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Massachusetts spca (mspca) boston animal care and adoption center

350 south huntington avenue
Jamaica plain, MA 02130
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. I'll never go there again

    by: jackaroosmom

    Angel Memorial is too money hungry. I use to donate money to them every year. The first incident I had with them was two years ago when my six year old mini daschund died and they never told me why or how or anything. Just she died and how do you want to pay? Then about two months ago I had to bring my "baby" Jack in to the ER because he was extremely lethargic and could not stand up. He was also bleeding from the gums. I was frantic. Angel Memorial told me, after a very brief examination, that Jack needed a very expensive surgery and that he had a degenerative disease that caused his ACL to tear and eventually rupture, at the ripe old age of TWO YEARS OLD! I don't think so. Took Jack to his primary Vet the very next day where the Dr. looked at Jack, took his temp. and gave him a test right in front of me. About five minutes later I found out Jack had Lyme's disease. One month and meds later he's a puppy again. I'll never go back there. And they will never get a dime from my pocket again!


    I don't ever have to go back there


    Too quick to make money and not the right diagnosis.

  • 2. GREAT fundraising event

    by: JaneHiller

    We attended the MSPCA Angell Walk for Animals event in Boston last September. It was a wonderful event. Very very well organized. Great booths, demos, sponsors. If you can get to Boston this year on Sept. 8th - check it out. It's an inspiration to all shelters. I dream of someday having our Walk for Animals generate this many participants.


    We loved it



  • 3. Great New Facility

    by: SpottedLop

    I used to go socialize bunnies in the old facility and just visited the new one after some years. They really did a wonderful job creating a clean and cheerful shelter space. The rabbits now have their own room. Other small animals also have their own space. There is a wonderful cat space where several cats hang out that includes comfy arm chairs, a great big bed, and lots of places to climb and big windows. There was a really a lot of thought put into designing this to be a place that is as pleasant as possible for the animals who have to stay there.\n\nThey day I was in there it was very busy, which is hopefully a good thing. As big as this facility is, they still get more animals in than they are able to place in homes. :-(\n\nAlthough it is located right in the city, there is a large parking lot, and it is also easy to get there by bus.


    Large selection of animals, clean, well thought out design, plenty of parking



  • 4. Helps the fluffies

    by: thrucentury

    What great people to dedicate their time of their life to help animals get a home of their life! They realy are a very special group


    Helps animals


    never been there

  • 5. Very nice shelter.

    by: Beccaliciousxoxo

    This place was very nice. Hope you find a pet people!!!!


    Very clean. Very nice.


    I dont remember