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Leesburg humane society

41250 emeralda island road
Leesburg, FL 34788
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Found Friends

    by: karek51

    I came to this shelter to get a friend for both me and my other cat Nikki. Mikki, who I got from another animal shelter almost 10 years ago, was just about 17 and not doing very well. So I found Nicholas aka Tuna at this shelter. Things were a bit different at first as neither Nikki or I had been prepaired for Nicholas' bowl of fun energy, but with time and paitence we all got along. This past year I lost my step father, my best friend of 38 years and just a few weeks ago, I lost my very best friend Nikki. Nicholas lost his friend Nikki too. He looks for her every where and tries to find her. So I went back where I found Nicholas and I found Bella, who will be joining our home in 2 days. Funny thing about Bella is that she reminds me of a miniture Nikki and shares the same birthday as my best friend that I had for 38 years. Nicholas I know will enjoy having someone to play with. The people that work at this shelter are such wonderful people. The energy and love that they show for these animals are awesome. I have spent time talking to staff and they are so nice. I wish I could take all of the animals home, but I can't. If you or someone you know are looking for a friend, please go there and share your love and home with them. All the pets I've ever had have all come from shelters and they are the best friends I could have ever asked for. All they are looking for is someone to share their love and home with. My sister and niece have both gotten their friends from this shelter as well. They do some of the funniest things when you don't expect it and they brighten your day when you've had an off day. They are like diamonds in the rough, but with care and love they become the most perecious things on earth.


    A lot of loving and caring people who take care of these animals everyday.


    Would like to take all the pets home

  • 2. shelter

    by: akcoolj

    nice place to find a great dog.


    great shelter


    hard to find a bit

  • 3. choosing a new cat

    by: id74

    Staff was very helpful and they had a lot to choose from. It was a joy to sit both with the older cats and they young kittens to see how well they would take up with me. They let you take as long as you need. The fact that they are a no kill shelter is great. If your time frame isn't right away or something happens, they will also hold the animal for you. It doesn't take long to see all the love and care all the staff has for all the animels.


    lot to choose



  • 4. They really work hard

    by: mancillasrock

    Leesburg Humane Society does so much for so many animals (and people) on a daily basis. Like another comment said, they take care of young and old. They seem to love those that nobody else will a little more. Animals with chronic conditions, but are still living happy lives, find a home among the volunteers in the shelter. They need all the support they can get.


    They know each animal on a personal level.


    They don't have enough space!

  • 5. Fantastic Shelter

    by: grandmahelen

    The Leesburg Humane Society is a great shelter for both young and 'old'. As an old lady its hard for me to get around, but the people at this shelter let me take all the time I needed to look around. Let me just sit in the cat room for 20 minutes and love on the cats. There was no pressure at all to adopt. The people there were so sweet and understanding and were there for me with any questions I had. There were so many varities of cats and dogs that I couldn't chose one at the time. But I know when I'm ready to adopt again, they will be the first place I'll go.


    Clean, Respectful, variety