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300 e.wilson bridge road
Worthington, Oh 43085

User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Excellent Care!

    by: ilovecarlos

    Dr. Bras is the ultimate in eye doctors! She performed laser surgery on Carlos's eye to treat his glaucoma. She is extremely educated and takes the time to explain everything you need to know. While Carlos is under her care, she treats him as her own and spoils him with lots of love! MEDVET is an excellent facility and I would recommend it to anyone in need of advanced care for their pet. From the minute you walk in to when you leave, you know your pet is receiving the best care possible!


    The Staff understands how much you love your pet and treat your pet with exceptional compassion and care!


    The only Con is our 2 hour drive! Carlos becomes very car sick, but that is not a problem!

  • 2. Oncology

    by: PS26104

    Currently using their oncology services to get a diagnosis for my cat. He is having liver problems which could be a form of hepatitis or cancer. So far, the tests results haven't been conclusive (they actually seem to contradict each other). As such, they've treated him for both, but he's not improving much. The doctors continue to research options for additional diagnositc testing and care, hoping to find the cause so it can be treated. Based on the reputation of the facility, if anyone can help us, it's them.


    Great treputation



  • 3. Great ER

    by: Jasper323

    I took two of my dogs here after my regular vet was failing me. The people there were very caring and freindly. They are also very knowledgeable. My first dog I took there went into cardic arrest as soon as we handed her over but they gave it their all to revive her. They were very caring when they told us the news. They allowed us to spend some quiet, private time with her before we left. Our second dog was in kidney failure. She was there for about 2 days while they gave her meds, IV's and a blood transfusion. Every time I called in to check on her, I got to talk to the tech who was treating her AND I got numerous calles from the Dr himself. Again they were very caring people. Unfortunately, they were unable to save her from the kidney failure, she was too sick. \r\n\r\nMed Vet has a credit program you can sign up for. They are 24 hour care. They are expensive BUT you get what you pay for. I will return if the need arises.... I pray I never have to see them again though.


    knowledgeable, they care, credit program



  • 4. They know what to do

    by: Sadiesmygirl

    We had to take our Tabitha to MedVet for testing for a enlarged heart and for a megaesophagus. They kept our regular vet in the loop and kept us informed on what was going on with our Tabitha.





  • 5. they saved my cat

    by: centralohiopetsitter

    My cat was badly hurt when he was hit by a car. His jaw was dislocated among other things. \r\n\r\nThey did a great job of fixing him up...now he's as good as new!


    always there & great at what they do



  • 6. Great!

    by: Jenny49

    This place is GREAT! The staff were wonderful and understood that pets really are part of the family and are spoiled by us. They were in constant contact with us about one of the cats and let us know how he was doing.




    distance from home

  • 7. Amazing Place

    by: gpeyton2001

    Like with most speciality places for humans, MedVet for the animals is pricey. But you get the best care.\n\nWe first dealt with MedVet back in 1999 with Loki. He had cancer his back right leg. It had to be removed and they did his chemo treatments. They treated us so well. He lived about 4 more months until other problems showed up and he passed away at home.\n\nThe next time was with Hrothgar in like 2003. He had a lump removed from his back leg by our local vet. It came back with "dirty" margins. So off to MedVet who cut more off and came back clean margins and completely healthy.\n\nThe next time was with Hrothgar in 2007. His cancer had come back and we are doing chemo with him still. We have had several ups and downs. The staff has always be nice at answer all of our many questions and working us in when need be.\n\nI would highly recommend MedVet.


    nice, easy to get to, wonderful staff



  • 8. Great emergency facility

    by: dirtydingusmcgee4me

    Have heard many good things about the facility from training clients. Good if there is an emergency after hours. Also, good for specialty cases.


    Good for emergencies


    Can get pricey

  • 9. MedVet--where to go if your pet needs help at 2 in the morning

    by: RCraft

    I just had to take a kitty over to MedVet for an internal medicine appointment. The poor girl has been suffering from chronic nasal infections for the past year and while antibiotics help temporarily, within a few days, the sneezing and goopy discharge always returns. My vet had finally decided that more intensive tests had to be done that she could not do in her office. The staff did such a wonderful job taking care of this kitty, who because of various tests came home with a bloody nose. I couldn't have asked for a better experience--from the lady who greeted me at the door to ask me if I wanted a cup of coffee to the staff who called me with updates on how the kitty was doing. Just super people.\nI have been to MedVet before, once on Easter with a sick kitty who had stopped eating, and ended up being in very bad shape. If not for the on-call vet at MedVet, who spent his Easter holiday running i.v.s and catheters, my cat would not have lived. \nWhile it is expensive to take a pet to MedVet, you know you are always getting that animal the very best care possible. I cannot say enough good things about this group of very friendly and professional caregivers.


    The most knowledgeable vets and staff you could hope to encounter.


    very expensive

  • 10. Good Place

    by: Care1974

    I know my boss and his wife take their animals here and have nothing but good things to say about the place. Keep up the good work.





  • 11. Caring staff

    by: peytonplace2001

    I have been taking Hrothgar to MedVet for over a year. He has mass cell tumors. We could not do surgery to remove then, but put him on chemo straight away. He is doing very well with his cancer even though we had a few set backs.\n\nThe staff at MedVet are wonderful. They all know Hrothgar and myself very well. Hrothgar acts like he owns the place when we walk in. He has his favorites behind the desk and that would be anybody who gives him a belly rub. But his true favorite is Patty. She is kind of like a greeter. Comes out to the lobby, sees if you need anything, makes you comfortable, will go check on your pet if you ask her. She is very kind.\n\nDr. Lisa Fulton and her team are great with Hrothgar. And they are so thoughtful. They sent us a Christmas Card that they all signed. They are just a bunch of wonderful and caring folks.\n\nI know their prices are more than a normal vet office. But then again, they are not a normal vet office. They are specialists doing a wonderful job.


    nice, clean, easy to get to



  • 12. Nice, Supportive Staff

    by: moobert

    I had to take one of my cats there as an emergency. The staff was very nice and made me feel like I was leaving my cat in capable hands. There was a lot of room in the waiting room. They had done what they could to make me feel better while I waited. All of the staff was also friendly and supportive. They understood that the animals there were more than people's pets.


    Nice staff, lots of waiting room space


    May need to wait a while