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Iowa city animal center

410 e. washington street
Iowa city, IA 52240
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. aloof staff

    by: Ttoes

    I took a fairly large number of containers of cat treats that my cat had received as gifts to the shelter and had a very difficult time getting anyone to even tell me where to set them. I had the trunk full of cat toys, nail clippers, new combs and brushes, but I decided to donate them somewhere else since no one seemed interested it taking the stuff.




    difficult to donate to

  • 2. good shelter, great staff

    by: mellyjean

    The Iowa City animal shelter is well-staff and the animals are well taken care of. They make sure potential adopters are a good fit with the animal and do everything in their power to ensure potential adopters are responsible and planning to adopt an animal for life. This shelter was affected by the floods last summer and I hope they can find a permanent home that is not so out of the way!


    responsible, knowledgeable staff



  • 3. good staff

    by: susieall

    I donate to this shelter and the staff always seems very nice and knowledgeable. Know many people who have adopted from there and they are pleases. Too bad they got flooded and had to move further out of town. susieall


    nice staff


    had to move further cuz of flood

  • 4. ICAS

    by: dorothylee

    iowa city shelter has a very knowledgeable and caring staff. its too bad their building was hit by the floods last year.


    no waiting to visit the animals


    24hr waiting period for adoption

  • 5. A Good Place

    by: parsonsbrandi

    When we were looking to adopt a dog, we searched through different locations. We visited the Iowa City Animal Center and found a dog that we liked, but he didn't know how to play very well and it wasn't the best time for us to adopt an animal since we were getting married and would be away for a couple of days. I thought that the facility was really nice and I enjoyed visiting with the different dogs.


    They are very friendly and have a book of animals that you can choose from when you first get there.


    You have to choose an animal and then they show it to you.

  • 6. Great place

    by: jeepnferretlover

    I have been to this facility many times to volunteer, or to just drop off a donation & play with the animals. It is very clean & organized. The staff & volunteers are very friendly & helpful, and they want nothing but the best for the animals.





  • 7. Iowa City Shelter

    by: koenighain

    I adopted a pet here when I was a teenager. They were very thourough and nice people. I remember them calling after we took the pup home to ask how things were going and everything:)


    great people and nice facility


    I don't know how they are doing now after the flood?

  • 8. Pretty good reputation in the community

    by: rap7176

    This shelter tries really hard to help animals in general and animals that are in their care. They give animals every opportunity to find a forever home.


    Staff/volunteers that really care


    Same complaints as most shelters, not enough funding, volunteers, etc

  • 9. Great Shelter

    by: nheacock

    I adopted my dog, Addie (formerly Divet), from this shelter. They were very thorough in making sure she was going to a home that would fit her needs. I was very surprised that Addie wanted to go back to the shelter with me to pick up her dog park tag... which, to me, shows that the staff takes great care of the dogs (she was so happy to see everyone).


    Animals treated well


    Fairly busy - be patient!

  • 10. Great Small Shelter

    by: jwarth

    Iowa City Animal Care and Adoption Center is an amazing place. Caring staff and amazing volunteers! Innovating programming can be found at this shelter.


    Awesome staff, great volunteers and solid program


    location post flood

  • 11. iowa city shelter is one of the best

    by: angie4

    i went there after the flood to volenter they needed help bad so i pitched in and went to work we fostered some pets and found aolt of owners that thought the worst for there pets they are allways i need of a extra hand if you go there they will put ya to work and they do great job


    they know there stuff



  • 12. nice shelter

    by: jkruser

    This is a very nice shelter with friendly staff. They care about the animals.


    very friendly and caring



  • 13. A good place to go.

    by: JanaRae

    We got Baron from this shelter. Very clean and organized facility. The staff also knew about a lot of the breeds of animals. However, they wanted our entire family to come out and look at the cat, including dad. I guess I understand they want to place an animal in a loving home but dont scare the people away.


    Very clean and organized, knowledgeable staff


    can be rude and demanding.

  • 14. Great in many ways

    by: mamabear603

    I use to go here on a weekly basis before the flood. And this is where I got my 1st pound kitty Ding. They have a very nice set up. Very clean, and organized. I love the cat room. I have also noticed that they really care on where the animal goes, maybe a little too much but better safe than sorry. I feel like sometimes I am in there the staff can be a little rude but I guess I understand they are busy. I have also noticed that they are fast at euthanizing animals if there is a problem (such as food aggression) instead of trying to work with the animal with the problem. Overall a great shelter.


    Very organized and thorough with adoption process.


    Sometimes not very nice, needs whole life history.

  • 15. Very Good Shelter

    by: LAJess

    A great shelter. We got our first dog there. They were very honest and supportive. Very thorough in their screening process and adoption fees are very reasonable. Committed to working with dogs on basic training to make them more adoptable.


    Clean facility, caring staff and volunteers.


    Wish there was more information about individual dog on the website (stuff like whether they are house trained, etc.)

  • 16. Great Shelter!

    by: mydogsworld

    This is a great shelter! Although I have never adopted a animal from them, I have visted, and went to many of there events to support them! They take great care of the animals and are very educated about everything!


    Everythings Great!



  • 17. Shelter review

    by: kcarney

    I have never personally been to this shelter, however, my husband has-he speaks very highly of the staff and facility. As a City worker, he had the opportunity to help this spring when they were flooded and had to relocate at the IC fair grounds-he said he was amazed at how the staff handled the whole mess, and continued to care for not only the animals they had, but the animals that were homeless from the flood!


    provides a safe/nurturing place for animals in Johnson co


    had to relocate from the flood