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Montgomery county spca

19 east ridge pike
Conshohocken, PA 18074
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User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Be careful... and take your new pet to your own vet ASAP!

    by: ztT4MP13912133

    I adopted a cat here 3 yrs ago. She was about 6 months old. She was spayed and had supposedly passed the FIV (feline HIV) test. After having her for about 3 months, she became very mean and distant, almost feral. I contacted a trusted animal care worker friend of mine, who told me she was likely lonely when I had to go to work (over 45 hrs a week with a 35 minute commute each way), and advised me to get another cat to keep her company if I thought I could handle two cats. So I did, but the issue only got worse. Within 5 days of having her company in the home, she literally scratched a chunk of skin off of my scalp. I took my MontCo SPCA cat to a vet to get some recommendations, who subsequently tested her for various health issues, and it turned out she had FIV! I was absolutely blown away! The vet told me her behavior would only get worse and that I would have to give one of the two cats up for adoption because of the health issues (the new cat could contract the disease as well). So after about a week, dealing with Sophie's choice of keeping a feral cat with a deadly disease who hated me or keeping the cat who loved me, I decided to go back to the SPCA with the feral cat, crying the whole time. I brought her in, told them the issue, and they said it "wasn't possible" that she had FIV, but that they would re-test her and then put her up for adoption again... I said my goodbyes and asked them to keep me informed of the results of the test and the adoption status. They called me two days later when she tested positive, then informed me that they would be putting her down immediately! That was NEVER part of the deal. They said they would adopt her out regardless of the results of the test as long as they were disclosing the proper information. I begged for her back as I truly did not want this to be her fate, but they refused to let me for "safety reasons." I was traumatized. The staff here were manipulative, cruel, and very inconsiderate to the animals. I should have walked out of there when I smelt the foul odor in their facility, when I saw all the feces in the animals' food and water, but my heart ached to take one of them home, so I overlooked those things and did what I felt I could to help just one animal. But my biggest mistake was trusting them. I should've taken the cat to my own vet much sooner. And I never should have trusted their promise that they would put her up for adoption again. Be smart, people. Take your new pet to your own vet ASAP if you adopt from this horrible place. And never use them to adopt out found pets or pets that you can no longer care for. They might make false promises and that animal could suffer a needless death because of it. I would've taken her back sooner than see her die, even if I didn't have the love I wanted from her... So just think about it, people. No animal deserves to be treated the way they treat them. Go to a no-kill shelter where they care more about the animals and each ones own personalities and flaws than their own corporate agenda.


    reasonable adoption fee


    the living conditions for the animals, the smell, and pretty much everything else

  • 2. i got my dog lady

    by: beverlyyerk

    i got my dog lady here i got her spayed here


    i like this place


    no cons

  • 3. not a caring place

    by: norah11

    I was trying to work with them when I found a dog wandering on the street. In the end I gave up, kept him, got him cleaned up and he lived out his life with a friend. it was the most depressing shelter I've ever seen. the smell was the worst.


    at least they try


    dirty, poorly managed

  • 4. So many pups

    by: romancenwva

    We have been to their 3 houses numerous times. They are very good about getting your questions answered, but are so overwhelmed, same as all shelters in our area. I would tell everyone to go to them when looking for a pet. Always check the shelters first.


    A large selection


    the waiting lists can be long

  • 5. Helping animals

    by: slcrn85

    We adopted dog from the shelter a number of yrs ago and were very pleased with everything.


    Nice facility



  • 6. Really Changed

    by: doglover21

    Really nice staff. It has become a lot better over the years. I would say that the Montco SPCA is better than most of the others in the area.




    still a kill shelter

  • 7. good place

    by: kancylarzkl

    keep up the great work!


    nice staff



  • 8. Safety for Dogs

    by: Nslogan

    I have gotten two dogs and two cats from here. They were always helpful with me. They cared deeply for the animals in their shelters. I have heard that this is one shelter that keeps dogs longer than others in search of a loving home.


    Wonderful for the pets