonderful!

    by: Hudablossom

    The animals had clean cages.... You could pet them with a staff member watching, and their were tons of people adopting!


    Great Staff!