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Lobo animal rescue shelter

P.o. box 190
Mount vernon, IL 62864
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User Reviews (14)

  • 1. No Kill is the way

    by: king93

    No kill and active adoption services. Keep up the good work.


    No Kill




    by: myburbdog

    Amazing to see VOLUNTEERS helping to keep the overwhelming cost to operate less. The less money wasted on administrative type costs, the more money available directly for the neglected and unwanted animals that overpopulate our area by no fault of their own. I hope that our area's pet population gets the attention it so desperately needs through adoption.


    No Kill


    Limited public exposure

  • 3. great help to the aniamals

    by: juanitalouise

    Lobo does a wonderful thing for our community! Keep up the good deeds!


    helping aniamals


    I think its all good

  • 4. Doing their best!

    by: Recessqueen

    Lobo has such a heart for those who have no voice. They have fundraisers and do the best they can with what resources they have.


    Too small to offer shelter to all that need it


    It's a no-kill facility

  • 5. Way to Go!

    by: klfowler

    It is so good to hear of another no kill shelter. There are just too many animals for shelters like us to take care of - we need people to be educated to neuter their pets - and more room to help those pets in need!


    a no kill


    never enough room

  • 6. Great Place

    by: KatRas

    What a great service this shelter provides the community.


    great staff



  • 7. Nice People!

    by: wpras

    Thanks for the review on our shelters site! Keep up the good work!


    No kill shelter!



  • 8. The Search for Holly

    by: pamhawkins

    For our first wedding anniversary My husband and I decided our house was a little too empty. So, we decided to seek out the perfect dog. We went to lcal shelters,looked in the paper,and on Petfinder. A few weeks into our search we found Lobo animal shelter in Mt.Vernon. We drove 2 1/2 hours to Mt. Vernon. We got there late but that didn't seem to be a problem. We still got to see all the dogs and hear the history and personalities of each dog. For the questions that the owner didn't know, she looked them up. She offered to answer any questions we had even once we got home. She also asked us a lot of questions to make sure that Holly would be safe with us.




    a little hard to find

  • 9. Thanks for all that you do!

    by: MandyK97

    We need a No Kill shelter in this area and LOBO is the only one we've got, we should do everything we can to help keep it going!!\r\n\r\nWe adopted a dog there last Feb and the staff were all so loving and caring and I was impressed with how clean the place was. You could tell that every animal there was loved.\r\n


    No Kill Shelter, friendly staff, clean, animals well taken care of


    Need more money, more room... please help!

  • 10. Thanks for the great work

    by: ljkubie

    Lobo Animal Shelter has really helped the community. I hope that the can keep their doors open. They have always been friendly woth every encounter I have had with them. Thanks for your support and hard work.


    Local and helpful


    They dont have enough help from the community

  • 11. Good People Doing Good Things

    by: KevinW

    This is an amazing group of people who work very hard for the animals.\r\n\r\nI was impressed by how clean and odor free the facility was.


    Animals come first


    They need a new building badly

  • 12. Lobo is Absolutely Fantastic!!

    by: mrthe2th

    We adopted Niko (originally Balto) from Lobo about 2 and a half years ago. Niko has been an absolute joy and we couldn't be more blessed to have him in our lives. Lobo does absolutely great work with taking care of animals that need them. \n\nNiko and his litter mates were being given away at a Flea Market when Lobo rescued them all. In case people don't know, the scum of the earth that participate in dog fighting may very well have taken the whole litter which would have been horrible for them all. Lobo came to the rescue and placed all of them in loving homes. I couldn't imagine life without our Niko and we have Lobo to thank for that. So thank you so much for your work and I hope I can help get the shelter its new home.\n\nNiko says thanks too, he loves his home and is the happiest puppy in the world.\n\nChris


    Very Knowledgeable and Caring



  • 13. Starting lobo

    by: LoriJoy

    I was one of the original founders of Lobo. There has been a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the years. I was raised to never turn my back on an animal in need. Lobo has made me reliaze just how many are out there. Not only have i helped almost 100 animals a year find home's i have also made some great friends. It can be a very fun job and very sad as well. It's always great to see someone go to a forever loving home. I hope Lobo can get a new shelter so we can educate the public on spaying and neutering there pets. It would make such a difference in our communtiy. Lets keep the points going!!


    Animlas finding loving homes


    To see how some of the animals we get have been treated

  • 14. Safe Haven

    by: merrytoo

    I think this is wonderful. This is the only "NO KILL" shelter in Jefferson County. I wish there were more of them. They need are support. I hope it can thrive so we can save more animals


    Safe place


    by appointment