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Montour Hiking Trail

East Mcmurray Road
Mcmurray, PA 15317

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Montour trail

    by: NibblersMom

    I love the Montour trail and our baby gets the pleasure of walking on it every day since it's our neighbor, we've also met alot of nice people and doggies on it, Nibbler likes that he can sniff around for so many other dogs and loves to see the pretty girl dogs there, it's also so long that you can take a nice, long peaceful walk, the downside is that, some of the people on bikes think they own the trail and that everybody has to move aside for them to come through..no I don't think this is everyone and I don't blame the nice trail, just a couple of snobs my poor pup had to experience


    Nice other doggies


    Annoying people who always scream out "To your left" as if I can't see them, bike people we can see you we're not going to let you run over our dogs, furthermore you have breaks, our dogs don't

  • 2. Too crowded

    by: marcusswifty

    This is more a person trail than a dog trail. You'll have to be very careful to avoid strollers, bikes, rollerblades, etc. on this trail unless you decide to really go a LONG way on the trail, where the crowds thin out.\n


    flat and clean


    paved and crowded

  • 3. Very busy trail

    by: GusSexauer

    Used to walk the part through Peters but found it always too busy unless you went very early in the morning. Baby buggies, roller blades, bicyles, etc. too much for walking dogs.


    Very long and clean


    Very busy and crowded

  • 4. nice trail

    by: jeansexauer

    When we lived in Peters we used to walk the trail with our dogs all the time but found it to be a little crowded with roller bladers, kids riding bikes and baby carriages. Since we moved to Washington we go to Washington Park and almost never see anyone on the trail through the woods plus we can walk all of the paved roads too. A great find.


    nice for walking


    gets too crowded

  • 5. Good workout - nice walking trail

    by: maq333

    Very nice trail. Not too crowded. Scenic, well maintained.


    Nice trail



  • 6. Nice place to walk

    by: 8critters

    My dogs always enjoyed the trail walks when I lived near it. My only complaint was people who did not have their dogs leashed, the trail is narrow and it presented a problem. Otherwise, 2 tail wags from them.


    Dogs love the side brush


    Not just for dog walking

  • 7. Thistrail is ok for dogs

    by: berkhouse

    I had my dog a couple of times at the montour trail ,it is a nice trail but it was more a pain because I had to watch for joggers,bikeriders and lots of people walking.I didn't mind but my dog got angry getting pulled on the leash all the time.


    It is flat and paved


    this trail is more for bikes and people

  • 8. Where my dog was

    by: stevier

    This review is not exactly about the walking trail. The dog I have here from the shelter was found tied on the Montour trail. He looked awful when he came into the shelter. They named him Monty - but I changed it to Mattie. We love him a lot. So thank you to this trail.


    Have a pet from here



  • 9. Ok- I prefer more natural settings though

    by: LaurenS

    The Montour Trail is quite nice. There are miles of paved trail to walk, and it's kept very very clean. Another nice bonus is that you can stop along the way and sit outside at a lovely country coffee house with your dog and enjoy a coffee and pastry. However, I prefer other local areas that are more "natural", i.e. not paved, and expansive and wooded. The trail and surrpounding cleared area are quite narrow and you'll run across snooty people that insist that you're dog is at least a mile away from them while they power walk, which isn't possible. Plus, some of the cyclists go really fast and don't "share" the trail well. They scare my dog.


    kept VERY clean


    beware of speeding bicyclists!

  • 10. Montour Hiking trail for exercising your dogs

    by: crashcambel

    I walk our dogs here at least once a day. The younger one gets to go twice. Parts are paved, and parts are crushed limestone. It is maintained by volunteers and is part of the Rails to Trails program. Theorhetically, you can go from Pgh. to D.C.!


    pet friendly, endless choices, beautiful scenery


    busy times have lots of bikes and rollerbladers, oh and youc an get cited for off leash