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Moultrie-colquitt county humane society

P.o. box 2915
Moultrie, GA 31776
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User Reviews (14)

  • 1. Poor Animals High Kill Shelter

    by: Press1forEnglish

    Almost the other reviews on here are from Board members, and employees. this is a high kill shelter with questionable practices. If you can safe a animal from here please do, but be aware they may be ill because of no vacs, and unclean situations. Over 90% kill rate. And they do have government support.


    if they had minus stars I would do that


    to many to list

  • 2. a caring shelter

    by: RitaFaye

    I am very proud of the Humane Society. They made it possible for me to find a wonderful pet. My husband adopted Pookie for me. Pookie was my birthday present, about a year ago. That was a wonderful birthday, the perfect present!!!! He (Pookie) just keeps on giving and loving. He is so sweet and loving. Thanks to the Moultrie Humane Society. The are the most caring and giving people.


    very caring people


    no cons

  • 3. Much needed

    by: gibs7usa

    We are in such need of shelters in the South. Best wishes to these people who are making a difference!





  • 4. My animal shelter

    by: brandi2011

    I really like this animal shelter, I take Sugar there all the time. Sugar never seems to have a problem with the staff. They are veru helpful for Sugar. Helpful and freindly staff always do the job right. :)


    I liv very close and they care.


    no cons

  • 5. Love For Animals

    by: courtclerk69

    The Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society has worked very hard in setting up a rescue mission program for animals from the community. Several hundred pets have been rescued and taken to places to be adopted and placed in wonderful homes with loving owners.\r\nKudos to the Director and his staff for their wonderful work that is brought to the humane society each and every day.\r\nThis job can be very stressful and upsetting to a person and they handle the good as well as the bad parts of the job.\r\nThanks for all you do!!!!


    Their love for animals has made a difference in the community


    Sometimes they have more animals housed that they would like to

  • 6. they work hard

    by: Fantasy

    At least this sheltewr tries not to kill them and get them into a safe rescue


    work with rescue


    high kill

  • 7. very helpful shelter

    by: AlisaVinson07

    theses is a great humane society. they work really hard picking up animals, cleaning behind them, taking care of them, and getting them a home. the director don flowers has really done a great job down there. he has a really good staff. mr. flowers tries to work with everyone that he can. thanks for all you wonderful ladies down there do.


    very nice people



  • 8. Caring staff

    by: CherylCroft

    This shelter is a great place. The staff are always willing to go the extra mile to help an animal in need. They all try to educate the public on how to care for their pets beyond just food and water. \r\nIt would be so nice if we could get a make over, we really need the room. \r\nSome look at this shelter as "just the dog pound" It is so much more. We strive to take care of whatever they need and try to give them the love and attention they deserve. I love to see a dog wag his/her tail and light up when someone comes by. I've seen several go from extremely timid to very loving and eager to please. All because someone at this place took the time to get involved.


    People really care here about animals and their families


    need more room

  • 9. Facility/Staff

    by: DonFlowers

    We are a very friendly facility and make every effort to get our pets adopted. We also work with rescue groups to get some of our pets rescued that have been here for a while. We go the extra steps to ensure that our pets are placed in loving homes. Our facilty is old and small, so we may not have a big selection when you come in, but please keep checking back and I am sure that sooner or later we will get just the right pet for you. We list most of our pets on Petfinder.com and it is updated at least weekly.


    Very friendly staff, Knowledgeable about Animals


    Small Facility, Only have cats & dogs

  • 10. Best HumaneSociety out there

    by: lionheartcr

    The employees there are as courteous as possible. They go out of their way when they have to and since they are also Moultrie-Coulquitt County Animal Control they are fair there as well.\r\nI have to say they do the very best with\r\nwhat they have to work with. They are good people.\r\n


    They do all they can to get as many Dogs and cats they can Adopted With the small space they have to work with


    They need more space

  • 11. Good Experience

    by: GaleC

    The staff is very helpful. I felt welcome and everyone was very friendly. They really care about the animals.




    Dog area was not as clean as it could have been

  • 12. staff does great considering all the challenges

    by: gshephlvr

    this staff truly care about the animals which frankly is refreshing because many ACOs don't. They have a lot of challenges including a uneducated public to dog care like spay/neuter, chained dogs, fighting pits etc. \r\n\r\nThey have little to no funding, a poor location, and frankly very few quality adopters in the area.


    caring staff


    govt funding, rural area, few adoptions, small building

  • 13. Staff really care about the animals

    by: rescuer4life

    The staff at this shelter truly care about the animals. They work hard to place adoptable animals in homes. They work well with rescuers. I have always found them to be very helpful, willing to go the extra mile to help.


    Staff really work hard to help the animals



  • 14. Great caring staff makes the difference

    by: silverdragoneast

    I love this shelter as it has shown me that some people DO care. They struggle everyday to make a difference in the lives of the animals that have been dumped there, and even though they have little funding and less than ideal community involvement they just keep trying.


    The staff here do their best for the animals they care for.


    Low funding, mostly unactive community, little room