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Mostly mutts

284 little mountain rd.
Sunbury, PA 17801

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Cheryl Hill & Mostly Mutts Are The Best!

    by: polarbr

    I work at a local veterinary hospital & see Cheryl at least a few times a week. She has one of the most compassionate hearts I've ever seen. The dogs in her care are given the best possible care & receive immediate medical attention when needed. She screens potential adoptees with the utmost attention in order to match pets with the most compatible people. God Bless her & everyone at Mostly Mutts.


    Finds the best match between adoptees & pets


    Needs more room for the abandoned dogs

  • 2. Love those Mutts

    by: mollymiasmother

    I am so proud of my organization. We have had our share of problems but have risen above all them and become a stronger organization. This group of people are all about helping the dogs at Mostly Mutts. We are also lucky enough to be supported by some many wonderful people in our area.


    The lucky ones come to Mostly Mutts


    Wish me had room for more homeless dogs

  • 3. Evaluating Mostly Mutts

    by: donald88

    As a volunteerr for nearly five years, I am still amazed at the number of dogs who receive care ar the shelter. Cheryl Hill, the owner, works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to insure the dogs are well cared for. Many volunteers assist with walking, cleaning and maintainance but the large number of dogs there still require her constant attention and efforts. I cant imagine any other shelter does so much for so many with so little help.


    Loving care and concern for the dogs


    Facilities need updating

  • 4. My favorite Shelter

    by: Lee1953

    wonderful place! Owner is a fantastic person! All dogs are loved and cared for. Adoptions are monitored.


    caring volunteers


    too many wonderful dogs to choose from!

  • 5. Adopted Bugsy Malone

    by: dkessler

    We adopted Bugsy Malone and are so greatful to have him as part of our family. He was a pug who had been left outside for over two years. We drove 3 1/2 hours to pick him up and he was the co-pilot for our trip back.


    great variety of dogs!!!!!!!


    So far away

  • 6. Mostly Mutts dog shelter

    by: terri4dogs

    Cheryl Hill is the owner of Mostly Mutts dog shelter. She is extremely knowledgeable about animals. (especially dogs!) She owns the shelter and lives there 24/7. All expenses have been paid by her. We volunteers do fundraising to earn $$$ to help defray the tremendous costs for the care of the dogs, and also help with the work at the shelter. The shelter has been in existence since 2000. To learn more about the shelter, go to www.mostlymuttsonline.com. For adoption information call: 570-988-6483.


    Mostly Mutts is a no-kill dog shelter. There are 100 dogs onsite with a few in foster care too.


    We need more volunteers to help at the shelter or to help with fundraising.

  • 7. No Kill Shelter

    by: Squoggy

    This shelter is a good distance from me, but I have heard wonderful things about. A no-kill shelter. To me that is very important and I think others need to realize that there are wonderful shelter like this out there doing what they can to speak for those that can't. If your in the Sunbury area and looking to adopt or volunteer, please check out Mostly Mutts and give a home to a loving animal from a great place.


    Helps animals


    Need more help

  • 8. Don't forget Robin!

    by: mslittlemexico

    I have been in the position to work with Cheryl once or twice, but Robin has been the front person during my many encounters with Mostly Mutts.\r\n\r\nThere was one time that a friend of mine had found a dog and at first he knew he couldn't devote the time to "Niki" he should have, even though he is a dog lover. So he took her to one of Mostly Mutts open houses and was ready to give Niki away. A few days went by and he got attached to Niki. Robin called to say that she found a perfect home for Niki but I had to tell her that my friend wanted to keep her. Robin came over and helped me convince him that it would be best for Niki to let her go. I couldn't have done it alone because I knew it broke my friends' heart. At the end it really strained our relationship but Robin reminded me that if we truly were friends and he truly was a dog lover he would see that we all did the best thing for Niki. \r\n\r\nI know Cheryl is the heart of Mostly Mutts, but please lets not forget Robin and the other volunteers.\r\n\r\nThanks ROBIN


    Loving & helpful



  • 9. I love this shelter

    by: AnimalLover1995

    Well, My dad is remodling our to-be-house and when we get it done we are getting a dog(s). A while back My father and I came in to look at dogs, and the staff was the sweetest staff there could be. We looking around and such, unforunatly we didnt get a dog, but it is such a good shelter!!





  • 10. No-kill dog shelter

    by: mollymgb

    Cheryl the owner of the shelter is a wonderful kind hearted person!!!!! She personally goes around every morning and feeds all the dogs herself, she vets the dogs, she goes around every night with a spoonful of wet food for everyone and she feeds it off the spoon for them. She always puts the dogs before herself no matter what is comes to, they are first and formost with her.. And when you think about the fact we have between 90 and 100 dogs at this time you know where her day goes..... The rest of us just volunteer when we can to walk and clean, but she gets enough help that the dogs get walked 1-2 daily fresh water and a clean, dry, warm or cool place to live!!!!(depends on the season) I don't know what we would do without her!!!!!


    The Owner eats and sleeps dogs!!!!!!


    nothing comes to mind