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Mill Plain Vet Clinic

66 Mill Plain Road
Danbury, CT 06811

User Reviews (18)

  • 1. THey are the best

    by: svmatthews

    I am never disappointed there. Dr. Chappa is wonderful doctor and kind person. Their prices are very reasonable and even cheaper than most pet supplies stores for stuff like Frontline. I can not recommend them enough,


    They are very knowledgable and friendly


    I have none

  • 2. The best!

    by: sunnyjane2

    I've been going to Dr. Shelly for almost 20 years. He's been through good times and bad times with my pets. He tells it like it is. He gives you choices but lets you make the final decision. He's a sweetheart. If Dr. Shelly ever decides to stop practicing I may have to stop getting dogs (probably not). I don't know Dr. Chappa, but I hear good things. My dogs and I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Q and Mr. Q. and love them both. I love how Dr. Shelly is bringing in alternative medicine. Mr. Q does Chinese herbs and acupuncture. Its all good! Love Mill Plain Vet!


    very knowledgeable, honest, & compassionate



  • 3. Compassionate Caring

    by: judimck

    We have been customers of MPVC since 1994. Drs. Steinmetz, Chappa, and Quaintance are all excellent vets. who do their best every day to provide the correct diagnosis and treatment for their four legged patients. Since we have been going to them for so long, we have had to face some very difficult prognosis and make some even more difficult decisions regarding pets, past and present. Each situation has been presented with thought, care, and options for our consideration. Their standard for communication would serve the human medical community well. It has been our experience that these three vets take the time to stay on top of new research in all relative fields and yet are competent enough to "dummy it down" into laymens terms. This is a big help when faced with some very heavy information. The vet techs are well trained and very personable. The front desk staff is always very busy, but they too are eager to help in any way they are able.


    Knowledgable staff, clean bright facility.


    None that we've encountered

  • 4. Went once, will never go back

    by: kcmohney

    I brought a dog there once a couple years ago and the male Vet I met with was very rude, and showed no sign of compassion. I will NEVER go back. Not recommended.




    Rude, not personable

  • 5. This is a great practice

    by: KathCT

    This practice has three veterinarians on staff, each with their own strengths. Dr. Steinmetz and Dr. Chappa have been there forever, and Dr. Quaintance is a young vet who joined their team a few years ago. I bring my dog to this practice but not my cats, who go to a vet closer to my home due to their dislike of long car rides. \r\nI believe these vets are among the most knowledgeable you will find anywhere in the area. I will forever be indebted to Dr. Quantaince for the care she gave my senior dog, even going so far as to meet me on Thanksgiving morning when it become clear overnight that my dog had to be euthanized. She brought her husband, Don, to assist and they were as compassionate as they could possibly be.\r\nAnother thing I really like about this practice is that when there is a complex decision to be made about treatment or a questionable diagnosis, the vet in my appointment will often pull in one of the other vets while I'm there to get a second opinion and bounce around ideas. \r\nI used to always request Dr. Steinmetz for my appointments, but then I worked with Dr. Chappa more and she was excellent, and then finally I got to know Dr. Quaintance and think she is great. So now I just take an appointment with whoever is available and feel comfortable that my dog will receive the best care and attention.


    very talented vets


    appointments book up fast

  • 6. Mill Plain Vet Danbury, CT

    by: andyashla

    I've taken my dog to Mill Plain Vet for about 6 years now. I primarily have used Dr. Steinmetz when using their service. I have found him to be very thorough in his explanation of dog physiology so I could understand what is going on with my dog. I have used several other doctors there which I found to be excellent as well. Highly recommended!


    excellent staff


    seems to be reasonably priced

  • 7. Mill Plain Vet is great

    by: LisaAshla

    I would recommend all there Vets at Mill Plain Vets. The Vet Techs are also wonderful and very knowledgeable. I've had a couple "emergency health scares" with my dog and Mill Plain Vet make time for him immediately in both instances!


    Three docs on site, friendly staff, wonderful facility



  • 8. Fab-O

    by: Yankees251

    I can't recommend Dr. Shelly enough, great vet.


    Very Friendly, personable



  • 9. Shelly is the best!!!

    by: FJBory

    I have heartily recommended Shelly and Cheryl (I don't know Jean yet) to many friends who have had pet problems that other vets couldn't solve. THese vets are the best in the area anad we are very lucky to have them in the Danbury area.


    Well educated and trained vets using the latest technology and tools


    You have to pay a little more for the best.

  • 10. Great Vet Hospital

    by: freespirit53

    I have been going to Mill Plain Vet Hosp for 17 years after trying several other vet hospitals in the area. \r\nThis is a great practice with three Vets and a large staff to help them. Everyone is knowledgable, caring, dedicated, and hard working. I have nothing but praise for Mill Plain Vet Hosp.


    Knowledgable & caring Doctors & staff


    Can't think of any


    by: Kalimonster

    I love this vet office. Dr. Shelly is hard to get he's popular but he's great. He didn't pressure me to put my Kali down as she was on and off meds but not in pain. He would tell me you know she's old as if he was carefully prepping me. When I finally had to say goodbye, when pain started. They were great. Even sent a sympathy Card.\r\n\r\nOne thing I dislike is there is 1 tech who seems to push test, shots etc... Almost as if there was a commission.


    Caring, fits in emergencies


    Very busy, appointments back up

  • 12. Need some coaching on client relationships

    by: Meezie

    Lady had a severe injury in 2005 - she broke her back left leg. The vet techs there were always very friendly and helpful but the female vet there always talked down to me. They did go out of their way for Lady - and I'll always appreciate that - but I didn't feel like they treated me well.\r\n\r\nNow the local vet I use is Brookfield Animal Hospital. Dr. Wilfling there is very very nice and knows her stuff.


    They went out of their way to care for Lady


    They did not go out of their way to care for me

  • 13. Great Place

    by: bfly1007

    Always have a wonderful time here. The care is great, hours are convenient, staff is knowledgeable and if my pets could talk they would say..."thanks for taking me here!"


    professional staff



  • 14. We love Mill Plain!

    by: CleoLolaLupe

    The vets and techs at Mill Plain have been nothing but sweet and accomidating to me and my animals


    Kind and friendly people


    No vets compare to Mill Plain

  • 15. The Perfect Vet for my pets!

    by: KBulson

    The Vets at Mill Plain have come to my cats' rescue more than once. The care that Dr. Chappa and the staff give is outstanding. When faced with the possibility of losing my little Josie last year, they were compassionate, knowledgeable, and always to the point. Because of the great care given by Dr. Chappa & Dr. Steinmetz, Josie is now happy, healthy and the best snuggle buddy ever. We are grateful to Mill Plain Vets and would never dream of taking Josie & Mattie anywhere else!


    Knowledge, Care, compassion


    They're so busy, sometimes getting an appt is tough

  • 16. Our Vet

    by: kmccue13

    We have been using MPV for more than 5 years. We love the addition of Dr. Quaintance. All of the vets at MPV are wonderful and provide us with plenty of knowledge and options for our dog's health issues. We are really happy that MPV has more recently opened up to suggesting some holistic rememdies for treating our dog. A combination of medical and holistic treatments makes MPV a much more well-rounded facility.


    Very professional and efficient staff


    Costly in comparison to other local vets

  • 17. Your Pets are #1 here..

    by: lawguy

    The care your beloved pets get here is second to none. Dr. Shelly Steinmetz is my vet of choice for his intelligence, knowledge and compassion. He is a straight shooter but gentle & compasionate.


    The Docs here knopw their stuff


    Their front desk folks could use a refresher on niceness

  • 18. My Vet of Choice

    by: barrod221

    This is my vet of choice for my 4 dogs. I think the world of Dr. Shelly Steinmetz - he has operated 7 times on my various dogs. His knowledge is incomparable. The two other doctors are wonderful as well, Dr. Jean Quantainance and Dr. Cheryl Chappa. I highly recommend this vert office.


    Very knowledgable vets