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Marquette county humane society

84 snowfield road
Negaunee, MI 49866
Visit Website

User Reviews (24)

  • 1. DOGGY!!!!

    by: Andrea89

    Got my doggy from there!!! Loving dog and staff!




    could be bigger to help the massive area it serves

  • 2. Visit this shelter

    by: JoAnnP

    Warm reception and very caring staff. Wish I could take all the residents home with me. JoP


    Very caring staff.


    Way too small for the volume they handle.

  • 3. Very Friendly

    by: snowflake450

    Me and my roommate would go to MCHS every now and again just go see the animals and every time we go there they are very welcoming and excited that you are there. I recently got my dog from them and they were very willing to answer any questions that I might have. I am very pleased with everything about MCHS.


    They are very friendly


    There isn't enough room for all the cats they receive

  • 4. Amazing Shelter!

    by: bejarvi

    Every dog that i have had in the my life was adopted from this shelter. They do a great service for a small town area!


    Open 7 days a week


    i wish there was a college student discount

  • 5. If I were a lost animal I would want to end up at MCHS

    by: cowgirl1960

    Recently I had a bad turn in my life situation. It left me unable to care for the my dogs. When I called to see if could bring them to the shelter I received empathetic care and so did my dogs. It was a hard decision to have to make but I knew it was the right one. After bringing them in, I knew it was the right place. The staff was kind and even though I cannot mention her name, if she reads this she will know who she is. She was very understanding of my situation and most kind to me as I told her what had happened to cause this situation in my life. She listened with kind ears, and said she was terribly sorry and that she was certain they would be found good homes.\nThe facility is clean. When you walk in you cannot smell the usual bad smells of an animal shelter.\nThat to me tells me that the staff must work very hard. \nThe building looks to be quite old so I am in awe that can keep it in such good shape. \nKeep up the good work MCHS. \nThank you for all you do\nGod Bless you all. God bless the animals large and small.


    The staff is very Freindly and they love love love the animals


    Sometimes so busy you have to wait a long time for help

  • 6. MCHS

    by: Sidekick0123

    The Marquette County Humane Society is a really great place. I remember going there in like 2nd grade and the staff gave us a tour and taught us different things about different animals and taught us what supplies we needed if we were to adopt a animal. The staff was amazing and i remember that everyone wanted to stay and pet the animals. I want my next pet to come from the MCHS.


    really friendly staff who's always there to help



  • 7. A great place to adopt a pet

    by: Johnrobi

    This shelter is great, they do a great job with adoption and getting them homes quickly by offering pets at low prices


    Very friendly staff, they are very informative, they all really love animals



  • 8. MCHS

    by: nyrollyxes

    I got my dog Ranger from MCHS and it was one of the best investments I've ever made. The staff supplied me with what I needed to get to know the dog and to start my new life with him. They were a great help and I go back all the time just to visit with the dogs. I think the thing I love the most is how adoring the staff is. They not only love seeing good pets, they love seeing them going to a new great home. My experience there was amazing and I've suggested MCHS to numerous people! Thank you MCHS.


    Very helpful, knowledgeable stall who take great care of the pets!



  • 9. Great Job in Saving Lives!

    by: jvrgmulder

    The shelter has made great strides towards no kill. The adoption rate went from 36% in 2005/06 to over 80% in 2007/08! They now judge their success by how many animals walk out the door on their own . Check it out: www.upaws.org


    Now it's all about the animals


    Shelter is too small & too old!

  • 10. The Best Pets

    by: UPFarmGirl

    2 of my 3 cats and dog are from the Marquette County Humane Society. They are full of personality. When I am ready to add another pet, I will definately go there again.


    Quick and Easy Adoption


    I can't take them all home

  • 11. Shelter Status

    by: LuvMyCatandRat

    I love the people at the Marquette County Humane Society! There is so much love that goes into this shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter itself is just old and run down. Staff is doing the best with what they have been given. They desperately need a new shelter and the community needs to support this! It's time we get the shelter out of the woods and into the Community! C'mon Marquette County, let's do it!


    Caring, competent, knowlegable staff


    Too small!! Run down!

  • 12. MCHS

    by: BabyDaisy13

    I have volunteered at the MCHS for two years now and I just love it. It is so much fun playing with the animals. It makes me just want to take all the animals home. They are so much fun to watch.


    a lot of animals have been adopted


    none that I know of!

  • 13. Great shelter

    by: pugluvr237

    I love the MCHS. We got 2 cats from there and they love our new home. If you want to adopt a pet get one from here because they have great animals.


    Great staff and people



  • 14. Helpful

    by: pitbullluvr17

    I have been volunteering for almost a year at the shelter since they got the new owner and it is so wonderful! I was just there the past month and I saw the most wonderful American Staffordshire Terrier named Gretel she was deaf. The shelter did everything they did to find her a home even when she broke her leg they didn't get rid of her. I remember looking at the web page everyday seeing if she got adopted. It took several weeks till finally she got a home. I almost cried. I was so glad they gave Gretel a chance even though she was a deaf pit bull, that was aggressive with other dogs and she broke her leg. Kudos to the great staff for understanding Pit Bulls!


    clean, nice, helpful, everything!



  • 15. Amazing work!

    by: pelucirs1saro

    I love how quickly animals are adopted from here! They try really hard not to put any animals down which is great and they work really hard to make the animals as happy as possible





  • 16. Best animal shelter i have ever been too

    by: happy7

    I have adopted two dogs from here. The folks that work and volunteer there do a wonderful job of keeping the place clean, awesome and sometimes humorous descriptions of the animals for adoption.


    all over great animal shelter



  • 17. Great Shelter

    by: yoopertoast

    While in college, I helped out at the Marquette County Animal Shelter and it was a great place to volunteer. The staff are very knowledgable and really help people find the prerfect pet for them. I have volunteered at many shelters throughtout my life (we lived in numerous cities) and the Marquette County shelter was one of my favorite places to help.


    Great Staff



  • 18. Helping Out

    by: tonim05

    I am going to start volunteering soon, and I can't wait to start helping out the animals and the workers!, I love visiting the animals. :O)





  • 19. Great People

    by: teamlalonde

    We had our first dealings with this organization after our long term beloved pet bit someone quite seriously. He was getting dangerous and we where heartbroken. They helped us deal with the very difficult choices that we had to make. \r\n\r\nOur next dealings with them was several years later. We had adopted a Germain Shorthaired Pointer from a Breeder and he needed a little brother. The kennel manager was familiar with us from puppy training class and said she had just the right playmate for us. She knew that we would need a high energy dog to keep up with us and our GSP.\r\n\r\nWe did indeed adopt that very mixed breed puppy. He has become a wonderful addition to our family. \r\n\r\nThank you to the Marquette County Humane Society for evrything you have done not just for us but for the area you serve so well.\r\n\r\nThom and Anne LaLonde\r\n


    The Staff!


    Its so sad there are so many animals with no one to love them

  • 20. MCHS Rocks!

    by: kfosburg

    I've been volunteering for several years, and it's been an honor to serve and be a part of such a great organization.\r\nThe Meet Your Match program is an innovative way to match adopters with pets... and it's fun too! Caninalities, Felinalities,... \r\nCheck out the website... www.upaws.org! Now with video!\r\n


    Progressive animal shelter, Meet Your Match, Safer Testing


    spay/neuter your pet and be part of the solution!

  • 21. Fantastic!

    by: kbenuska

    I think the MCHS is fantastic. I am student teaching in a first grade classroom, and recently noticed that there was a hamster up for adoption at the shelter. I called and he was still available. The girls at the shelter said that we could bring the class out to come pick him up, but then ended up delivering him right to our classroom! It was a great experience for the entire class and they learned so much. I also adopted my cat from them last May and they were incredibly helpful with the entire process seeing as how I am a first-time cat owner! Thanks for all of the wonderful suggestions and I'm certain I will be back!


    Very helpful staff, always willing to work with you


    The shelter is overcrowded constantly!

  • 22. Friendly, Innovative Shelter

    by: whitetabby

    I have volunteered at MCHS for 10 years. The last year has been so enjoyable with such positive, innovative changes for the benefit of the homeless pets.\nI love being part of the MCHS team.\nMy favorite part of volunteering is taking care of the website and pet photos for adoption.\nI love that lour adoption rate has been outstanding! I am proud to be a volunteer for MCHS.


    Dedicated, Caring staff and volunteers


    out of way location

  • 23. Very good shelter

    by: ilovepets

    The shelter is very good. It has good animals to adopt. The staff cares a lot for the many animals they help. It has a lot of good events to help the animals at the shelter.


    good adoption rates


    to small of a building

  • 24. mqt

    by: ttodd

    Fairly well qualified to answer questions, knowledgeable staff, clean facility. I once tried to adopt a dog and when I went to pay for her and pick her up, they had "given" her to someone else. They told me that these people had initially spoken for her, but hadn't shown up to get her by the pick-up date and that's why she went back up for adoption...I did have a successful cat adoption there.


    pets to choose from


    location, website