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Morrison county humane society

200 7th avenue north east
Little falls, MN 56345
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. LONg ago

    by: LaurynPaul

    My family owns a lake lot in little falls, i think i will stop by and visit.. sounds nice


    they are running


    far away from where i live now

  • 2. I would recommend!

    by: Brenda3059

    When ever possible I stop by and check out the animals available for adoption. Maybe. Just maybe, I will be able to find a forever home for one of them.


    Active staff and volunteers


    Not a close location from me

  • 3. This is such a great place

    by: birdy

    this place is so nice the staff is so frendly. I love coming here to play with the animals. Me and my sister come by when ever we can.


    wonderful place to come and see animals



  • 4. my favorite place

    by: coolcat707

    i worked at the shelter the last 2 summers and i find myself missing it. i go and visit almost every time i am home and always find that the staff are friendly and want to help people in searching for the perfect pet. they take the time to help you find the best pet for your needs and enviornment. the shelter has cats and dogs, but sometimes rabbits also the occasional rat, ferret or bird. i like visiting this shelter and im always excited to go and see what new animals they have gotton.


    very friendly


    not very many people know about the shelter

  • 5. adopt a forever pet

    by: HannahBanana

    the MCAHS is a great place. The staff is very knowledgable about each animal that is there. being small they know the animals wants and needs and can tell you what they each like or dislike. The shelter is kept very clean and the animals are well cared for. The MCAHS strives to get animals adopted out to forever homes.





  • 6. Great place to go when you are searcing for a pet

    by: LadyWolf

    This is a very clean shelter, the animals are all very well cared for, and the staff are fantastic, they know the animals and can tell you what would and would not be good for your home and personality.\r\nThe animals are always kept clean, they bathe the dogs on average every 2 weeks, the dogs are walked on a daily basis, they all get there turn with a one on one with the staff. The cats are often seen playing in the lobby, just so they can run and play and get out of their cages. The volunteers that come are great.


    Staff is friendly and Knowledgeable



  • 7. Nice environment

    by: MissyW

    MCAHS is a great place to come adopt a forever pet. It is a small Humane Society and the staff knows the animals. Most staff members know quite abit about animals even the small ones like hamsters, and rats. You can take the dogs out for walks before you adopt, the cats can be taken out and played with in what looks like a living room environment.


    Same day adoptions


    Small Humane society