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Just animals shelter

2996 26th rd Po box 298
Seneca, Il 61360

User Reviews (18)

  • 1. Very nice place, wonderful staff.

    by: julie5cats

    All the animals are cared for very well. They take in as many as they can from different situations. They took in 2 declawed cats that were dumped by my house, that now have loving & happy homes. And of course, this is where I met my Buster, the best cat in the world! Some caring person found him as a baby stray, they took him in, and now he has a home with me!


    A clean place where the animals are truly cared for


    Need more space & money

  • 2. This Shelter Deserves a 10!

    by: Garrettsgram

    I adopted a cat, Casey a.k.a. Eddie from this shelter 4 days ago. I was amazed at the cleanliness of the shelter and how eager the staff was to make sure the right pet went with the right owner. I originally went there for a different cat and instantly knew he wasn't the right pet because of our grandchildren who visit. Jennifer, a staff member began pointing out other cats. We adopted a Chestnut Snow Bengal who is only 1 -1/2 years old. He is neutered, shots are up-to-date and we instantly fell in love with this beautiful animal. I am so impressed that I plan on volunteering at this shelter! It is THE nicest shelter we have ever adopted from.


    Very flexable in hours, staff that could easily teach a customer service clas ans not at all pushy



  • 3. Good place

    by: JVeracht

    A few weeks ago we adopted our young pup Guinness (Declan) from this shelter when they did a adoption event in our local pet store. This last week we finally had a chance to go down to see the actual shelter and meet some of the people who work behind the scenes. Lisa and I were very impressed with the place and how much they are doing to help all of these animals with so little resources. We are now looking for ways we can help them help the animals waiting to find their forever homes.


    Animals come first


    Shelter needs the makeover

  • 4. Great friends of animals

    by: flstskeith

    We spend weekends in Seneca and usualy stop by and drop a few dollars to defer costs. This is a great organization in a great community and definetly deserve a piece of the makeover prize . Within tese walls the animal certainly come first.


    No kill shelter that helps the community and animals alike



  • 5. They deserve the $$$$

    by: twash

    We decided to adopt a companion for our dog Bo. So we looked online at the shelter and decided on a kitten named Rupert. We had had a ton of snow that day and I could not go until after work. They were so accomadating and kind enough to let us come while they were there letting out the dogs. We ended up taking our kitty home that night and have loved every minute with him since & Bo has even grown to like him :). The lady that helped us knew every name and story about every cat they had.. It was a hard decision.. i wanted to take them all home. I hope they get the help they deserve.


    Clean, Very friendly


    small, not enough room

  • 6. Excellent Shelter

    by: bndmarine

    I adopted our dog Roamer almost a year ago. Everytime he runs away he ends up a the animal shelter to see all of his friends. The workers at the shelter calls me to come pick him up, and everytime I do they have taken such good care of him. They are so helpful and knowledgable about any animal. I would adopt any animal from Just Animal


    Very helpful and friendly



  • 7. Great Shleter

    by: IllinoisRotarian

    Okay, I am biased because I volunteer here, but I have also adopted several of my zoo from here. I recommend the shelter and its animals to every responsible pet owner looking to adopt a new family member.


    Friendly clean atmosphere; volunteers care for the animals


    Very small, so number of animals can be limited. Needs more volunteers, so current staff can get a day off now and then.

  • 8. Thank you

    by: rhotim

    Great Shelter. Our dog Sandi came from the Just Animal's Shelter and she has been a fantastic addtion to our family. We would always choose to adopt a pet from a Shelter. Thanks to all who volunteer to make this Shelter so great.


    Kind and Giving Staff


    The High rent they are charged

  • 9. Great Job

    by: mommatim

    This is a great shelter and the service they provide is tremendous. Not only for the animal's but for the community. What this group of volunteers does is just fantastic. Thank you all.


    Great Staff


    Need to find way to get rent reduction

  • 10. they are wounderful people!

    by: boyssister05

    They helped out my mom when she moved into her new place when she didn't have what she needed they were there ! Thanks soo much. she has her kitty and they are so happy!Boy is greatly happy for them too!He was happy to be home again.


    they are great!


    there is none!

  • 11. It's a small world after all!

    by: msmills47

    We rescued our Phoebe 5 years ago from here. It was a match made in heaven! In that time we've met 2 people directly connected to our Phoebe! Both had wonderful things to say about this shelter! One person was told to think about it before adopting her! we're so glad she waited, as now Phoebe is with us. The lady said she wasn't sure it was a good fit and when she called back a few weeks later, was told Phoebes was gone. She was very impressed that the shelter didn't jsut want to "get rid" of a dog but wanted it to have a family! That to me says they really care where the animal is going. I tell everyone who's thinking of adopting to go there! Wish I had more room in my home, not just in my heart!


    staff goes overboard to help you find a pet


    can't think of any, but they do need the makeover badly!

  • 12. Excellent Shelter

    by: LisaAnd

    My beloved Jesse came from Just Animals 4 years ago. Her mother and her litter mates were left on the side of the road to fend for themselves. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. The staff and volunteers at Just Animals show love and the greatest of care to all of the animals. I would and do reccommend this shelter to everyone. If any shelter is deserving of a makeover, Just Animals is. These folks work their butts off to make this shelter work and to take animals that no one else wants and find them great homes. Keep up the great work!!!!


    Animals are well cared for and staff are easy to work with.



  • 13. Great People, Great Shelter

    by: diannnnn

    Although my experience with them has been short, I am a big fan. The people there are great, and they are doing wonderful things on a limited budget. The cool thing about volunteers is that they WANT to help the animals and these guys exude that desire! We stopped by with a donation outside their normal hours and someone was there, waiting for a mom and pups to be dropped off, and a potential adoption appointment. I have dealt with other shelters that aren't so generous with their time. These guys understand that animals can't tell time!


    Very Clean


    Desperately need new kennels

  • 14. wonderful pkace

    by: momofsam5

    My family and I adopted our youngest dog Nika from Just Animals over 2 years ago, and she is the best dog! She is a real memeber of the family. And seeing how the volunteer made such a difference I wanted to help, so I volunteered there briefly. I wish I could have continued but time was an issue. I am just glad that their are people out there that can give all the time that they do to make a difference. As long as Just Animals is around I will continue to send people their way.


    all the people are so loving and helpful! They love those animals.



  • 15. Excellent,very caring, shelter

    by: ibbear51

    Just animals helped me with the adoption process for a pregnant Boxer mix that I fostered. They are tremendously helpful and I now foster some of the young puppies that need a place to grow fat and happy.


    Excellent staff, takes the time to help


    Can't think of any

  • 16. Where my zoo came from

    by: MarthaVera

    As a volunteer who worked there for 12 years, I can say that this is a great place to find an animal. Through the years I adopted four cats and eight dogs from Just Animals. All of them were healthy and became my "kids."


    Small, efficiently run, clean and loving


    Equipment is getting old, really needs more space

  • 17. What I know!

    by: nbrsinc

    It is very nice to have people who care so much for all of the animals in our area. I know some of the workers and they put their heart and soul into the lives of the animals.


    Very Caring Workers


    Not enough money to supply the best

  • 18. Senecas Shelter

    by: ShayJay

    This shelter is the only shelter I know of that will help you get your pet spayed or neutered for about half of what a vet will charge you.This is so important.I know myself I couldnt afford to get my pets fixed,and also why the pet population is as out of control as it is.Im sure if it was affordable,people would do it.So Im thankful Just Animals is here for our needs.


    Close by,nice staff,clean shelter,they really care for the animals


    Not enough indoor kennels and the old outside kennels are in poor condition.